SAM_5524_LRThis is a picture of friendship, of two people who hardly knew each other two months ago and now are friends. It was taken when I was visiting Dan in Italy. She is a blogger like me (The Pretty Cute) and visited me in July (see here and here). Our time in Amsterdam together was so nice that I booked a flight a week after she left, to see her place. The fact she lives near two big outlet places with dream brands like Missoni, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Max Mara… you name it, added to the fun of course.

I arrived on a Thursday afternoon and we explored her neighbourhood, drinking cappuccino (we are very good at that) and taking pictures of all these lovely Italian sites. Like this street belowWith Dan in Italy (4)Dan’s husband gracefully stayed at their home by the seaside, taking care of Mr. Bangio (=dog), leaving the house up north to us two girls. Like teenagers we were.

Below: day two we first went for…..a cappuccino. Now tell me… if you look at this photo, can you imagine I did not feel very well-dressed beside such a lady?Dan and meKnowing the weather would be hot and expecting a lot of walking, I had decided upon flats and therefore trousers… again. Dan is fond of dresses, which highly influenced me as you will see further down this post. After the coffee we went to Serravalle, an outlet village. You will find most of the expensive brands there, selling their last year’s collection for half the price or less. Below: the entrance of the villageWith Dan in Italy (18)The people who shopped there were not very well dressed, strangely enough. Apart from Dan, of course, who managed to shop for 10 hours on high heels, can you imagine? Yes, you have read that correctly: ten hours we lasted. I have found my match. No, I should say: I have met my master as she did it on high heels. Below: before we started shopping, another… cappuccinoWith Dan in Italy (5)I was on flat shoes, of course, feeling frumpy, being reassured by Dan that I looked adorable (so sweet).

After 10 hours of shopping I still had not found anything which suited me. Fitted me. Looked nice on me. Don’t ask me how this could happen, I don’t know. In the end I came away with two small tops and a matching cardigan. Better luck tomorrow. And indeed my luck changed.

Below: the next day, in a small shop I found this skirt suit, or better said, I found a dress and the lady in the shop managed to sell me a suit with it. They are very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly yet not obtrusive in the shops in Italy. Dangerous, as you can sell a lot to me that way. Below: skirt suit in vague picture. The top is really my dress.With Dan in Italy (8)Below: the shoes I am wearing were dressing room shoes. Although high heeled they were so comfortable, that I asked whether I could buy them. I could and I did for EUR 30,-. They probably think Dutch women are very peculiar.With Dan in Italy (17)Below: I loved the dress, but I found it a little too short for my taste. So back in The Netherlands I sewed a rim of blue silk on to the lining to elongate the dress. I am still not sure whether I will keep it this way or change to a white rim. The jacket and the rim don’t seem to match.

The design of the dress is such a copy of the Chanel spring/summer 2014 collection. Which I could never afford…With Dan in Italy (16)After this successful start of the second day, we headed off to the Max Mara outlet. One of my favourite brands.

Have you ever seen a child in a candy store with money in the pocket??? That was me. I have had a field day! Could not stop anymore. One great item after another for 1/3 or 1/4 of the original price. The fact my husband had given me his credit card (with a budget), added largely to the fun. There are no pictures of this event. Too obscene. Let us just say that at a certain moment one of the assistants thought that Dan was my personal stylist and shopper. 😆 We had a great day and I am very thankful for Dan’s diligent advice and endurance.

Below: OK one item of that glorious day: a blue bag by Marina Rinaldi.With Dan in Italy (1)

I met Dan’s husband that Saturday who is a very charming and good looking man. Very well dressed too. He is also very hospitable. Both of them made me feel so welcome.

On Sunday we explored Tornino (Turin). So here you go: lots of beautiful pictures. Below: an appartment building with trees painted at the topWith Dan in Italy (13)

With Dan in Italy (12)

With Dan in Italy (11)

With Dan in Italy (10)A

With Dan in Italy (15)

With Dan in Italy (14)

With Dan in Italy (3)

I will be back. If only to return Dan’s suitcase. Which I had to borrow to schlepp all those new things back home…


No Fear of Fashion

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