Skinny and Mini_LR (3 van 8)Last week you saw me in a dress. This week back again in my trusted skinnies. All photos were taken at the MINI dealer in Heemstede (a village nearby). Hence the title Skinny and Mini (OK, I am probably the only one who thinks that is funny). They have not asked me to do a post about them or their cars. And they don’t pay me to promote them either. Nothing of the sort.

I was there because my husband (Ron) is looking for a new car and he happens to like the MINI Clubman. As the new “MINI 5 doors” had just arrived at the dealer, we went to take a look. Trying to combine things I took the camera with me as I needed blog pictures. You can imagine people stood looking surprised when we were taking these. Even though it was his idea to use the cars as background because of the nice colours, Ron felt totally uncomfortable. He is a good sport and very creative but really not at ease photographing when people are watching. I am quite the opposite: couldn’t care less who sees it or comments on it. 

We had good fun though. Even the sales manager helped by styling me with MINI bags haha. He is a very nice guy (and no,… I am not saying this to get a discount).

Below: this is the 5 door car we went to see. Not quite your average brilliant (car) photo. Ron was trying to focus on me, but clearly got distracted.Skinny and Mini_LR (1 van 1)Below: I am wearing a dress, hoisted up with a small red belt, to serve as a tunic, brand Darling (rather inexpensive for a change). My Denham skinny jeans in dark blue this time, my blue Marina Rinaldi bag from Italy and red patent leather peeptoe shoes (Unisa), scored in the sales. Skinny and Mini_LR (4 van 8)Below: with a red MINI Convertable in the background and a red MINI bag. We do go well together, don’t we? Sorry MINI fooks, Ron just bought me a new Alpha Romeo car 10 months ago, spoilt brat that I am.Skinny and Mini_LR (5 van 8)Below: the shoes. Very nice and …they will be very comfortable…. once I have broken them in… Now they still stop my blood from flowing through my vains.Skinny and Mini_LR (1 van 1)Below: some shots of me in the car… My goodness, it does look like a photoshoot for a MINI brochure, doesn’t it? They get it all for free.Skinny and Mini_LR (6 van 8)

Skinny and Mini_LR (7 van 8)Below: one last shot: Ron ordered me to pretend pushing the car. Which is something you don’t see anymore. All cars have improved so much over the years.Skinny and Mini_LR (8 van 8)I was very proud of myself, styling this outfit. It is rather uncommon for me to come up with a third colour which is totally different (red) from the rest. Sylvia of 40+Style taught me that.

In case you are wondering what that strange white spot on my finger is …… it is a bandage. Which of course I would have removed, had I thought of it….


PS: linking up with Sacramento (Mis Papelicos), Share in Style: skirt or trousers?

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