SAM_4903_LROn day two of her visit, I explored Amsterdam and Haarlem with Daniela. Well… explored…the weather was unkind and forced us to sit inside a lot. Lots of rain showers. We started in Amsterdam, near the Amstel and Staalstraat, where Waterloo square is.

Below: Daniela and the Amstel.
SAM_4893_LRBelow: lots of bicycles. A phenomenon which had to be photographed.SAM_4895_LRAfter our cappuccino we first went to Droog, a very nice design shop. Have a look at their webshop, they really have cool stuff. The photograph at the top of the page was taken there.

Below: Droog also has a pop-up store in their premises. This time by Ace & Tate, a Dutch brand of sun glasses. As Daniela said: “We need these”. I fully agreed and was right:  I got a compliment from my husband. He thinks my new glasses are very good.SAM_4914_LRBelow: Daniela added these beautiful glasses to her vast collection. Doesn’t she look like Sophia Loren?SAM_4913_LRBelow: the “garden” / courtyard of Droog. Very pretty. Daniela was wearing one of her gorgeous dresses which made me panic that morning, thinking “what can I pull out of the closet???” Fortunately my new top from Max Mara created a new combination with flat shoes. The trousers are blue, seen here and here.SAM_4920_LRBelow: in this dress she blends in nicely with the gardenSAM_4924_LR


SAM_4923_LRBelow: time for another cappuccino and lunch. With a view on a canal (hard to avoid in Amsterdam).SAM_4927_LRBelow: Daniela photographed me from behind while I went to photograph the cat that was lying on the bench. See the scalloped wrap of the top?SAM_4928_LR

SAM_4926_LRBelow: and it started to rain… sigh. We were compelled to spending 2 hours underneath a sun screen, chatting and eating terrific apple cake. In hindsight those were fantastic hours, talking as if we knew each other a long time.SAM_4934_LRBelow: the rain stopped and it seemed like a good idea to drive back to Haarlem, so I could show her my home town with all its little shops. Wrong decision. ….. As we arrived it started raining in Haarlem….. sigh. Again more cappuccino.SAM_4937_LRBelow: fortunately the rain didn’t last long and the Haarlem tour commenced.SAM_4947_LRBelow: visiting Anja, my friend and neighbour (three doors down), who has a blog, called Curly Traveller. Anja is the one who (years ago) alerted me to Sylvia’s site: 40+Style. Look at them… aren’t they sweet and elegant? (And colour coordinated by accident.)SAM_4950_LRMy return visit to Daniela in Italy is scheduled for the end of August.


No Fear of Fashion


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