Filippa K blue dress (1 van 6)This blue dress by Filippa K (a Swedish brand with lovely basics, using great fabrics) is a recent buy from when I went shopping with Daniela (The Pretty Cute) in Amsterdam. Daniela nudges me towards wearing more dresses and she is absolutely right. I love her elegant style and don’t mind shifting back from skinnies to dresses. Daniela found this blue one for me. Please ignore my cone shaped hair. Hair and me… a constant battle.

And by the way…. no, ladies, I am not going to excommunicate skinnies. I will remain who I am: loving colours and loving leggy things. 

As I was pressed for time and location, one of my neighbours photographed me (thank you Aeila). She took the pictures in her garden. Makes a change from mine.

The long necklace is a gift from Suzanne (Suzanne Carillo Style Files) when she visited The Netherlands last month. Combining this dress with fuchsia was my own styling for once (so proud of myself).Filippa K blue dress 10For a splash of colour, this shopper bag is perfect. Bought at the market together with Sylvia (40+Style). Actually she discovered these shoppers. While she was eyeing a green one, I snatched the bright fuchsia bag (I can be so mean!). The stitching on the sides and at the top is multi coloured, which is fun.Filippa K blue dress (1 van 6)-2Not a spectacular change but the dress also works well with this big gold plated perspex necklace (see below). The dress is an easy throw-on. You don’t feel you are wearing anything (which could be hazardous…,,.)Filippa K blue dress (4 van 6)

Filippa K blue dress 9

Filippa K blue dress (5 van 6)

Filippa K blue dress (3 van 6)

Filippa K blue dress 1Looking at these pictures I have to acknowledge the fact that my shape is quite good, but my skin is definitely going (gone). Elegant and getting on a bit…. hmm…  Oh well …not that bad.

Ron (my husband) gave me this cartoon (below) the other day:cartoonI am choosing the attitude of the lady on the left.


PS if you want your husband to get some nice outfit ideas… tell him about a new blog for men. Catherine (Not Dressed as Lamb)’s husband started his own blog: Silver Londoner

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