Street Style Italy (5 van 6)Forgive me my lack of camera skills. I shot these pictures to make a Street Style in Italy post in only an hour. I could hardly communicate with the lovely ladies as not everybody spoke English as well as Daniela does. So explaining why I was photographing was also hard. Still, I like you to get an impression of what the women were wearing in Turin. I can tell you… there were a lot more to choose from than in The Netherlands.

Above: a cute dress, a coat which enhances her figure and doesn’t interfere with the dress. Beautiful accessories. That is how it is done.

Below: I love the way her grey jacket and dress form an unity while it isn’t a suit.woman in greyBelow: this lady might not be young, but she hasn’t given up caring about her looks. Street Style Italy (3 van 6)Below: I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of the front of the coat, but I loved the colour, the boldness and the pleats in the back. So you get to see it.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: a bit of a vague picture. I adore light coloured boots in summer (not many people do 😀  ). And I like the proportions of her outfit. An example of being elegant on flat shoes. It looks effortless.Street Style Italy (2 van 6)Below: OK, if you have a figure like that, you can wear anything.Street Style Italy (1 van 6)Below: talking about chic!!! How about this? She even has a good looking man to enhance her beauty.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: it looks simple, but she managed to put three patterns in one outfit and it works.Street Style Italy (1 van 1) Below: you had not seen Daniela in her blue dress yet. If we are talking about Italian elegance, she must be included. Street Style Italy (1 van 3)Below: now for the next two photos. They are a bit special. The lady in black was a wedding guest.Street Style Italy (2 van 3)Below: And this is the bride (with her father) and her bridesmaid.Street Style Italy (3 van 3)Below: this last picture is not an Italian woman, it is Marianne. I showed a funny, but less flattering, picture of her in this post. I thought I would make it up by showing what she usually looks like.Marianne dress


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