Lime yellow blouse with B&W (122)_LRNow this is totally my kind of thing: black and white and a bold colour like lime. Perfect. Add to this lime silk blouse DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) and there is quality too. You may think: how many black and white items can you throw into one outfit? I can hear you all shouting: “modesty my dear… not too many”. But, that is not me. If I have it, I’ll flaunt it. 

The bracelet is vintage, bought for next to nothing from the Etsy shop of Bella, the Citizen Rosebud. You have seen it before here. The patent leather shoes are last year’s and also perfect with my black and white striped skirt. (What do you mean with “too much black and white?” There is no such thing.) The belt is the same one as Sylvia of 40+Style has. And I am still very pleased with it.

My husband and I went to the Lindengracht market in Amsterdam which is one of our favourite spots. We sit on a terrace overlooking the market, drink coffee, stroll round the market, take pictures of well-dressed women (see post Street Style) and just have a lovely time. This particular Saturday it was Gay Pride, which means the whole town is pink and everybody is celebrating the fact that homosexual people are not discriminated anymore. Well…. it is still not 100% accepted, alas, but it is a whole lot better than it used to be.

Below:  If you are not wearing any pink, you can buy items from this guy. However, most people do wear pink or they wear rainbow colours.Lime yellow blouse with B&W (111)_LRBelow: there are old fashioned music makers (only a few ones like these are left). That sign “compact disc” is spoiling the picture though.Lime yellow blouse with B&W (129)_LRBelow: the hight of the Gay Pride Saturday is the boat cruise through the canals. And people are waiting for this parade for hours on the bridges and on little boats.Lime yellow blouse with B&W (116)_LR

Boats are packed with gay people dancing. You will have to do without any pictures from me, but if you click through, you will see many jaw dropping photos.

Below: back to my outfit please… don’t get distracted. These two photos were taken behind the market stalls. Ron (my husband) thought it would make a nice contrasting background. Hmm… not sure, I am more of a tidy person.Lime yellow blouse with B&W (54)_LR

Lime yellow blouse with B&W (53)_LRBelow: I like pretty backgrounds, neat, lovely with flowers and such (I am a bit of a dingbat). Like here, next to the Noordermarkt.Beautiful Noordermarkt AmsterdamBelow: I am trying to cut down on the amount of pictures of the same outfit, but am not succeeding. As Suzanne pointed out to me: more than 4 pictures of the same outfit say you really love yourself. Sigh. Cannot help it. Over the years, so many bad pictures were taken of me, that I really relish these nice ones. Please forgive me this compensation.

Below: just one more beause it is such a nice picture of a house boat in Amsterdam too. Lime yellow blouse with B&W (119)_LRLife is a blast for me. I am really enjoying it.


No Fear of Fashion

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