A rose tunic

Marc Cain rose tunic (1 van 1)-8When you read this post, I am on holiday in Spain. Therefore a short post. Husband Ron photographed again, although “around the corner” is not his idea of fun. This rose tunic (brand Marc Cain) was a gift of Ron back in the beginning of January. It took me a while to style it. A black T-shirt was my first choice. Hmmm… didn’t do it justice. Then I remembered the complementary colour of red is green. And I had just bought a pair of grey green trousers. (Also featured in this post.) I know it is not a very big achievement but I am still pleased with myself for coming up with this outfit. (All relatives on my father’s side of the family are always very pleased with their own achievements. It is hereditary).

Above: this was the nicest picture in front of the neighbour’s garage door and the only one with a traffic sign showing on the door. I did some photoshopping and gone it was.

Next to the neighbour’s garage door is a garden wall with lots of green plants. I love gardens with a brick wall around them… sigh. We don’t have that. If you want to know what our garden looks like, see this post.

Below: I am killing myself laughing because of the remark a passing cyclist made. The green top is old and so are the red shoes (brand Unisa).Rose tunic by Marc Cain (2 van 6)Below: across the canal, behind Ron, a neighbour was teaching his son how to cycle. All Dutch know how to ride a bike. And of course, the child fell. We all do while learning.. which is why I look shocked.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (1 van 6)Below: want to know how many wrinkles I have haha?? Start counting. The bracelet I am wearing is actually a watch with a hidden face.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (4 van 6)Below: the top is black at the back and slightly longer.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (3 van 6)Below: close-up of the shoes.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (5 van 6)Below: at the end of the day, Ron suggested to take some more pictures at the beach. Haha, what a joke. Wind, hair blown apart. Not what I want.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (6 van 6)Greetje

No Fear of Fashion



  1. 21 June 2015 / 19:17

    I used to spend my holidays in Spain many years ago, and they always were pleasant…I wish you a fantastic holiday!!

    Nice floral blouse which goes great with your red shoes! It looks still a bit chilly there, but you are probably enjoying warm sunny days in Spain!!

    • Greetje
      21 June 2015 / 23:32

      Yes indeed, when we shot these photos it was getting a little warmer but that was all. It is up and down the whole time. Spain is hot!!!

  2. 21 June 2015 / 21:49

    Ron did well picking out this tunic. I like it with these pants, but you know me—I’d go for white and see how that looks…even your white skirt? jodie
    ps…I love it when you smile Greetje—it makes me smile too!
    pps …I hope you are enjoying your vaca!

    • Greetje
      21 June 2015 / 23:36

      Thanks Jodie, for the compliments and the good wishes. Spain is hot and the company is great. I will certainly try your suggestion of white.

  3. 21 June 2015 / 23:07

    It’s always interesting to see how our men will dress us. I did a post called Styled by Freddy some time ago which I wore an entire outfit picked out by my husband. I was pleasantly surprised.
    The tunic is such an interesting peace I would imagine you’ll have great fun styling it. Kudos to Ron. You look great 🙂

    • Greetje
      21 June 2015 / 23:38

      Ah, well, although Ron is very good at styling, better than I am, he only paid for this tunic. He didn’t choose it. Often he does, but this time it was all my doing.

  4. Happiness at Mid Life
    22 June 2015 / 06:59

    This is a great way to layer this top. Enjoy your vacation in Spain!


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    • Greetje
      22 June 2015 / 18:21

      Thanks Alice. I am afraid my comments on other blogs suffer because of my holiday.

  5. 22 June 2015 / 07:57

    Lovely outfit Greetje. That tunic looks perfect with the green. You could also combine it with your green leather jacket. The contrast with the sweetness of the florals and toughness of the leather would be great. I arrived in Haarlem so will see you soon!

    • Greetje
      22 June 2015 / 18:23

      Good idea. Makes a nice transfer to autumn/winter. Thanks. See you Wednesday.

    • Greetje
      22 June 2015 / 18:24

      Thanks Gaby. Spain is lovely and hot. I am with 4 girlfriends and we are having a lot of fun this week.

  6. 22 June 2015 / 13:59

    Greetje, You look gorgeous and your smile is your most beautiful accessory!

    • Greetje
      22 June 2015 / 18:26

      I am glad you said that Deborah as I laugh a great deal LOL. Certainly this week in hot Spain with my 4 girlfriends, celebrating our 25th friendship anniversary.

  7. 22 June 2015 / 22:14

    Let’s try again comment, I hope that does not disappear. In my previous attempt, I said I loved your tunic and your look. The printing is gorgeous, and the outfit with black pants and red shoes, is perfect.

    • Greetje
      22 June 2015 / 22:21

      Dear friend. For some strange reason, the system read your comment as spam. I said that it was not spam. Let us hope the problems are over. Also for future comments as I love hearing from you. The trousers are actually green. Or better said grey/green.

      • 22 June 2015 / 22:26

        OMG, in the first two photos they look black, but after they are green, it is true, forgive my colorblindness. LOL.

        • Greetje
          22 June 2015 / 22:44

          Lots of men are colour blind haha. No I am kidding. It is hard to see on the photos.

  8. 24 June 2015 / 19:16

    Spain! Yay! Sounds like too much fun.
    We should get you in my floral pants with that tunic! The passing cyclist would have run into the wall. But your combination looks great and is better for public safety. In the last photo I can imagine you saying, Get me another drink and I’ll think about smiling, honey. My favourite shot, though, is you with the shocked face. See? I always go for the action photos.

    • Greetje
      24 June 2015 / 21:57

      I will try to in incorporate more action photos. You just want variety. That smiling face, no matter how uplifting, is getting boring after a while.
      As for your trousers and my tunic…. Perhaps we can get together if you wear a green top, like I wear green trousers. We can then create a live flower/garden wall by criss crossing our arms and legs haha. See how people react. Too bad it will probably be too warm for that in July.

  9. 25 June 2015 / 03:42

    This post could be titled “The Many Faces of Greetje”! The rose tunic is very pretty and you did an excellent job of stying it with the dark green.

    • Greetje
      25 June 2015 / 08:03

      Thanks Shelley. And this time, although not a big achievement, I styled it myself. No shop assistent or friend who usually do that, but me LOL.

  10. Mrs C
    25 June 2015 / 12:39

    Hope you are enjoying yourself in Spain as I type this. Your red shoes are definitely the star of this pairing.. I love the intense color and how it compliments the floral tunic. Casual yet stylish. Waiting to see pictures from your vacation!

    • Greetje
      25 June 2015 / 17:19

      You won’t be seeing any holiday pictures I think. I have posted two of them on Instagram and that is it. I think. Probably. I mean… who wants to see other people’s holiday snaps? Although… I quite like those posts. Well.. not sure yet. Thanks for the compliments on the tunic.

  11. 25 June 2015 / 18:05

    I like the tunic and as usual your legs look amazingly long.

    Hope you are having fun. I’m sure you are.

    Ha! I just read about you saying you don’t like to see other people’s vacation photos and today that is what I just posted as we have been away.


    • Greetje
      25 June 2015 / 21:10

      Do I know how to emphasize my strong points or what?
      And about the vacation photos… I was wondering whether anybody would want to see them. As I was thinking again, I had to admit that I quite like to see them myself. So I have decided I would show a few.

  12. 2 July 2015 / 05:34

    It is such a delight to read your posts, Greetje, they’re simply overflowing with wit and a lovely sense of humour 🙂 and, of course, your outfits are visual treats too. I’m curious, what did the cyclist say to make you laugh so boisterously?

    • Greetje
      2 July 2015 / 21:32

      Overflowing with wit and a lovely sense of humour…..?? Do you know how big these compliments are to me?? Huge. English is not my native language and I am stuggling with the fact I cannot express myself the way I can in Dutch. So to achieve what I am aiming for (entertaining people and making them laugh) is very very gratifying.
      What did the cyclist say??? I don’t know anymore. Something like offering to be in the picture with me, or spoiling the picture by passing by. No idea. I laugh easily.

      • 16 July 2015 / 20:35

        You and I, we are cut from the same cloth where English is concerned, Greetje 🙂 it is not my first language either which makes me work exceedingly hard to ensure that everything I write is as grammatically accurate as possible.

        If putting a smile on your reader’s face was your end objective, then you have most definitely achieved that. I look forward to many more happy moments reading your posts and living vicariously through your oh so entertaining antics.

        • Greetje
          16 July 2015 / 21:04

          I have to say that your English is much better than mine. Living in an English speaking country will help of course. By the way, do you live in England or the US?

  13. 4 July 2015 / 14:27

    Good look on you. Contemporary. Well styled, dear!

    • Greetje
      4 July 2015 / 23:44

      Thank you, my teacher.

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