Street Style on Saturday

Street Style 2 PaulaAs you were so positive about the first Street Style post, here is number two. This post is called Street Style on Saturday, because that was the only day I had time to go into town. Most people in The Netherlands are dressed very casually on a Saturday. So I saw lots of relaxed women but not very stylishly dressed. And on other days I saw some very stylish women but had no camera with me. Life of a Street Style photographer is hard with a full-time job next to this task. 

There is an additional difficulty….. It is now obvious that my Street Style posts are about women over 40. Which means I have to ask the lady who’s picture I want to take, whether she is over 40…. Even in The Netherlands, this is a very tricky question. So I try and stay on the safe side which means you will see more mature women and hardly any women just over 40. Look at it this way: there is lots to look forward to when we grow older. The future looks bright.

The first lady of this series (photo above) is Paula, the most exuberant lady of them all. Her skin is as smooth as a baby, she is 59 years old and a make-up artist (which shows). I love her look. It oozes so much fun, so much style, it makes me a bit envious.

Having said this, it doesn’t mean I think less of the other ladies whom I am about to show you. They have all gone the extra mile to dress to the occasion. Let’s start.

Below: simple, casual Saturday, but absolutely not plain. I say fun, great colours and well chosen. Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-10Below: this lady is from Berlin. She has a fashion background and comes to Haarlem for five days every year as she loves the atmosphere. Lots of little details in her outfit which are exactly right.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-3Below: this lady might look very casual to you, but hey.. she is riding a sportsbike. She could have chosen old sneakers, no scarf and a plastic bag. Instead she chose to wear cute booties, a lovely bag and a matching scarf.White bicycleBelow: my neighbour Monique from two doors down. She is always elegantly dressed. As I returned from town I saw her getting into her house. Had my camera still with me… and fortunately she was game.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)Below: another Saturday I decided to go to Amsterdam again, to the Lindengracht-market. Where I found this fun lady. She obviously pays attention to her outfit. Believe it or not, she is 70 years old. Great hair and smashing earrings.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-4Below: these two friends are like Daniela and me: one in a very feminine dress and heels (like Daniela) and one in a casual, yet thought- through outfit and (very cute) flat shoes (like me).Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-5Below: I had a nice short conversation with this lady. She was looking forward to a trip/vacation with a (girl)friend. Perhaps it is because I love black and white so much that I am attracted to women who wear this? Or do lots of women like black and white outfits? Normally I am not a fan of leggings, but I do like them in this outfit.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-6Below: and here is the girlfriend the lady above is taking the trip with.  I think she has cleverly and carefully chosen this outfit which suits her beautifully. Love her sandals too.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-7Below: this was a tricky one as I thought this lady wasn’t yet 40. Fortunately she was (mother of the daughter whose shoes you can see in this photo top left). The surroundings are a bit messy (in between market stalls… the difficult situations I have to work in…..). I love everything about her outfit: top, belt, trousers, boots and bag.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-8Below: again black and white… I know, but I love it. Look at the way she styled the coat with those tuxedo type trousers and fun booties. What I call a classy lady. By the way: she is 60 or over 60, cannot remember. (Yes I know I said last time I would pay more attention to this, but I was busy photographing…. no time.. have to do everything myself… mumble.. grumble.)Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-9Below: a treat after seeing so many trousers… a woman in a skirt. I found Désirée when I had no camera with me. She agreed to have her picture taken another day. She sewed the skirt herself. Very accomplished. Love it paired with the leather jacket.Street Style Desiree (1 van 1)Below: modest (all black), edgy (shoes), beautiful (neckless), sexy (transparant). Together with a happy face, a perfect picture.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-2Below: Ok, just because she is such a knock-out, another photo of Paula. She has a very sparkly personality to go with her looks.Street Style 2 Paula 3

If you want to see how stylish women can be over 60, I can recommend the e-book/magazine Fashion, Style and Elegance in Women over 60, by Patrizia Molechino. To me it was more an elaborate magazine than a book, even though there are 80 pages or so. Perhaps because there are so many photos in it. Which is great, as I love to see as many good examples as possible on this subject. As I said: the future looks bright.

Note: I have not been paid to recommend this. I bought it myself ($ 5.99 /€ 4,79), read it and enjoyed it. Fashion, Style and Elegance in Women over 60Patrizia knows what she is talking about. She has been the PR for KRIZIA, personal assistant at Mr. Valentino (yes the one of Couture) and has a diploma for fashion buying from the famous St. Martin’s School of Art.


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  1. Marianne
    5 October 2014 / 19:00

    Great report, it is so much better for your self-esteem to look at women of your own age and how they dress and get inspired to do the same, then compare yourself to younger ones with no flaws and a perfect body. We can be proud of ourselfes for trying.

    • Greetje
      5 October 2014 / 21:36

      And you especially. As you always look fantastic.

  2. 5 October 2014 / 19:36

    Another great street style round-up Greetje! Personally, I think the ‘busy’ backgrounds are fine. It gives me a better sense of life in The Netherlands! In looking back over these photos, I can see that black and white can make an outfit look very polished and chic, more so than the same fabrications and silhouettes in a colourful fabric. Although I’m a big fan of colour, it is something for me to keep in mind. I especially like the simplicity of the black and white striped knit tunic with the black leggings and flats. She looks lovely!

    • Greetje
      5 October 2014 / 21:38

      I am such a big lover of black and white that I think such an outfit catches my eye more quickly. Or, as I said, lots of women like this classy act.

  3. 5 October 2014 / 22:10

    Again, more spectacular women showing their best side to the world and making us all happy for their effort. Thanks, Greetje, for finding them and sharing these photos. It takes a lot of time to put something like this together but it’s encouraging to know there is more to life than yoga pants and sweatshirts.

    • Greetje
      5 October 2014 / 23:03

      I am encountering the same problems as you faced. It is hard to find good examples. And I am no Sartorialist… I don’t have a camera with me all the time. So if I do find one, I need to convince her, get a phone number and go out there to take the picture. The things we do for a good post….

  4. 5 October 2014 / 23:37

    Oooh…that brown zebra stripe hand sewn maxi has my name all over it. Lovely!

    You really found some fun eclectic looks here. Great inspiration.

    What you really need is an assistant when you go out and do this. Someone writing down the names and details of everyone. ; )


    • Greetje
      6 October 2014 / 01:31

      I need more than one assistant really…
      And yes that maxi skirt is perfect isn’t it? Désirée sewed an underskirt (is that how you would call it?) which has a bunch of flowers at the hem just for her own fun. I had to travel for nearly an hour to her house (and back) and it was worth it.

  5. 6 October 2014 / 00:49

    Greetje, I know this post took you hours on end to do, but seriously, it is GREAT! And what a bonus getting to interact with all these fun, stylish women. I totally admire your outgoing personality, not everyone could do something like this. I, too, think Paula is one gorgeous woman . . . her skin is killing me. I also love the (70 year old) woman dressed in the leggings and the woman in the casual, yet very stylish all black attire.
    Thank you so very much for once again putting this together.

    • Greetje
      6 October 2014 / 01:33

      It is great fun to do. Just isn’t easy to find stylish women. And as fall is approaching next time will probably only be about coats haha.

  6. 6 October 2014 / 01:33

    Great feature, Greetje – you are an overworked but wonderful photographer. it’s great to see actual women going about their lives and looking good. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

    • Greetje
      6 October 2014 / 01:35

      It is really late here in The Netherlands (half past one in the night). I am not only overworked from the photography… my actual job keeps me up till this time as well. Going to bed now.

  7. Happiness at Mid Life
    6 October 2014 / 07:40

    This is a great post – I love all the different styles of these ladies. BTW, what’s the secret to all these great looking ladies? They all do not look their age.


    • Greetje
      6 October 2014 / 08:59

      Their secret? Probably the fact they haven’t lost interest in themselves. Do you agree?

  8. 6 October 2014 / 08:08

    Another great post Greetje. Just so fun to see these women and wondering what they are like. Some of them just ooze personality. I love that! Don’t you think it’s so surprising that so few women actually look really good or show a clear sense of style? Means that there is still more work to do in showing women that it’s fun to dress well and create your own clear sense of style! Thanks Greetje for all your hard work!

    • Greetje
      6 October 2014 / 09:00

      It is not work for me, just fun. As long as I can keep my readers satisfied, I am pleased and will continue.

  9. myemptybag
    6 October 2014 / 09:52

    you know that I love street style photos so I really like this post. There are many stylish women in your city!


    • Greetje
      6 October 2014 / 12:01

      Well… I really have to look hard to find stylish women. We Dutch are a casual bunch….

  10. 6 October 2014 / 15:48

    So much fabulousness, dear Greetcje

    • Greetje
      6 October 2014 / 20:57

      Women rule the world!!

  11. 6 October 2014 / 21:38

    You speak Sanish after all, easy after Dutch, lol
    I was missing you a lot.
    Isn´t it funny how you get close to people you have never met and miss them like family?

    • Greetje
      6 October 2014 / 22:01

      Yes it would be easier for me to learn Spanish than for you to learn Dutch haha.
      I am touched you were missing me. Life at the office is terribly hectic. Doing a lot of overtime. Just another two weeks and it might get normal.

  12. 7 October 2014 / 00:03

    What fun! Your posts often inspire me to travel. Maybe next summer we will make it over to Europe again, although my husband is lobbying to go in the other direction – to Alaska! : )

    • Greetje
      7 October 2014 / 14:10

      If you go to Alaska, you should read Nicole’s blog (High Latitude Style). See my bloglist at the right side.
      If you want to know and see more about The Netherlands (Amsterdam), click on the tab “Amsterdam” at the top navigation of my blog. If you haven’t seen those posts already. I know what I would choose, but I am all for luxery and average temperatures. LOL

  13. Charlene
    7 October 2014 / 03:01

    Oh, I do love seeing these nicely but casually dressed ladies. Casual is something I find hard to do. Maybe because I don’t feel I look good in pants or leggings. i am going to have to work harder at it, maybe try on more casual styles and find some things that work for me. This has inspired me.
    You are really doing a great job with this, and I will agree with others–I can tell that a huge amount of time and effort went into this.

    • Greetje
      7 October 2014 / 14:15

      I get some criticism from friends too. They say that not enough ladies whom I photograph, are special in the way they dress. Agreed, not everybody is WOW over the top or terribly special. But I don’t want to just show excentric ladies. I also want to show normal women who have put some thought in their appearance.

  14. 7 October 2014 / 09:08

    I like street style posts because they show people in everydays life…Some women can wear elegantly also to go out for a coffee… ( and they are those I prefer! ) others are more casual and relaxed … every lady who takes care of herself ( in her own way ) is beautiful! Future is bright indeed!!
    The lady in black and white is absolutely gorgeous!!

    • Greetje
      7 October 2014 / 14:26

      I have more ladies in black and white, but I presume you mean Paula, the one at the top of this post?
      And yes, I know which ones you prefer. I hope there are ladies to everybody’s taste.

  15. 7 October 2014 / 15:52

    Greetje! I love these. The women are all so beautiful and stylish. Well done.

    • Greetje
      8 October 2014 / 07:42

      Thanks Dixie. I will try and find some more.

  16. 7 October 2014 / 17:14

    I just found your blog…LOVE it!!!

    • Greetje
      8 October 2014 / 08:04

      Thanks for the compliment. I will try and keep you amused.

  17. 7 October 2014 / 17:30

    When I started my blog 5 years ago, it was strictly a street-style photo blog, and I found that I could be out with my camera for a whole afternoon and not find anyone to photograph. After doing that for over a year, I had to start incorporating my own outfits just to have something to post. You found some very stylish women – it’s very inspiring to see women who are a decade or more older than I am who are obviously taking care of their bodies and putting together interesting outfits. I love the striped tunic/jacket that Paula is wearing.

    That book looks quite interesting – I will have to check it out.

    • Greetje
      8 October 2014 / 07:50

      I did it the other way around. Started with outfits and now sometimes have a post Street Style. It is indeed not easy to find nice examples. Now fall and winter are coming which means women in coats I suppose. I wonder how long it will take me to find the next dozen. Still, it is fun.

  18. 9 October 2014 / 20:46

    Hello, adorable, patient Greetje! Love this mini-series from you. There’s an added confidence that your subjects seem to present to the camera … must be your influence over the photograph. No fear of trends among these women, and proof positive that high degrees of individuality exists within trend adapters. Great too, to see what translates from one part of the world to another among us thoroughly grown up women! Excellent.
    Catching up! Be prepared for the inbox onslaught!

    • Greetje
      10 October 2014 / 23:00

      I am so glad you are catching up. I had so much to show you. Glad you like my new Street Style. Yes, all those women were very confident and at ease before the camera.

  19. Elle
    9 October 2014 / 20:52


    You did a superlative job showing such colorful examples of style for a mature woman.
    My favorites are the woman on the bike, because as you said she was on a bike and wore those cool boots, and that glorious women who is 70, who is supremely stylish and inspirational!
    Love this post, you have a great eye and the photo quality ix excellent, too!
    XX, Elle

    • Greetje
      10 October 2014 / 23:02

      I am trying very hard. It is so much fun to do as well. They are all so cooperative. Of course not every woman wants her photo on the internet, but so far 85% have no objection and pose like professionals. Must be confidence, gained by maturity.

  20. Rosemary
    10 October 2014 / 22:20

    LOVE the street style photos. How lovely to see how people dress in other places in the world. Particularly when they don’t know they are going to photographed that day, so when we see them, they are in their natural choice of clothes!

    I must say, I also LOVE your black linen dress with the white blouse and booties. Uncooperative hair? We all have that. Those people whose hair is always perfect have some other worry. Nobody has no worries!!

    Much love from England,
    Rose from

    • Greetje
      10 October 2014 / 23:04

      Very true Rosemary, nobody is without worries. Lovely to hear from you. And I will try to continue these Street Style series.

  21. 11 October 2014 / 16:56

    I do not know how I missed this post last week…I love this! So many fabulous women!! I really love the brown and black maxi with the black leather jacket…such a chic look! Please continue the street style…I think it celebrates all of us!

    • Greetje
      11 October 2014 / 17:25

      I think so too. It is about women like you and me instead of 14-year old models in clothes we could never afford. And I agree about the woman with the brown and black maxi skirt. She was worth the 50 minutes drive to and fro her house up north. (For Dutch people this is quite a distance as we have a very small country, haha.)

  22. 11 November 2014 / 16:48

    Hi Greetje, great post! I really enjoyed all the different expressions of fashion as well as the amazing street locations. Excellent photography and I was really inspired with all the different fashion ensembles. Thanks for sharing this! (By the way, it wouldn’t bother me to see a 30-something’s outfit. I am 49 but like to dress based on body type as well as age. It’s fun to just see what women put together!)
    Thanks again!!

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