Animal print jacket 1
On the fourth day of my shopping tour through Amsterdam, my friend of that last day, called to say she would be late. As my feet were hurting anyway, we did not go to Amsterdam. In the afternoon we went for a coffee in Haarlem. Just before closing time we strolled past a shop called A guy named Sue which sold this jacket (to me…). Another day with a failed resolution (not to buy anything).
The jacket is very light, you don’t even feel you are wearing anything. It has a camouflage lining, but I hate camouflage print (sorry camouflage lovers). 

Of course I can wear it with black skinnies and high heels. Which will probably make the outfit look a little common. As there is a common streak in my caracter anyway, I don’t really care. So I will wear it like that. But sneakers are great for leasure time, for walking with my support soles, and also for balancing out the print. You have seen these sneakers a couple of times before, here and here.

I tried this jacket with blue jeans, a blue top and my mintgreen booties as shown in this post. Looked fine too. Three possiblities already. Perhaps on a black dress? This jacket may prove to be more versatile than I thought. I am just a sucker for jackets because they always look nice on me (IMHO).

When I made these photos at the end of my street, it was 10.30 a.m. and a lot of people were passing. Smiling, being curious. Sometimes giving little remarks. But the lady across the street made me laugh. She stopped what she was doing to have a good look. Never noticed it until I saw the photos (see the collage at the bottom). Animal print jacket 2Above: photographing with backlight (sun)… is for skilled photographers. So I turned the camera 180 degrees: see below.

Below: the brown bag is by Longchamps.
Animal print jacket 3a
Below: this is what my bodyshape needs: a fitted jacket.
Animal print jacket 4

Animal print jacket 3

Animal print jacket CollageNext week another tour through Amsterdam. In the meantime want to see some more bloggers in a snug corner of blogland? Have a look at Visible Monday.


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