Daniela and meThe best thing about blogging is the contact with other women, especially (but not only) bloggers. One of my great fellow bloggers is Daniela, better known as Dan from the blog The Pretty Cute. She is a very elegant Italian lady who invited me to visit her in Italy. But as faith had it, she came to The Netherlands before I could book a flight. Of course one of my major “tasks” was showing Amsterdam to Daniela. After all, I had not been publishing all those posts about Amsterdam for nothing (see the tab Amsterdam at the top navigation of my blog).

The weather promised to be gorgeous: sunny and 25 degrees Celcius. A few hours before she landed, the forecast changed and we had sun, clouds and rain. Fortunately the temperature was still high. Rain is an unpredictable factor in The Netherlands. I would have liked some better cooperation, but alas.

We started in Haarlemmerstraat as we were quite early that day (also see post Shopping in Haarlemmerstraat): Amsterdam with Daniela (1a)It was so funny to hear her complain about how she looked on photos… Exactly the way I always complain. We see our own “flaws” so much more than other people do. In her eyes I am beautiful. In my eyes she is beautiful. Best to see yourself through the eyes of somebody else. 😆

We first had coffee at Il Tramezzino. A perfect cappuccino!! Dan and I are very fussy about our cappuccino, so I carefully selected Il Tramezzino, knowing their quality (no, they are not paying me for this review). Below: Dan in anticipation of her cappuccino. Amsterdam with Daniela (2) We walked on and found the beautiful steps with flowers you see in the top photo. Of course a perfect place for a photo session. We were both quite satisfied with the result.

And then it started to drizzle….. If you are wondering how two rather elegant ladies can look when it starts to rain…. the answer is: like bag ladies. See below:Amsterdam with Daniela (6)We killed ourselves laughing over it.

After Haarlemmerstraat, we went to the Nine Streets (see posts Shopping in the Nine Streets here and here). And got totally caught up in shopping, forgetting to take pictures. One perfect photo was made during lunch at Van Harte in the Hartenstraat, but you will find that photo at The Pretty Cute in two days. We agreed not to post the same photos as (of course) we are both blogging about the same days together.

After the Nine Streets, my lovely husband Ron waited for us with his boat in Prinsengracht, where we got on board. Unfortunately it had started to rain quite severely. To protect us, he had put up a giant umbrella, but rain and boating does not go well together. Poor soul:  he had cleaned the boat, “sailed” (it is a motor boat) it all the way to Prinsengracht, which takes about an hour, only to see us leave again when we went into the next canal. Because we decided to spend some time indoors at the Bag Museum (update 2023: the museum is now closed). I will only give you one photo of a bag as an appetizer, as I will do a whole post about the bags in this perfect museum. Dan was thrilled to be there. SAM_4784_LRThey also have a lovely restaurant at the Bag Museum where I had my fourth cappuccino of the day and Dan tried to make some photos of my outfit with my camera. See the result below haha:Amsterdam with Daniela (7)Later that night I could show her where she went wrong with my camera and the next day all the photos were fine. She is a very diligent student. To show you my outfit, Ron took some pictures in our garden. See below. The black knitted sweater is longer at the back than the front. The grey trousers were turned down to elongate them and the ballerinas (by Jan Jansen) you have seen in my post of BarcelonaAmsterdam with Daniela (10)Below: of course I would have worn high heels with this outfit. Only I don’t think that is wise if I have to walk through a city all day. Daniela however, managed that perfectly well, claiming her heels were not high at all, they were very comfortable…..Amsterdam with Daniela (11)Below: as I have said in my post of last week… it is so nice to have generous friends… Dan gave me this necklace which she had made herself. I look a bit addled in this picture, but I am really pleased with it.Amsterdam with Daniela (12)Below: to end the day, we had a “rijsttafel (rice table)” at an Indonesian restaurant. Ron showed his creativity by photographing this bicycle through the window (pretty picture).Amsterdam with Daniela (8)

Amsterdam with Daniela (9)It is always a risk when you meet somebody whom you have never seen in person before. But Dan and I got on like a house on fire. We were so much alike, much more than I anticipated. We laughed and gigled for 3 days. There was never an awkward moment or a wrong word.

Next week you will see day two or the Bag Museum. Don’t know yet.


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