Green kimono top 1
This top is great in summer as it is silk, therefore very light.
I like tunics with capri trousers. Are capri trousers out of fashion? Am I giving away that I am an old lady? 
For me it is a dressy but still casual outfit, wearing the tunic with these trousers and low heeled shoes. The shoes are years old. Nevertheless by Prada (my one and only). For some people these heels might be high, but for me they are low. I can do town with these. Soft as a glove.

The tunic is hand-made and acquired on a trip to Rome with Lia (one of my two BFFs). Imagine this picture…. we were strolling round an old area in Rome (not too difficult as everything is old there), through a lovely little alley with cute shops which had their front door open. In one of the shops was a girl, young and definitely an entrepreneur, sewing away, making these lovely tunics.  I did not hesitate, especially because this is one of my favourite colours. In reality the green is deeper, warmer than the photos show. 

Anja made these photos around the corner of our street, which is why I laugh so genuinely. The remote never gets my best smile.
Green kimono top 2

Green kimono top 3
Below: the necklace is a gift from Ron. And I should have straightened the folds in my top… Where is a stylist when you need one..
Green kimono top 4
Below: this is my genuine smile when I am happy.

Green kimono top 5
Below: looking to see how I can show the width of the arms… For those who remember: Sally Field in The Flying Nun.
Green kimono top 6

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