Marc Cain rose tunic (1 van 1)-8When you read this post, I am on holiday in Spain. Therefore a short post. Husband Ron photographed again, although “around the corner” is not his idea of fun. This rose tunic (brand Marc Cain) was a gift of Ron back in the beginning of January. It took me a while to style it. A black T-shirt was my first choice. Hmmm… didn’t do it justice. Then I remembered the complementary colour of red is green. And I had just bought a pair of grey green trousers. (Also featured in this post.) I know it is not a very big achievement but I am still pleased with myself for coming up with this outfit. (All relatives on my father’s side of the family are always very pleased with their own achievements. It is hereditary).

Above: this was the nicest picture in front of the neighbour’s garage door and the only one with a traffic sign showing on the door. I did some photoshopping and gone it was.

Next to the neighbour’s garage door is a garden wall with lots of green plants. I love gardens with a brick wall around them… sigh. We don’t have that. If you want to know what our garden looks like, see this post.

Below: I am killing myself laughing because of the remark a passing cyclist made. The green top is old and so are the red shoes (brand Unisa).Rose tunic by Marc Cain (2 van 6)Below: across the canal, behind Ron, a neighbour was teaching his son how to cycle. All Dutch know how to ride a bike. And of course, the child fell. We all do while learning.. which is why I look shocked.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (1 van 6)Below: want to know how many wrinkles I have haha?? Start counting. The bracelet I am wearing is actually a watch with a hidden face.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (4 van 6)Below: the top is black at the back and slightly longer.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (3 van 6)Below: close-up of the shoes.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (5 van 6)Below: at the end of the day, Ron suggested to take some more pictures at the beach. Haha, what a joke. Wind, hair blown apart. Not what I want.Rose tunic by Marc Cain (6 van 6)Greetje

No Fear of Fashion

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