Shopping in Utrecht (4 van 26)My dear friends and colleagues Sabine and Anke are perhaps worse than I am when it comes to shopping. We all adore a day of laughter, coffee, lunch and …shopping. They help me take photographs as well. Question…. where to go to this time? Paris was the first option, but we settled for shopping in Utrecht, which is a beautiful, old city in the middle of the country. The Netherlands has a lot of nice towns with little shops in the old centers. It will probably all disappear in the future and make way for shopping malls.

But as long as they are there, we will enjoy it.

Above: the sweater is by Max Mara (one of my Italian outlet purchases).

Below: Sabine. We started the day with cappuccino and lunch.Shopping in Utrecht (3 van 26)Below: Anke.Shopping in Utrecht (1 van 1)Below: The restaurant was overlooking a canal, so I shot some mood pictures. The weather was not bad and not very good. Typically spring.Shopping in Utrecht (1 van 26)

Shopping in Utrecht (2 van 26)Below: the divas playing model at the second shop we went in. Anke did not buy the dress and Sabine did not buy the trousers.Shopping in Utrecht (6 van 26)Below: you did not forget we have a mascotte, did you? Mouse is with us since we found him at the IJhallen. Sabine is showing Mouse and her new red suede pumps (bought at the first shop). They have a small golden rim around the foot.Shopping in Utrecht (8 van 26)Below: Anke did buy this dark blue dress. It is one of the first dresses which I actually like with sneakers. Even prefer this to pumps. Am I slowly adopting to the trend?Shopping in Utrecht (9 van 26)Below: and Anke bought this lovely jumper together with the skinnies.Shopping in Utrecht (5 van 26) Below: I didn’t do it, but boy oh boy, did I like those black and white booties on the left….. (brand Supertrash).Shopping in Utrecht (10 van 26)Below: when I saw this picture on my camera while sitting on a terrace, I roared with laughter. The look on Sabine’s face, the position…If you didn’t know any better……Shopping in Utrecht (11 van 26)Below: on to the next shoe shop (Calzature). Anke tried these grey/green pumps. They were lovely.Shopping in Utrecht (12 van 26)Below: she tried them for balance and they held pretty well. But in the end Anke decided they were too high for a whole day walking on them.Shopping in Utrecht (13 van 26)Below: as I had time to look around (always a very dangerous thing with me), I spotted these beauties. Finally I had found modern shoes to make a skirt outfit or a dress more up to date. Shoes I actually liked very much AND were comfortable.Shopping in Utrecht (14 van 26)Below: I bought them.Shopping in Utrecht (16 van 26)Below: time for tea and cappuccino.Shopping in Utrecht (18 van 26)Below: Sabine trying on dresses in the next shop. In her usual way, with her trousers on her heels. Too lazy to take the shoes off.Shopping in Utrecht (20 van 26)Below: she bought this one…Shopping in Utrecht (21 van 26)Below: and this oneShopping in Utrecht (22 van 26)Below: then just as the shops were closing, we went into Daen’s as they were open until 6 p.m. (Note, there is not a 24 hour economy in The Netherlands yet. Shops close on a Saturday at 5 p.m. or 5.30 p.m. This is also due to the fact there are so many small shops with just 1 owner. It is impossible for them to stay open all days, all hours.) I saw the sales assistent wearing this coat/dress and loved it. How would it look on me?Shopping in Utrecht (23 van 26)Below: as the girls cheered me on, I bought it. It is by Samsoe o Samsoe and very affordable. It is not one of my usual choices and perhaps a bit of an acquired taste, but I got a lot of compliments over it and it is comfortable in wear. (Ron doesn’t like it. This item is probably a man repeller.)Blue coatdressBelow: another nice picture of Utrecht.Shopping in Utrecht (24 van 26)Below: on our way home, I took a photo of the big church of Utrecht, the Dom. A bit difficult as the thing is huge and I didn’t have enough distance.Dom church UtrechtBelow: then Sabine said: “I will take a picture of you with the church in the background”. As I stood in the middle of the street and Sabine was adjusting the camera, this gentleman came up and stood between me and Sabine, quitely taking pictures of the church. Not having a clue. As I am taller, I walked passed him and stood right behind him. In case you are wondering why I am laughing like this…. look below: all his friends thought it was a terrific joke and wanted to take pictures of us, killing themselves laughing.Shopping in Utrecht (26 van 26)Below: at one point the man noticed something was going on and wanted to go to the group. “No, no, no”, they shouted (I think), “we didn’t take pictures yet. Keep on doing what you were doing”. Photographing Dom church Utrecht (1 van 1)Another fun day with lovely purchases.


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