Orange brogues with blue boyfriend jeans 1
On my exploring tours through Amsterdam, I had to see the inside of shops too. Which is a bit too much temptation for me. In a shop called Dominio (click the British flag for English) they sold handmade Italian leather shoes and these brogues were half price. They are soooo soft.
If you want them too… they are still online. Full price now, but who knows, if you send them an email, they might do you a deal. They come in blue, brown and orange. I can vouch for their quality.

Now, as some of you know, I do not like flat shoes, never mind brogues. Brogues are absolutely “an acquired taste” for me. A year ago it would have taken me a couple of years to get used to such trendy things. Now other bloggers show me how to style and wear them and it grows on me much quicker. 

I am trying to style them my way. This is outfit one. Not perfect yet. I really need normal boyfriend jeans with wider legs near my ankle. These are narrow and they make me kind of stumpy with the hem turned up. It can also be the camera….. as there is something very strange with the photos. No idea what I did wrong but our fence seams to bulge all of a sudden. (Note to self: check all features of your camera first ! All of them. White balance, face focus, etc. )

My black and white belt again proves to be an excellent piece (seen here, here and here). And to get some colour near my face, I am wearing my hamburger scarf. Present from my husband (tedious subject by now). In the last picture you see why it is a hamburger scarf.

Orange brogues with blue boyfriend jeans 2

Orange brogues with blue boyfriend jeans 3Below: this cuff is another buy while touring through Amsterdam. It is “faux gold”, so I had to put nail varnish at the back of the bracelet. Forgot that I am allergic to “faux” (that figures… haha).Orange brogues with blue boyfriend jeans 4

Orange brogues with blue boyfriend jeans 6Below: wearing the scarf like this is a more difficult way as it is silk. Which means it slips and slides all the time. Anne of Playing with scarves taught me the way I am wearing it in the pictures above. Still colourful and near your face. No sliding.Orange brogues with blue boyfriend jeans 4aHere it is… the hamburger scarf. The bun at the top, then the lettuce, the meat with sauce, again lettuce and bun.Orange brogues with blue boyfriend jeans 5Greetje

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