Black dress with booties (1 van 1)-2In between rain showers, Ron took photos of this black linnen dress with booties. I used to wear this Sarah Pacini dress with flat white boots, but that is soooo over. (As if I care, but still, booties are the thing now and I have them.) When I showed my husband the same outfit with pumps he disapproved of it immediately. He is a modern guy.

The dress is smaller at the bottom, allowing me only to walk like a lady. It has folds and creases as a design, not just because it is linnen. The slit at the back is not centered.

We didn’t have much time, so… what could serve as an interesting background? “Train station….”, said Ron, “…nice… those yellow trains against the black and white of your outfit”.  But we had to dismiss that as the train station is not near our house (dinner was nearly ready and the light was fading). A construction shed will do nicely… thank you. Just around the corner (see photo below).Black summer dress and booties (1 van 8)As we walked a little further (closely watched by the neighbours from behind their front window), we took the picture below. My hair was not very cooperative, but it hardly ever is. Which is why I usually take about 100 photos for each post. Preferably at a place where there is no wind. And then I carefully select the right photos to show you. My hair is a worry.Black summer dress and booties (2 van 8)Below: Ron decided to go “free style”…. and experiment with different lenses. The photo at the top of this post was taken with a telelens and I think it made a very interesting picture. Below: walking along, across the canal, also taken with a telelens.Black summer dress and booties (4 van 8)Below: lovely background with flowers and green. I decided to put a turnip head on instead of my face. I hope you like it hahaha. It is a spare head, courtesy of Melanie at Bag and a Beret. She is an artist. Not only a good one, but also a witty one. She often has me in stitches with her blog.  Especially her online albums Vogoff are brilliant (three of them at the right side of her blog.).Black summer dress and booties (5 Turnip)Below: Ron spotted some more colours and directed me “a little to the right…!! No more.. More…” People stopped trying not to spoil the photo. Most people do that, you know. They are far more courteous than you would think.Black summer dress and booties (7 van 8)Below: sitting down on a very small post…. Luckily I have a very small behind.Black summer dress and booties (6 van 8)Below: (we are nearly there fooks…), a close-up of the brooch. Bought in a vintage store in Cambridge (UK) of all places. Black summer dress and booties (8 van 8)

Next week, it is Street Style again.


No Fear of Fashion

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