Green kimono blouse

IMG_0374_LRWe are in Haarlem in a “hofje”. A “hofje” is a courtyard, belonging to a group of small houses, once the home of poor women…..

I am wearing my green kimono blouse with a white flower necklace which is a present from Anja. Yes, you might have seen this necklace before, as Sylvia of 40+Style has nearly the same one. I am such a copycat LOL.

Both Sylvia and our mutual friend Anja, are in Haarlem. And we are having fun together. Sylvia gave me a necklace too (it is so good to have generous friends 😆 ). Of course you will see it in another post soon.

“Hofjes” are very peaceful and only open to the public for limited hours. Perfect background for some photos after the pleasant lunch we enjoyed. We all dressed up a bit. Why not?

You have seen this kimono before, so more details in that post. But A) you had not seen the shoes very often, B) you had not seen the necklace, C) you can see us three together and D) it is summer time, so repeats are the perfect solution for bloggers who like to relax a bit too.

Below: see how peaceful this “hofje” is? I don’t think the owner of the pretty flower pot will like it much, but it made a pretty picture. Anja and I were swooning over the cat, both being cat lovers.IMG_0367_LRBelow: OK, another full length shot of the outfitIMG_0378_LRBelow: a close-up of the necklace. Isn’t it pretty? Thank you Anja.IMG_0379_LRBelow: Sylvia and me. Sylvia’s necklace is by the same designer as mine. She will tell you more about her outfit on 40+Style soon. I am sure.IMG_0371_LRBelow: close shot of usIMG_0372_LRBelow: Anja and meIMG_0387_LRBelow: also in a closer shot. I love the way Anja looks at me haha. I cannot make up my mind what she is thinking.IMG_0384_LRBelow: Sylvia and Anja….. that is what you get when you take one picture after another. Some care-free shotsIMG_0400_LRBelow: and to end this happy story: all three of us taken in front of a fun mural (not in the “hofje” anymore. They would not allow that.)IMG_0409_LREnjoy summer.


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No Fear of Fashion




  1. 20 July 2014 / 21:12

    Me waving madly at the three of you enjoying each other’s company and Haarlem! Greetje, you look gorgeous with your hair blonde again!

    The kitty really does steal the show this post! So cute!

    • Greetje
      20 July 2014 / 22:08

      Nothing ever beats a cute animal.

  2. 20 July 2014 / 21:36

    All three of you look so stylish and fun!! I love your top and necklace…what a fabulous trio!

    • Greetje
      20 July 2014 / 22:08

      And a lot of laughter to add to the fun. Life is good.

  3. 20 July 2014 / 23:50

    You are missing just one to make the four musketeers! ; ) Maybe I can help with that soon enough.

    You all have such wonderful unique styles. I love it. A great opportunity to show fashion trends on real women…that look like they know how to have a good time.

    What really has me swooning are Anja’s blue boots. Eeek! Me likey! She might have to put those under lock and key…otherwise they might be on a plane coming back home with me.

    I am seriously pumped about coming now. Also, I see that the weather has turned around a bit…even better!

    2 short weeks…the countdown has begun… ; )


    • Greetje
      21 July 2014 / 06:28

      Forecast is summer weather but you can never tell here. Not until about three days in advance. Very fickle this Dutch weather.
      We are excited too. I am trying to get two days off, but not sure yet. I will warn Anja about her boots haha,

  4. 21 July 2014 / 01:24

    We have a Harlem in New York, which is an east coast mecca for African American culture. You three look like you’re having a blast!
    I’ve seen many bloggers wearing kimonos lately. Not for me since I’m heavy chested. They seem to add more bulk to my top. Your shade of green is pretty and I like how you paired it with the slim cut pant.

    • Greetje
      21 July 2014 / 06:32

      You can wear a kimono like a jacket, which might be easier? But I agree, I chose such a jacket because I am tall, I do admit.
      And I know about Harlem. Very well-known area, also outside of America.

  5. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    21 July 2014 / 05:14

    Always great to see you ladies hanging out together. And love that super lovely statement necklace too!!!


    • Greetje
      21 July 2014 / 06:33

      I am so pleased with the necklace. And with the other one given by Sylvia. They know I love necklaces.
      As it is summer I thought I would make an easy post.

  6. Ann
    21 July 2014 / 07:29

    How fun to see all of you three together and no surprise how stylish! I love this top and color on you. The necklace just adds a special and personal touch. The cat is adorable.

    blue hue wonderland

    • Greetje
      21 July 2014 / 10:46

      I am so glad you still visit! You honour me with your visits. And yes I know what colour does to my face and still I am drawn to black and white (/cream). So classic. Perhaps it is the contrast which attracts me? What does that say about me haha?

  7. Happiness at Mid Life
    21 July 2014 / 09:32

    Looks like you 3 ladies are having a blast! I love the showcase of 3 very stylish women. I have also liked seeing this top on you – green is your color.


    • Greetje
      21 July 2014 / 10:47

      Yes, green is definitely my colour. And red, and orange, and lime, and fuchsia and purple and yellow. Hahaha.

  8. barbara
    21 July 2014 / 17:41

    I love the necklace and your look stands out!
    say, when will you bring a post about Haarlem, even if there are no good fashion stops:shops, i d love to see the summer scenery!
    great to read you, cheers

    • Greetje
      21 July 2014 / 17:51

      Well Barbara, I chose Amsterdam as my main subject, but I can “do” Haarlem as well. After all, both cities are so near. And in every guide about Amsterdam, Haarlem is mentioned.

      We have beautifful shops here. As a matter of fact, haarlem has been elected “best shopping town of The Netherlands”. Three times.
      Haarlem is old, historic, beautifully restored buildings and houses, canals, everything is near, lots of terraces with cain chairs to have drinks or to eat. Haarlem could beat Amsterdam but not really. Amsterdam has more (it is bigger) and the people there have a very distinct kind of humor. My kind of humor. Haarlem most certainly has not. Alas.

      • Barbara
        21 July 2014 / 23:37

        Hey, that’s great,it must be a fun city to live in…it looks cosier than a’dam i ask because the hofje makes me curious! A friend of mine has promised to take me to the zaanse schans… Maybe i ll make some pics with the ppl in traditional costume:)

        • Greetje
          22 July 2014 / 05:59

          If you want pics in traditional clothing Volendam is the best place to go to. Although I suppose at Zaanse Schans they offer this opportunity as well.
          In the link you will see a few pictures of Zaanse Schans. Lots of tourists there but I photoshopped most of them into bushes haha.

  9. barbara
    21 July 2014 / 17:44

    I clicked on the link to find out who designed the beautiful necklace, but didn’t see who it was…

  10. 21 July 2014 / 19:43

    Lovely post Greetje. Reading this just before diner here in Etosha Park, Namibia and it brings a smile to my face. We had a lovely time as the pictures show. I look forward to seeing you again soon!

    • Greetje
      21 July 2014 / 21:08

      In the meantime have fun. Bring me a monkey.. hahaha (no don’t… just kidding).

  11. Marianne
    21 July 2014 / 20:25

    Three mature angels on a row. All having different styles of clothes and personalities. But you so much look like having a lot of fun, not only dressing for the occassion but promoting your own tastes. I like your necklaces and outfits. Greetje I am sad, I am not having anymore weddings in the future, otherwise I would borrow this necklace

    • Greetje
      21 July 2014 / 21:10

      There is no reason why you shouldn’t borrow it anyway. And we will think of an occasion.

  12. 21 July 2014 / 21:43

    Girlfriends having fun! This is the best, love everything about this fun post. A) you can show those wonderful shoes whenever you please, they are the best. B) the necklace is to die for . . .is it light weight? C) I love this combination and that kimono is worth showing several times (repeat as often as you want). D) totally agree with the summer attitude.

    • Greetje
      22 July 2014 / 06:01

      The necklace fortunately is very light. Had to laugh over you A) B) C) D) answer.

  13. Elle
    22 July 2014 / 06:08

    You look stunning in that emerald green kimono. I love it paired with those slim black pants and your necklace is so beautiful. These photos are such fun, three striking women enjoying good company . Anya and. Sylvia are beautiful ,too,
    It strikes me is how individual fashion is when you get to be in our age group. If we were to see three friends in their 20s, I bet we would find that they were dressing in a very similar way.
    BUt we older gals do seem to embrace our individuality, and dress in more creative ways, and not as uniform . I love Follwing blogs of women my age! I think by this time, we really own our style.
    This is a fabulous look on you, and I agree summer should be a relaxing time.
    XX, Elle

  14. 22 July 2014 / 18:15

    You three are so cute together and look very happy! Your blouse is beautiful, green is a colour which I have started wearing only recently, like other bright colours…on you it is wonderful!
    Nice to know about the hofje…a peaceful place is perfect for taking a nap… wise cat!

    • Greetje
      22 July 2014 / 21:55

      There are many many “hofjes” in Amsterdam and Haarlem. I will show you soon.

  15. MyEmptyBag
    23 July 2014 / 14:42

    the last photo with this original wall as a scene is amazing!!! I like your outfits and the complicity I can deduced you have!



    • Greetje
      23 July 2014 / 18:47

      Don’t forget the fun we hare having.

  16. 24 July 2014 / 15:19

    My first time in the Netherlands was to Haarlem, what a beautiful little town. Enjoy your time!

    • Greetje
      24 July 2014 / 22:47

      It is, it is. When are you coming back?

  17. 29 July 2014 / 05:54

    I love this shade of green! Looks lovely on you. Makes me think I need more green in my closet!! Debbie @

    • Greetje
      29 July 2014 / 06:00

      Hi Debbie, yes I am very pleased with this colour green too. As the material is silk(ish), it has a nice shine too.

    • Greetje
      15 August 2014 / 21:13

      Ah, you found my green kimono post. Bought in…. Italy. Rome to be precise.

  18. Selina
    17 January 2016 / 19:14

    I love the style of the top. Also love that cat in the pot, so cute

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