Purple silk jacket 1
Let me start by announcing two changes. The first one is easy: I changed the header of my blog. If you see No Fear of Fashion two or three times at the top of my blog, please refresh and it will be corrected.
Second change: as from next week I am going to publish only one post per week.

1) I spend far too much money on new outfits (a trap most bloggers fell into).
2) I spend far too much time on this blog (behind the computer) and there are more things in life.

Having said that, I want you to know I love you all dearly. For your loyalty, your fun comments, for your visits, your blogger friendship. So I hope you will not forget me and keep on visiting my little blog.

Today my silk jacket is the main attraction. I found this jacket in Macon, in the middle of France. It is silk although it did not used to be… When I bought it, it looked silk but said something else on the label. Nevertheless it behaved like silk so it was torn to pieces after a couple of years. Then I found a great seamstress who could remake the jacket. We went out to look for the right material (silk this time..), she took the old jacket apart and voilà… a new one. I am as happy as a well-fed baby.

The necklace is made by Ina. You have seen her necklaces before here, but not this one.

I forgot to take a closer picture of my shoes. Sorry. The white belt is old and not branded.
The boyfriend jeans (by 7 for All Mankind) you have seen several times, here, here and here.

Purple silk jacket 2

Purple silk jacket 3

Purple silk jacket 4

Purple silk jacket 5
Till next week. I will publish every week on a Monday morning. Which makes it easier to link up to Patti’s Visible Monday.

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