Street Style 2 PaulaAs you were so positive about the first Street Style post, here is number two. This post is called Street Style on Saturday, because that was the only day I had time to go into town. Most people in The Netherlands are dressed very casually on a Saturday. So I saw lots of relaxed women but not very stylishly dressed. And on other days I saw some very stylish women but had no camera with me. Life of a Street Style photographer is hard with a full-time job next to this task. 

There is an additional difficulty….. It is now obvious that my Street Style posts are about women over 40. Which means I have to ask the lady who’s picture I want to take, whether she is over 40…. Even in The Netherlands, this is a very tricky question. So I try and stay on the safe side which means you will see more mature women and hardly any women just over 40. Look at it this way: there is lots to look forward to when we grow older. The future looks bright.

The first lady of this series (photo above) is Paula, the most exuberant lady of them all. Her skin is as smooth as a baby, she is 59 years old and a make-up artist (which shows). I love her look. It oozes so much fun, so much style, it makes me a bit envious.

Having said this, it doesn’t mean I think less of the other ladies whom I am about to show you. They have all gone the extra mile to dress to the occasion. Let’s start.

Below: simple, casual Saturday, but absolutely not plain. I say fun, great colours and well chosen. Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-10Below: this lady is from Berlin. She has a fashion background and comes to Haarlem for five days every year as she loves the atmosphere. Lots of little details in her outfit which are exactly right.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-3Below: this lady might look very casual to you, but hey.. she is riding a sportsbike. She could have chosen old sneakers, no scarf and a plastic bag. Instead she chose to wear cute booties, a lovely bag and a matching scarf.White bicycleBelow: my neighbour Monique from two doors down. She is always elegantly dressed. As I returned from town I saw her getting into her house. Had my camera still with me… and fortunately she was game.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)Below: another Saturday I decided to go to Amsterdam again, to the Lindengracht-market. Where I found this fun lady. She obviously pays attention to her outfit. Believe it or not, she is 70 years old. Great hair and smashing earrings.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-4Below: these two friends are like Daniela and me: one in a very feminine dress and heels (like Daniela) and one in a casual, yet thought- through outfit and (very cute) flat shoes (like me).Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-5Below: I had a nice short conversation with this lady. She was looking forward to a trip/vacation with a (girl)friend. Perhaps it is because I love black and white so much that I am attracted to women who wear this? Or do lots of women like black and white outfits? Normally I am not a fan of leggings, but I do like them in this outfit.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-6Below: and here is the girlfriend the lady above is taking the trip with.  I think she has cleverly and carefully chosen this outfit which suits her beautifully. Love her sandals too.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-7Below: this was a tricky one as I thought this lady wasn’t yet 40. Fortunately she was (mother of the daughter whose shoes you can see in this photo top left). The surroundings are a bit messy (in between market stalls… the difficult situations I have to work in…..). I love everything about her outfit: top, belt, trousers, boots and bag.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-8Below: again black and white… I know, but I love it. Look at the way she styled the coat with those tuxedo type trousers and fun booties. What I call a classy lady. By the way: she is 60 or over 60, cannot remember. (Yes I know I said last time I would pay more attention to this, but I was busy photographing…. no time.. have to do everything myself… mumble.. grumble.)Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-9Below: a treat after seeing so many trousers… a woman in a skirt. I found Désirée when I had no camera with me. She agreed to have her picture taken another day. She sewed the skirt herself. Very accomplished. Love it paired with the leather jacket.Street Style Desiree (1 van 1)Below: modest (all black), edgy (shoes), beautiful (neckless), sexy (transparant). Together with a happy face, a perfect picture.Street Style 2 (1 van 1)-2Below: Ok, just because she is such a knock-out, another photo of Paula. She has a very sparkly personality to go with her looks.Street Style 2 Paula 3

If you want to see how stylish women can be over 60, I can recommend the e-book/magazine Fashion, Style and Elegance in Women over 60, by Patrizia Molechino. To me it was more an elaborate magazine than a book, even though there are 80 pages or so. Perhaps because there are so many photos in it. Which is great, as I love to see as many good examples as possible on this subject. As I said: the future looks bright.

Note: I have not been paid to recommend this. I bought it myself ($ 5.99 /€ 4,79), read it and enjoyed it. Fashion, Style and Elegance in Women over 60Patrizia knows what she is talking about. She has been the PR for KRIZIA, personal assistant at Mr. Valentino (yes the one of Couture) and has a diploma for fashion buying from the famous St. Martin’s School of Art.


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