Me and my bag (1 van 2)When you are addicted, you should not go to places where you know you are going to be tempted. I know. My shopping addiction or, if you want to sugar that, my love for beauty  😆  forced me to go on a financial diet. One which I had vowed to stick to for 5 months. I lasted 5 weeks. Because of this bag. When you are in The Netherlands this weekend, you should go to the Design & Craft fair in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Below you will find all of my photos. I do apologize for the poor quality. I will put the designer’s name with nearly every picture I took. (Note: no links available as they outdated).

Let me start with something very Dutch… raincoats. The stall of Waterdicht (translation: waterproof) was the first thing you saw, even before entering the fair. It is not easy to find nice looking raincoats and as we chatted I found out I had already bought one of their previous collection.

Below: in the left photo you see a lady behind me. That is Hedy d’Ancona, a formidable lady in politics. She was just leaving, having bought the raincoat I am wearing. I have to say, it looked even better on her. Top right photo below: Judith of Waterdicht is styling me. I could do with that more often.Waterdicht raincoats Below: when I entered the fair I was welcomed by a very warm atmosphere. The stalls looked nice, the food and coffee were excellent (so rare on a fair) and the lighting was warm and inviting.Design and craft fair (1 van 1)Below: first stall with bags and boots by JK (Joaney Korevaar).Joaney KorevaarBelow: the always perfect bags by Hesther van Eeghen. That little red one, below right… so cute.Hester van EeghenBelow: krabbé + akerboom. Their cutlery is folded from 1 piece of aluminium. Very Japanese, real craftmanship. And they had jewellery too.krabbé + akerboomBelow: designer Judith Bloedjes makes lovely hand turned porcelain jewellery and vase objects. I loved that clip she is wearing.Judith BloedjesBelow: bag… handmade, hand pleated leather by Mrs Rosehip. The handle looks a bit funny due to my crude photoshopping. There was something distracting in the picture I had to get rid of. Gosh I so wanted that bag… especially the one that was slightly bigger than this one. But being on a financial diet and spending almost € 800….. was still too much of a conflict. I am not saying it is not worth it, far from it.Mrs Rosehip pleated bagBelow: lovely scarves and wraps were also to be found. Sorry, forgot to write down the names of the designers.Design and crafts fair (2 van 6)

Design and crafts fair (4 van 4)Below: there were several lamp and furniture designers, but as they don’t have my real interest I forgot to write down their names too. I am a lousy reporter.Design and crafts fair (1 van 4)Below: an object, but also a vase. By Esther Stasse.Esther StasseBelow: again an object but also a vase. By Mooi keramiek (Rita Spaan Klauss). You can remove the little lid.Mooi Keramiek Rita Spaan KlaussBelow: Isn’t this cute? It is called WoodyBag, model RONDO, made by Eilard Meier.Eilard Meijer Woody BagBelow: very fine twine braiding by Esmé Hofman (ESH Vlechtwerk) a dying art.Esmé Hofman ESH VlechtwerkBelow: masks by our famous Dutch artist Ans Markus. Very talented, very beautiful and also a nice person.Ans MarkusBelow: a lot of visitors were looking pretty good as well, like this lady.Design and crafts fair (5 van 6)Below: more jewellery (think Audrey Hepburn style). By DRKS.DRKSBelow: the designer Iris Nijenhuis, wearing one of her necklaces, made by using laser technique. How about the jacket??? To die for.Iris Nijenhuis laser workBelow: not your ordinary clothes hangers. There is a special process for making these. By House of Hermeta.House of HermetaBelow: then I turned around and held my breath. Love at first sight for the bags by Marck&Mo. My resolutions were shaking. Marck&Mo (1 van 1)Below: I tried both the small one and the big one. I tried, I talked and I walked away.Marck&Mo and meBelow: this was something I had never seen before. Over the shoe covering. By Pepavana. Designer Pepa in the right corner below. I couldn’t get a good shot of her as there was not enought light near her stall.PepavanaBelow: turning the corner, there were necklaces designed by using old jewellery pieces. Made by Marianne Moerman (right corner below) of VJR Jewels. VJR JewelsBelow: another big temptation. The necklaces of Paulien Wiertz. Even our queen Maxima is wearing one.Paulien WiertzBelow: the stall next to her was full of glass objects. By Bibi Smit.Bibi SmitBelow: I immediately spotted this very good looking lady when she came in and I secretly started to photograph her. When I asked her whether I might use the photos for my blog, she got out her reading glasses!! I thought she was about 28, but no.. she is over 40.Beautiful womanBelow: bag by Wies & Els, through the Leather Design Foundation by Hesther van Eeghen. I think the black things spell “fragile”.Wies & ElsBelow: hand made wall paper by Snijder&Co. Top left you see a scale model of a room. It might be too much for a whole room, but above the chimney above the fire place…. (for those who are fortunate enough to have one).Snijder&CoBelow: these ladies were well over 40 and looked so good, I had to show them to you.  The lady on the right said she got the beautiful little bag as consolation for her injured arm.Design and crafts fair (6 van 6)I had a lovely cappuccino and thought it over…. was I going to leave without the bag or not? As I was about to receive some money back from the insurance company I convinced myself it was OK (the poor excuses women come up with haha. I know I am not the only one who does this).

Below: the one I bought.Me and my bag (2 van 2)Lots of photos, but I hope you enjoyed them. And I bet you will agree there was a LOT of temptation. Having bought one bag is not even that bad, right? 😀


No Fear of Fashion

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