Amsterdam pre 1a
For a few months I have been contemplating the idea of meeting some of you next year to go shopping in Amsterdam. Would you consider it?

This is the idea: I search for fun places in Amsterdam to go shopping. Or to see fashion related stuff, like there is the bag museum. (Have a look at their collection. I have visited that museum once and it was such a joy.) Or see the Knopenwinkel (Button shop), a unique and quirky shop at Herengracht 389.

This is how I picture it.
I can take you on different shopping routes but I am also open to your suggestions. In the following months I will sometimes publish photos of fashion/shopping areas in Amsterdam I have been “scouting” for you. To give you an idea what to expect. If you missed one, just go to the tab Amsterdam in the top navigation.
I will archive them there.
In the first photo at the top of this post, you see me “at work”, haha.

You don’t have to join “the group” every day or every minute of a day. You are free to wander on your own too.  You can come just for the long weekend or perhaps integrate it in a longer holiday trip. All fine by me.

I can look for restaurants where we can have lunch and/or diner. We can chat, shop, paint the town and laugh. It would be great to meet each other.
To manage expectations, especially for those who come from abroad…. I am not a full-time tour guide. Of course I can and will be of assistence with hotel suggestions and answering all sorts of questions. But I also rely on the fact you are all grown women who can take care of themselves.
Any nationality is welcome, Dutch too haha. The language we will be speaking is English.

You can choose from two (long) weekends: the first one from Thursday May 8 to Sunday May 11 and the second one from Thursday September 4 to Sunday September 7. Both periods are at the start of a new fashion season in the shops and both periods have a fair chance of nice weather. The weather can be beautiful in The Netherlands but it can also pour with rain.

If you like the idea, please tell me when you want to come. I do not expect all of you to come 😆 . My group of readers is not that big, so you and I might end up together, just the two of us, LOL.
There is no minimum number but there is a maximum. I would say 8 in May and 8 in September, otherwise it will be difficult to get a table at a restaurant.

I am very curious to see your reaction. Here are some photos as a preview of the posts I am going to publish. They are random-picked and when I do an actual post I will describe the route I have travelled and explain more about the shops.

Below: a gorgeous jewellery designer who unfortunately is going to close shop and move to Singapore.
Sylvia (40+Style)… here she comes. Be on the look-out.
Amsterdam pre 2Below: trying not only to capture the shops but also the pretty environment.Amsterdam pre 1
Below: a delightful shopping centre but unfortunately with only two or three interesting shops (IMO).Amsterdam pre 4Below: this is one of the shops I liked in the shopping centre
Amsterdam pre 4a
Below: a lovely little part of Amsterdam
Amsterdam pre 5Below: I so wanted these plastic knitted boots by Bless, called Eram High boots. But they were the last ones in the shop and not my size.
Amsterdam pre 6Below: some interesting tulip brooches
Amsterdam pre 7Below: a small terrace at the back of a high class hotel, making a pretty picture
Amsterdam pre 8Below: sometimes I think I live in France or Italy, with all those outside terraces
Amsterdam pre 9Below: this shop sells the Swedish brand Acne and had a sweet window display
Amsterdam pre 10Below: watch the green bottles on the stands…
Amsterdam pre 11Below: as I said, outside terraces everywhere. At least when the sun it out
Amsterdam pre 12Below: one last canal pictureAmsterdam pre 13Hope you liked this little taste. Anxious to hear what you have to say about my idea.

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