Animal print jacket

Animal print jacket 1
On the fourth day of my shopping tour through Amsterdam, my friend of that last day, called to say she would be late. As my feet were hurting anyway, we did not go to Amsterdam. In the afternoon we went for a coffee in Haarlem. Just before closing time we strolled past a shop called A guy named Sue which sold this jacket (to me…). Another day with a failed resolution (not to buy anything).
The jacket is very light, you don’t even feel you are wearing anything. It has a camouflage lining, but I hate camouflage print (sorry camouflage lovers). 

Of course I can wear it with black skinnies and high heels. Which will probably make the outfit look a little common. As there is a common streak in my caracter anyway, I don’t really care. So I will wear it like that. But sneakers are great for leasure time, for walking with my support soles, and also for balancing out the print. You have seen these sneakers a couple of times before, here and here.

I tried this jacket with blue jeans, a blue top and my mintgreen booties as shown in this post. Looked fine too. Three possiblities already. Perhaps on a black dress? This jacket may prove to be more versatile than I thought. I am just a sucker for jackets because they always look nice on me (IMHO).

When I made these photos at the end of my street, it was 10.30 a.m. and a lot of people were passing. Smiling, being curious. Sometimes giving little remarks. But the lady across the street made me laugh. She stopped what she was doing to have a good look. Never noticed it until I saw the photos (see the collage at the bottom). Animal print jacket 2Above: photographing with backlight (sun)… is for skilled photographers. So I turned the camera 180 degrees: see below.

Below: the brown bag is by Longchamps.
Animal print jacket 3a
Below: this is what my bodyshape needs: a fitted jacket.
Animal print jacket 4

Animal print jacket 3

Animal print jacket CollageNext week another tour through Amsterdam. In the meantime want to see some more bloggers in a snug corner of blogland? Have a look at Visible Monday.




  1. 21 October 2013 / 10:10

    I always wonder what attracts people so much that they stop and even give comments… it happens all the time.
    I love animal prints (and don’t like camouflage) and this is a fabulous blazer with a great cut, it suits you really well. You can use it to dress up various kinds of trousers and it will look great with a LBD and black heels!
    Very classy bag, just the right size and I like the short handles too.

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Greetje
      21 October 2013 / 20:51

      Thank Annette. Great compliments from the lady of style.

  2. 21 October 2013 / 13:50

    I love your smile!
    I also love animal prints and don’t like camouflage.
    That blazer is something, dear!!! So versatile, you can dress it up or down.
    After all animal print is almost a neutral in my book 😉
    I like how you styled it in a casual way, this time.


    PS- Have you seen about my new Link up?

    • Greetje
      21 October 2013 / 21:17

      Hi Nanda, great to have you back. And I am glad you like my jacket. (You know you are very much allowed to disapprove of something that I am showing?)
      And yes I saw your link and commented.
      Sorry that I did not do that before. Mum in hospital etc etc. Everything is fine now.

      • 21 October 2013 / 22:43

        Sorry to know about your Mom, glad everything is fine now.
        Time flies so quickly….. we just realize it when they aren’t with us anymore. Like I do,
        I know dear that I can disagree with you, ahah, but it’s not the case. You always are so well put together!
        I hope to post about 2nd day in Paris this week (lol)


  3. 21 October 2013 / 20:06

    Nice look, I like this jacket. I also like the combination with green and dark pants. I like your shoes in this look are perfect. That beautiful place to live. I like your smile in this post, your neighboring tend to blame?

    • Greetje
      21 October 2013 / 20:56

      Yes, all those people commenting made me smile. And my husband driving past haha.
      Actually, this area of my neighbourhood is the least pretty. A ,ot of small industry on that side. On the other side it would have been better. Next time.
      And I am glad you like the look.

  4. Marianne
    21 October 2013 / 20:18

    Every woman should have an animal print in her closet. Not like Nel Veerman which is a dutch old lady who had nothing but animal prints in her wardrobe and house. They made a television program about her. So Greetje you are the classy type and I like the combination with the green top especially. Even I am wearing an animal print today, figures! Grrrrrrrr.

    • Greetje
      21 October 2013 / 20:58

      Hahaha, you can pull this look off for sure. And it was Nel Veerkamp, not Veerman. I ggogled her name.. That gave me a laugh.

  5. 21 October 2013 / 23:20

    Hi, hi! It wasn’t easy for me to open your post today…( and I also sent you an email! ) but now , here I am, at last!You look very nice wearing that beautiful printed jacket, and have a wonderful bag. I love short handed bags as well, because I find that they add a special grace to a woman.
    I am waiting to see a new post about Amsterdam!!

    Funny the people in the background!!

    • Greetje
      22 October 2013 / 16:49

      I don’t know what was wrong with my blog. I always get very worried if this happens. Glad you like my outfit. You and I are very alike I think.
      Still have to write my second article about Amsterdam. So little time.

      • 22 October 2013 / 19:38

        No problem today with your blog! I can enjoy your answer, and have another glance at the photos. . . ( which is a very relaxing activity after a day at work! )

  6. 21 October 2013 / 23:30

    great find, that animal print jacket! I think you’ll be enjoying it a lot. Your scenery is lovely too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    • Greetje
      22 October 2013 / 16:57

      Thank you. I am trying to link to Visible Monday, but having time trouble and iOS7 trouble.

      • Greetje
        22 October 2013 / 17:22

        Just linked my page to Visible Monday. Some clever guy sitting next to me, found the solution. Sorry it took me so long.

  7. 22 October 2013 / 00:06

    I love that blazer on you. Leopard really does go with everything.

    That is so funny about that woman. Thank heavens I take my shots in my backyard. I’d die of shame with all of my neighbours coming out to see what I’m doing. I love it when other bloggers are able to just ignore them.


    • Greetje
      22 October 2013 / 16:58

      Haha, my husband would never do this either and I don’t give a damn. I even quite like to chat with everybody who comments.

  8. 22 October 2013 / 03:18

    That’s a pretty jacket and I like it paired with bright green. I think the black pant accents it this outfit beautifully. Nice bag and the shoes are hip and youthful.

    People are so odd when we are taking pictures too. The photos by the lake in my last post, I guy came up to Dean and made him take some pictures of him. A lot of pictures, this was so strange but he did anyway.

    blue hue wonderland

    • Greetje
      22 October 2013 / 17:25

      I really have to laugh at these reactions. They amuse me enormously.
      And I need different backgrounds from time to time. (Always really, but never have the time nor the right weather.) Glad you like the outfit.

  9. 22 October 2013 / 03:35

    Hi Greetje!!

    I absolutely love animal prints and your jacket is gorgeous! A jacket always dresses up a pair of pants. What a fabulous backdrop for your photo shoot!

    <3 carmen

    • Greetje
      22 October 2013 / 17:26

      Thanks Carmen, glad you like this post.

  10. 22 October 2013 / 16:44

    I always feel shy when people see me getting my pictures taken for the blog. I want them to go away 🙂

    I really like the blazer. One of the best animal prints I’ve seen in a long time. The entire outfit works great!

    • Greetje
      22 October 2013 / 17:29

      I am very into animal print these days. I buy a lot of items with such a print. Much to the dismay of my husband. LOL
      And fortunately I don’t care a bit if people comment on my photographing. I happily chat with them.

  11. Rosemary
    22 October 2013 / 21:21

    Animal prints— yes, please! I love ’em. I do have several pieces of leopard skin: a clutch bag, big handbag, several scarves, gloves, bangles, and a hairband. I especially like to wear 2 leopard things together.

    But, I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty partial to giraffe print too. I have a brown and white giraffe print dress that everyone compliments me on. I guess that £3 was worth spending.

    What a laugh about the woman who couldn’t believe her eyes and had to a good gawp at you being photographed. Gawp is an English word meaning to stare in an obvious way. Nothing you want someone to say you are doing!!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

    • Greetje
      23 October 2013 / 12:31

      I am afraid I gawp a lot too. Picture this: my husband and me are at a table in a restaurant and me being very interested in the going-ons of the family at the table next to us. I gawp. As if their table is television and my table is my living room. Until my husband kicks me while hissing: “you are staring. Stop it!”.
      I can totally forget that other people can see me hahaha.

  12. 23 October 2013 / 04:58

    What a fab look Greetje. Love the combination with the green and the mix of dressy and casual. I think this is a great jacket that you wear with many of your clothes. (definitely try it with a black dress!)

    • Greetje
      23 October 2013 / 12:32

      Thanks Sylvia. Glad you like it. It was a lucky find. Nothing that I really needed, but you know me…. LOL

  13. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    23 October 2013 / 05:35

    Cheers to leopard print, you can never go wrong with it Greet….but at least there’s a hint of camo inside! 🙂


    • Greetje
      23 October 2013 / 12:32

      As you said Rebecca… babysteps hahaha.

  14. 23 October 2013 / 15:58

    Leopard is my favorite neutral and you wear it with self confidence and panache. It looks great with your green top and I’m always amazed that it looks good with almost any color. Lovely photos!

    • Greetje
      23 October 2013 / 22:13

      I saw you (and your friends) in leopard for that concert. Nobody looks at good as you in leopard. But.. I am trying to follow you LOL.

  15. 24 October 2013 / 23:28

    Clearly your audience thought you were someone famous. And so you are, around here anyway!
    I just never try to shop and not buy … It’s why I don’t like to just window-shop when I’m on too tight a budget to buy. Which is a lot. Good that I only get into town a couple of hours a week. I can do enough damage without more time!
    Really, REALLY like your leopard with your very cute and casual kicks. I agree about leopard generally, and you work this like the smart girl you are! Of course you had to buy it.
    I’m loving your shopping maps and tours. I may never get there, but I love seeing the shops through your eyes.
    Carry on…

      • Greetje
        25 October 2013 / 07:43

        Hi Jan, I am like you, doing a lot of (shopping) damage in very little time and not being able to just window shop. Next Monday there will be another tour through Amsterdam on my blog. Working on it now.
        But I have no idea what you mean with deja vu… What have you seen before?

        • 25 October 2013 / 23:02

          Sorry … very bad, very small joke. On Patti’s page, where all the thumbnails are, there are two of yours, the same, side by side. 106 and 107. I clicked on the 106 and posted my real comment. Then, just for fun, went back and clicked on 107 to see if it would take me somewhere else … another post, perhaps. Nope. Right back to the same post. So, since I had just been there … deja vu. Sorry, again.

          Can’t wait to see more of Amsterdam … if you let me back on your site again. I promise not to make jokes! Maybe …

          • Greetje
            26 October 2013 / 07:54

            It was not a bad joke, just lack of information on my side. I did not know you came to my blog through Patti. I saw my two thumbnails too. Just a matter of stupidity on my side when I was uploading.
            And please always continue making jokes. Love that. Love your sense of humour.

  16. Elle
    25 October 2013 / 21:39

    Love this jacket!! It is awesome, and so gorgeous on you paired with the green. Perfectiom, Greetje!
    XX, Elle

    • Greetje
      25 October 2013 / 22:18

      Thank you very much, you stylish lady. (I copied the green with the leopard from a lady I saw in the streets.)

  17. 25 October 2013 / 22:59

    I certainly couldn’t resist going into a store called A Guy Named Sue! Tee Hee! And then, of course, I would buy something too. I agree, the silhouette on this jacket is very flattering for you Greetje. Thanks so much for taking the time to vote for Lydia. I also had a difficult time seeing her photo on the vote page. Weird, isn’t that?

    • Greetje
      26 October 2013 / 07:57

      Perhaps they did not display Lydia’s photo all the time. Which would be bad.
      And I am glad you like the jacket. I still know almost all the words of that Johnny Cash song.

  18. Happiness at Mid Life
    25 October 2013 / 23:49

    This is a great jacket for you. I love the really like it paired with the emerald green top and tough I normally would have paired it with sneakers – I think it totally works. It really picks up the cognac color from the jacket.

    I can’t wait to see how else you style this.


    • Greetje
      26 October 2013 / 07:59

      Eh.. How else I have styled it… Yes, well, you have to wait a bit as I have not come round to doing that haha.

    27 October 2013 / 10:26

    I am in love with animal print right now, and always have a few key pieces in my wardrobe whatever season it is…….You look fabulous in yours! x

  20. 27 October 2013 / 18:22

    Nobody wears trosers like you, dear Greetje, and the touch of animal print is so percfect.
    Much love, dear friend
    No, this time is my own shirt, LOl

    • Greetje
      27 October 2013 / 22:16

      Emphasizing my legs dear… And glad to hear you did not “steal” the shirt this time hahaha.

    • Greetje
      28 October 2013 / 05:22

      Thank you Lisa. Big compliment coming from you.

  21. 28 October 2013 / 05:32

    You can’t go wrong with a leopard print — especially from a store with such a great name.

    • Greetje
      28 October 2013 / 07:19

      I am very pleased with this jacket. You never know for sure how an item will work out, terrific or hardly worn. This one will be in between I think. Too early to tell. Thanks for leaving your comment.

  22. 29 October 2013 / 14:29

    Looks nice on you, Greetje, and how nice to see my ‘hood’ through your pics.

    • Greetje
      3 November 2013 / 09:41

      The “hood” is not the same without you.

  23. 3 November 2013 / 05:50

    Oh Greetje that jacket is fabulous! Leopard print is really versatile. It looks good with just about everything.

    • Greetje
      3 November 2013 / 09:43

      You know I am not that smart in thinking up combinations, but I will do my best. Glad you like the jacket.

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