Suzanne Carillo (4)It is getting quite busy here in The Netherlands with bloggers coming and going from all over the world. OK,OK that is a bit exaggerated. Still, in July blogger Dan from The Pretty Cute was over from Italy and now Suzanne from Suzanne Style Files (Canada) is staying in The Netherlands. And two more bloggers get together with us: Anja and Sylva.

Suzanne arrived last Monday and is staying for a week. We take turns in spending time with her. Like on Monday Anja of Curly Traveller (my friend and neighbour) went to a great tango event with Suzanne. On Tuesday Sylvia of 40+Style, took Suzanne around the “Nine Streets” in Amsterdam (see my blogposts about that area here and here). Sylvia lives in Singapore, but is also spending some time in The Netherlands. Sometimes we are with three in the evening and sometimes with the four of us. It is such great fun. And the noise we make when we are all together…. my husband fled.

My time alone with Suzanne started on Wednesday when we went to Amsterdam. From the station, passing the old post office, which is now a shopping mall: Magna Plaza (below)

Suzanne Carillo (1)Below: we started with a coffee in Magna Plaza ground floor (I cannot recommend the coffee….). Suzanne’s outfit for the day was perfect. And I was in blue as well (coincidence… really!)Suzanne Carillo (2)We headed for the Nine Streets area again as Suzanne had spotted a great vintage dress the day before, just as the shop was closing. It fitted perfectly and was “in the pocket”. Of course we took plenty of time for coffee and lunch (below) Suzanne Carillo (3) Below: strolling through Amsterdam, taking pictures of one another and the buildings etc. talking, talking, talking…. Suzanne Carillo (15)Below: then in the evening, the four of us met at my house for dinner. My darling husband had cooked paella for us, taking into account all the demands and whishes (no meat, no squid, no…. etc.). It drove him mad, but he did cook a lovely meal and left us to it. I love that man.Below: you can tell it was so nice to all meet up after only knowing each other from our blogs.Suzanne Carillo (5) Below: Suzanne had gifts for all of us: scarves, necklaces, chocolate, all beautifully wrapped with self made cards:Presents Suzanne Presents Suzanne 3Below: the next day I had to go to work, but fortunately I could get the Friday off again and met Suzanne in the morning at Anja’s house. Below: Anja.Suzanne Carillo (7)Below: quick photo of Suzanne and me in Anja’s garden before the two of us went off. I know…. I look dopy….Suzanne Carillo (8)Below: request by Suzanne: “Could I please show her the red light district of Amsterdam?”…….. Not an area I visit much… (See the sign on the right from Suzanne, saying: “Respect sex workers all over the world!”?) We felt very awkward as we were taking pictures of the beautiful church, old houses and each other. Of course not of the ladies. But a gentlemen warned us it would be a very, very good idea to put our cameras away as the neighbourhood absolutely did not like photographers and we might get in trouble. We were gone in a flash.Suzanne Carillo (9) Below: lunch in a beautiful French place near Lange Brugstraat, with the odd name Kapitein Zeppos (Captain Zeppos). Great place, great food:Suzanne Carillo (10)

Suzanne Carillo (11)Below: back to Haarlem, where I showed Suzanne its medieval streets and houses, beautiful church, picturesque spots:Suzanne Carillo (12)

Suzanne Carillo (13)Below: I had a hard time that morning, finding another outfit for warm weather and flat shoes, which I had not worn before ….. Tssss… all of a sudden we have a long and hot summer…. what happened? Climate change? Suzanne Carillo (14)Below: because I don’t like flat shoes on me, I have to show you this picture too. My new blouse, light blue, by Marlene Birger (bought at RAAK), trusted skinnies but this time darker blue and my beloved silver slingbacks.SAM_5249_LRBelow: this is the wooden watch by JORD, which I won on Suzanne Carillo’s blog at a give-away. She swears the outcome was not rigged.Suzanne Carillo 18We had some more fun, like on the boat through Amsterdam, but I will stop here. I do want to mention though that Anja is celebrating blogpost number 500 and has lots of great give-aways. See here.


As we are having so much fun getting together as bloggers, I am joining the party of bloggers at Not Dead Yet Style. Want to have a look?

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