IMG_0374_LRWe are in Haarlem in a “hofje”. A “hofje” is a courtyard, belonging to a group of small houses, once the home of poor women…..

I am wearing my green kimono blouse with a white flower necklace which is a present from Anja. Yes, you might have seen this necklace before, as Sylvia of 40+Style has nearly the same one. I am such a copycat LOL.

Both Sylvia and our mutual friend Anja, are in Haarlem. And we are having fun together. Sylvia gave me a necklace too (it is so good to have generous friends 😆 ). Of course you will see it in another post soon.

“Hofjes” are very peaceful and only open to the public for limited hours. Perfect background for some photos after the pleasant lunch we enjoyed. We all dressed up a bit. Why not?

You have seen this kimono before, so more details in that post. But A) you had not seen the shoes very often, B) you had not seen the necklace, C) you can see us three together and D) it is summer time, so repeats are the perfect solution for bloggers who like to relax a bit too.

Below: see how peaceful this “hofje” is? I don’t think the owner of the pretty flower pot will like it much, but it made a pretty picture. Anja and I were swooning over the cat, both being cat lovers.IMG_0367_LRBelow: OK, another full length shot of the outfitIMG_0378_LRBelow: a close-up of the necklace. Isn’t it pretty? Thank you Anja.IMG_0379_LRBelow: Sylvia and me. Sylvia’s necklace is by the same designer as mine. She will tell you more about her outfit on 40+Style soon. I am sure.IMG_0371_LRBelow: close shot of usIMG_0372_LRBelow: Anja and meIMG_0387_LRBelow: also in a closer shot. I love the way Anja looks at me haha. I cannot make up my mind what she is thinking.IMG_0384_LRBelow: Sylvia and Anja….. that is what you get when you take one picture after another. Some care-free shotsIMG_0400_LRBelow: and to end this happy story: all three of us taken in front of a fun mural (not in the “hofje” anymore. They would not allow that.)IMG_0409_LREnjoy summer.


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