SAMSUNG CSCOK, what’s with the brown face, you might ask??? Simple explanation: I had just been to a tanning parlor (I know Suzanne… bad, bad, bad. I cannot help it.) The first 24 hours after being on a tanning bed I look ridiculous. After that I look rather normal. Well… sort of. 🙄 .

As you know, styling skirts and dresses in a contemporary way is difficult for me. So I asked Anja (Curly Traveller), being my friend and part-time neighbour, to help me with some pencil skirt styling. Most of the above outfit was my own creation. Just couldn’t figure out what to wear for shoes or boots (always my problem). Anja asked “Do you have boots in the colour of that browny/cognacy colour which is in the scarf?” Sure enough I had them. Done.

So here are some more exercises.

Below: we started without any shoes or boots. In the bedroom. No red lipstick. The skirt I am wearing is white and slightly shorter than the one in the top picture. And yes it is the same green leather jacket you have seen so many times before. Finally I am using a piece of clothing more than once.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: adding the boots. See the cognac coloured spots in the scarf?SAMSUNG CSC Below: with the cream, slightly longer skirt it is better. The cream colour is also in the scarf. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: trying it with another scarf.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: not sure. Not very likely I am going to wear it like this.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: OK, now with the same scarf but without the jacket. And I changed back to the white pencil skirt. As you can see, I am not wearing any shoes or boots here. This was actually our first attempt and we didn’t get round to the shoes. I will probably wear the silver/golden booties. Anja knew how to fold the scarf.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: sideways. Hmm… the scarf is doing better with a simple background than with the jacket. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: trying to tie the scarf in a different way. With a brooch to keep it on the shoulder.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: this way it definitely needs a simple background. Stomach is showing a bit here. Mind you, could be worse. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: as seen from the back. Perhaps a bit much? I have to be careful with this slit. It really is a bit too high. SAMSUNG CSCSo…. two ways of styling a pencil skirt. A simple post with simple photos. I am trying to find things in my wardrobe and style them in a way I would actually like to wear them.

Now…. I haven’t made you laugh yet. Which is one of the goals of this blog. I therefore will show you two photos from when I was young.

Below: at the age of 7. Not bad, rather promising.SAMSUNG CSC Below: at the age of 13…. Can you imagine how uncertain and miserable I felt? I so much looked like a dork. It is probably because of these years that I am so interested in adorning myself haha.SAMSUNG CSC

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