Checked black and white top

Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (4 van 4)Husband Ron has very good connections and lovely friends. One of them is Shoshanna who has recently changed career and is now a professional photographer. Ron asked her to make the photos for this post. We went to the old tram depot in Amsterdam, which is a bit of a run-down area. Very industrial which makes a nice contrast with the clothes I was wearing. The result of my visit to Dan (The Pretty Cute) gave me plenty outfits to choose from. As a matter of fact, I brought 4 outfits to the photo shoot. For this post I chose the checked black and white top.

Below: I think my face looks a bit like a laughing hyena in this picture, but we are always very critical of ourselves, aren’t we? The top and trousers are by Marella, which is a subbrand of Max Mara. Daniela found both items in the rack and thought they would be good for me. She could be my stylist forever. Honestly. A shame we live so far apart. The shoes you have seen before in this post and the bag is often used as my pop of colour with a black and white outfit.Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (7 van 7)Below: this is what the outfit looks like with flat shoes. Very 1965 with the checked top. Flat shoes and me will always be a difficult thing due to my low arch and flat feet. As you can see the top is longer at the back and shorter at the front.Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (1 van 1)Below: the long dangle pearl earrings are earrings my father gave my mother in the sixties. I had them repaired and adjusted to fit my thin earlobes. They were originally with a hook. However that would have showed the little hole in my earlobe is more like a slit, going nearly to the bottom. So I always have earrings altered to a pin-push earring, with the head of the pin covering the wide hole and with a bigger earring poussette at the back of my ear. The larger the poussette, the less the earring will tip over. The pearl necklace is something I have owned for ages. Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (4 van 4)Below: I was showing Shoshanna that she had to be careful about the way the top was hanging if I put the bag over my shoulder. Also the necklace could be in an odd position. Both emphasizing the bosom haha.Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (3 van 7)Below: this is the right way the top and the necklace should hang.Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (4 van 7)Below: I just like this shot.Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (1 van 4)Below: and the last one of the whole outfit. We had fun.Checked black and white top and black trousers Marella (6 van 7)Greetje

No Fear of Fashion




  1. 14 June 2015 / 16:13

    That smile tells us how much you love this look and it does look great! Keep smiling!

    • 14 June 2015 / 20:29

      I will keep smiling Pam. It is what I love to do.

  2. 14 June 2015 / 16:46

    I love your top Greetje, it goes so well with your laughter. My favourite choice is with white shoes. I didn´t use to like them, now I love them.

    • 14 June 2015 / 20:30

      Ah.. white shoes… they are indeed not everybody’s love. Glad you are in my “camp” now haha.

  3. 14 June 2015 / 17:46

    I absolutely love the laughing photos…of you and really everyone! Laughter is such good medicine and it makes me smile to see others laugh!!
    The style of this shirt is so interesting and lovely on you! And what a great suggestion on the earrings–brilliance at it’s best!
    Personally I would have probably gone for a colorful necklace, but that’s because I’m a colorholic! jodie
    ps…I like the flats as an option…I gravitate towards heels also, but they are good for variety!!

    • 14 June 2015 / 20:35

      Women with a high arch have less trouble with flat shoes. And I have to walk on flats too. Impossible to do long distances on heels. I am not Daniela, who seems to do that effortlessly.
      Funny you should say that about the necklace. It could have been my comment as I love colour as well. Normally I would also have chosen a brightly coloured long necklace. I might still do that. I did try but the ones I own were too heavy, making my bosom look funny and big. They more or less “sat” on top of them LOL.

  4. 14 June 2015 / 18:07

    You just may have convinced me to go to the dark side. I never wear black, LOL, but this outfit, with the pop of pink/red bag, and white accessories is so fresh and pretty! I absolutely love it! I love it equally with heels or flats. I adore the white shoes…and the look with flats is so Audrey Hepburn sixties. I wish I had longer legs so I could pull off this look. {I do wear cropped pants with flats, even though it’s not my best look.} The sleeves and peplum on the top of fun, and I might make a similar version for myself.

    Thanks for the tips on earrings. Helpful indeed, as I make many of my own earrings!

    • 14 June 2015 / 20:40

      I was struggling with my English trying to explain about my earring adations. But you understood me well? Is the word poussette a word you use in English?
      As for the flat shoes… you wish you had longer legs, I wish my feet had a higher arch. We all have something. But we make it work, don’t we?
      The bag is bright red by the way. Does it turn up pink/red on your screen? Perhaps because of the one but last photo?

      • 14 June 2015 / 20:52

        Understood you perfectly although we use the word earring back here. I have to get more of the larger ones, because you are right…they do hold the earring to the ear much better. I had just never thought about it, LOL.

        The second to last photo almost looks like a deep fuschia on my screen. Now, that you’ve told me red, I see red!

        • 14 June 2015 / 21:01

          The silver earring backs are not that expensive. The gold ones are. But it is always cheaper than having an operation done on your earlobes. LOL

  5. annie vanderven
    14 June 2015 / 19:35

    You look fabulous. How I wish I was that tall…

    Annie v

    • 14 June 2015 / 20:29

      Funny, i always wish I would be less tall. Key to each bodyshape is to know your stong points and emphasize them. While disguising the less good parts. And most os all to laugh a lot. No dress can beat a smile.

  6. Lornami
    14 June 2015 / 22:11

    Photos of you laughing bring joy to observers! I wanted to be there too. You are the cutest!

    • 15 June 2015 / 09:15

      Bringing joy and a smile (or even better, a laugh) is what I aim for with this blog. So I am glad with your comment.

  7. 14 June 2015 / 22:53

    What I love about the top is how the gentle tulip sleeves match the flute effect of the back of the top in the second photography. That kind of detail is so eye-catching and really makes the top. And the bag is gorgeous against the check.

    You had me chuckling at the bosom shot! Misbehaving necklace! I suffer from that too!

    Wish I could wear pointed shoes but most of the pinch my toes too much. Your white ones are fabulous, though. Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to take more than 4 steps before toppling over.

    • 15 June 2015 / 09:21

      Actually, those white pumps have enough space for my toes (I so know what you are talking about) and are pretty comfortable. A little bit lower would of course be even more comfortable, but less stunning haha. Glad I made you chuckle… that was the purpose of that shot.

  8. 14 June 2015 / 23:20

    What a wonderful outfit and smiles! This is one of my favourites of yours. Such a fine silhouette for you and your super long legs.


    • 15 June 2015 / 09:23

      You surprise me. Although I like the outfit, I wouldn’t have thought if would rank this high on your favourite list. But I’ll take it with gratitude LOL.

    • 15 June 2015 / 09:24

      Thanks Nicole. My hair wasn’t really cooperating because of the wind. There were photos I would have liked even better but dismissed because of the hair.

  9. Happiness at Mid Life
    15 June 2015 / 07:06

    Beautiful smile Greetje – you looked liked you and a wonderful time with this shoot. I love your outfit from head to toe. Everything is just perfect!


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    • 15 June 2015 / 09:25

      Thank you Alice. Yes, it was a fun shoot. My main worry was hair and wind. The combination of those two is dreaded by me.

  10. 15 June 2015 / 10:32

    WONDERFUL outfit! Ilove the top and I think I should buy it myself. Non now as yesterday I bought two pairs of Armani shoes!! Better wait for the sales at the end of the season…
    The photos are very beautiful and you look great in them, also in your smiling version!!

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:13

      See how you have inspired me? Even though we don’t meet very often or very long, you have a lot of influence on me. And not only in the field of fashion. I will email you about it.

      • 16 June 2015 / 22:05

        …and I am looking forward to reading it!

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:14

      I am very lucky to have so many friends who could really be a stylist haha. And I also listen to good shop assistents. Thank you for the compliments.

  11. Mrs C
    15 June 2015 / 13:39

    Beautiful and I love that red touch of the bag. I love the flat shoes pairing, very Audrey Hepburn. It is effortless in your case as you have legs that go on for days! Lucky you!

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:17

      Could you also give my feet a high arch? No, strike that, that is not being grateful for what you do have, is it? I will gracefully accept your compliments.

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:18

      Wow, what a praise! Thank you Contessa. Never looked at myself thinking that haha.

  12. 15 June 2015 / 18:27

    G- I adore the top- lover of GINGHAM that I am- it’s such a bold classic pattern, I can’t help but appreciate the flattering and comfy look of the cut of the blouse. And no laughing hyena to be seen but a joyfully happy woman, really relishing her moments! Great outfit styling- kudos!

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:18

      Love you too Bella. Miss your blog.

  13. 15 June 2015 / 19:41

    Great look with the white pumps. I saw a similar peplum top with the same pattern at Anthropologie. I had to convince myself not to buy it. I spend way too much there.

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:20

      Anthropologie is a fantastic shop. I am so lucky that shop is not in The Netherlands ….yet.
      I would be bankrupt.

  14. 15 June 2015 / 19:42

    These are wonderful photographs of you – you look very happy and relaxed, which usually makes for a good photo. I really like the checked top; very flirty and modern!

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:21

      Yes, Daniela did a perfect styling job and Shoshanna did a perfect photographing job. I have reasons to laugh.

  15. 15 June 2015 / 21:01

    i know everyone is saying it, but seriously these are the best photo’s of you ever! Such a natural happiness and smile, not to mention the perfect outfit of choice. Truly love that black and white check blouse, especially the high-low cut of it. Very flattering how you chose to wear it with your black capri’s and those amazing white heels. You already know I’m head over heels in love with the bag so I wont’ even go there again. Fabulous post, you cute lady.

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:30

      Daniela picked the capri trousers for me too. I did already have a pair but they are rather worn-out (balck cotton.. You can only wash them so many times).
      So …. great outfit because of great stylist and a great photographer… Lucky me.
      The bag is my tric LOL.

  16. elle
    15 June 2015 / 21:21

    What a great top Greetje! Love the check pattern and the way it flows. Great with the skinnies, of course, signature Greetje! Adore the pop of color with that stunning lipstick red bag. These photos really capture “you”! Especially all of the shots of you smiling!
    Great job by your “new” photographer!
    XX, Elle

    • 15 June 2015 / 21:35

      At first Daniela picked more flared 7/8 trousers, but I could not get used to my reflection in the mirror and chose my trusted skinny silhouette. She went back to shop a week later and bought the flared ones herself.

  17. 15 June 2015 / 23:47

    Not for a second did the thought of hyena pop into my mind. All I saw was a confident woman having loads of fun posing in an absolutely chic outfit. That peplum top with the asymmetrical bustle hemline is divine!! I’ve been hunting for something like that for a very long time now, something with that shape and hemline but not so snug that I’d feel like an Asian dumpling 🙂 again, you look smashing.

  18. 16 June 2015 / 03:11

    This is a superb look on you. Everything fits perfectly and I feel this outfit is so YOU. It’s that perfect combination of classic and modern which I feel is very much your style. Great pictures too. So natural and beautiful and they show the real you.

    • 16 June 2015 / 08:45

      I am quite surprised by all the reactions to this outfit and this post. I thought you might find the post not entertaining enough as there is not a lot happening. Also, the outfit, although I really like it, is not super special to me. I am glad I am not a trend watcher… I would suck at it haha.

    • 4 July 2015 / 14:30

      I completely agree with Sylvia. Very you and very flattering! You can see that you had fun doing this shoot.

      • 4 July 2015 / 23:46

        OK, if you say so, it must be true.

    • 16 June 2015 / 12:10

      Thank you very much for these compliments and for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

    • 18 June 2015 / 18:25

      It is also a favourite of mine. Don’t see you in it very often though.

  19. 19 June 2015 / 06:53

    Great boob shot, Greetje. Hahaha. I love that you included it. I wouldn’t have noticed the accentuation if you hadn’t mentioned it – your smile is too distracting. These are all great smiling photos, I agree with everyone. What on earth were you and Shoshanna talking about?! And the outfit itself looks floaty and also fitted at the same time. The red bag, oh yes, a great addition. The ’60s edition is also very cool.

    • 19 June 2015 / 09:43

      Thanks Melanie. Anything for a smile. The nicest things in life are love and laughter. With good health as a condition.

  20. 21 June 2015 / 04:11

    Perfect! all of it. I absolutely love the Gingham blouse, and the red bag game it just the pop it needed. The shoes are perfect with the ensemble…..You rocked it….xo

    • 21 June 2015 / 08:08

      Thanks Dixie. Most of the credits should go to Dan for finding the combination in the rack.

  21. 12 July 2016 / 10:00

    Oh I adore this outfit and wish I owned the top! Your post as well as Catherine (Not Lamb)’s post made me realize that I don’t own enough gingham. Hope you are well, Greetje.
    : )

    • 13 July 2016 / 08:31

      It is also a very comfortable top. It covers my bum (10 points for that) and it is very, very light. Perfect for hot summer weather. I bought it in Turin (Italy) last year where the weather is a lot hotter than in The Netherlands. So coming back home I don’t wear it that much. Oh well… I am saving it for those days when it is hot.

  22. Anna Marcus
    12 July 2016 / 12:10

    I love your look Greetje, the one where you were white shoes is my favourite, very elegant yet playful thanks to the colour pop of red hand bag. You look very happy, far from that awful animal you are referring to.

    • 12 July 2016 / 14:48

      Is a hyena aweful? It has its place and function in the chain of life.
      I like it best with the white shoes too.

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