SAMSUNG CSCJill of Everything Just So asked me whether I would be interested in joining Adrienne and her for “How I Wear My Booties” on March 2. She saw my post with the blue sweater and liked it. Of course I agreed. But as I didn’t really like the blue and white striped skirt, I decided to do another post with skirt and booties. On  Valentine’s Day Ron wanted to please me (….) and when I suggested we’d take photos, he agreed. Not his hobby although you might think otherwise. No, it is just my hobby. But it was Valentine’s Day  😆 . He knew a good spot with lots of graffiti art in Amsterdam, at the Spuistraat. Not really my cup of tea, but I am not the one with the artistic eye. He is. The weather was ideal for photography (dry and bright but not sunny).

Below: a drawing of Winnie the Pooh. I am wearing my Max Mara coat, Pom scarf and… my golden booties. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: columns with pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: there was a whole series of Rembrandt images on one side of the street, but this piece of wall was the weirdest.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: the owner of the building behind this door, claims it is an emergency exit. I doubt it because the city would supply proper signs to prevent parked bicycles blocking the door.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: another wall in the same street with lovely artwork. Pulling a funny face….SAMSUNG CSCBelow: Ron tried taking better pictures when this herd of tourists came between him (and the camera) and me. Gave me the giggles. There seemed no end to them coming around the corner.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: we went across the street to a wall with pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, when this gentleman came between me and the camera. He came back and posed like this for us. Amsterdam is full of nutty people haha.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: OK a proper photo. The jacket is by Irie Wash (seen before here and here), the skirt by Max Mara (seen before here), the booties by Hoss Intropia (seen before here and here). The necklace was made by Anja.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: close-up of the necklace made by my neighbour and friend Anja (Curly Traveller). She creates some fun jewellery.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: somebody drew Einstein with a shopping bag. And (behind my legs) a little bucket to catch the water from the little pipe haha. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: close-up of the booties and… the bucket.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: as I was getting back into my coat I said to the gentleman that life of a “model” wasn’t easy. He agreed and mentioned high heels and the cold.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: he was right… colddd.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: there were these beautiful paintings as well. I heard somebody name Peter Klashorst as author.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: the end.SAMSUNG CSCNext week some indoor photos of lesser quality. It cannot always be party, party, party folks.


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