Pink T-shirt and gold silk skirt 1
This post is for Dan, my Italian blogger friend. She and I both love bags and especially the ones of Furla.
I picked up this cream beauty in the airport of Geneva (present from my husband…again).
My best friend Pat lives there and thanks to Easyjet (and careful planning) a visit to Geneva can cost as much (or as little, whichever way you look at it) as a train ticket to the south of The Netherlands. 
Which means I can get on a plane at half past 8 in the morning and be drinking coffee with my friend at 10.00 o’clock. Perhaps to American standards this is quite normal, but it still fills me with amazement.

The bright pink T-shirt is a gift from Anja, my friend, neighbour and stylist, who knows I love screaming colours. It was far too big for her, so the pink thing moved a couple of doors down the road. The silk skirt with little embroidered holes was also a gift from her.

One day I picked the T-shirt up to wear it one last time (before washing it) to go to my fitness club. And I grabbed the skirt because I could wear that on top of my sport gear and change quickly on arrival.

Looking in the mirror I thought it was quite a good look. The T-shirt is tied in a knot at the bottom and worn backwards as otherwise my girls would be totally exposed. And we don’t want that.
I took out my purple suede heels and bingo: an outfit was born. Wearing purple heels with a bright pink T-shirt was more than enough colour, so I kept the bag neutral.

At the bottom of this post I will show you another way I wore this skirt, which to me is a bit dowdy.

Pink T-shirt and gold silk skirt 1a

Pink T-shirt and gold silk skirt 2Then my husband wanted to contribute to the photoshoot….. “Here” he says, handing me a cloth and detergent, “Totally colour blocking!”….Pink T-shirt and gold silk skirt 3See how low the front of the T-shirt is?? Now it is low at the back. Much better for me.Pink T-shirt and gold silk skirt 4

Pink T-shirt and gold silk skirt 5And a close-up for Dan:
Pink T-shirt and gold silk skirt 6Nearly forgot… here is the old way I styled this skirt:Sand skirt, raspberry top Collage 1S

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