Blue white yellow summer shirtA very short post today. About this blue white yellow summer shirt which I bough last year. It is by an Italian brand called Caliban and very thin and soft (silk). With sleeves. Very good for a hot summer’s day and still covering my arms (which I prefer).

Today (Sunday) I will be on my way to London to meet other bloggers. I am very excited about that. Finally meeting a lot of bloggers whose blog I have been following. Of course I will show you pictures of the day next week. As I suppose all of us will do. But first this outfit..

I wore it last Sunday (Mothers Day) when it was very hot. All of a sudden the temperatures went from 15 degrees C (59 F) to 25 degrees (77 F)…. Pfff… Not my cup of tea. I need to adjust gradually. Can’t really deal with such sudden jumps.

We picked up my mother (who lives an hour’s drive away) and went to the new home of my niece, mum’s granddaughter, where we met the rest of the family. They are not very excited about being on my blog (to use an understatement haha), so you will see little of them.

Below: my mother, 87, going on 88. Love her madlymy motherBelow: picture of the house of my niece and her boyfriend. They were smart… invited everybody to look at the house while it is still empty. No damage danger. The rug is a present they got that day. From left to right: sister in law, mum and niece. This is the niece who prints my lovely T-shirts like the one with the flamingo. Niece is pregnant at the moment….. Hence the need for another house.New home A & HJBelow: on to the outfit… as I said silk shirt Caliban, capri trousers Cambio, bag Marina Rinaldi, blue patent leather pumps Unisa.Blue white yellow summer shirtBelow: as the light wasn’t very good indoors we went outside and niece did some pretty good photographing. I love it when my hair decides to cooperate.Blue white yellow summer shirtBelow: close-up of shoes and bag. As if you need that. The items are clear enough in the other photos. But I have to show you something more than just one or two photos.

If you are wondering what those spots on my legs are… simple..: old age spots. Too much sun exposure doesn’t help either.bag Marina RinaldiBelow: I wore the outfit in Spain last year, wearing ballerinas. That day my hair did not cooperate but I am the only one who gets upset about that.Blue white yellow summer shirt in Spain

Short post this time… isn’t it? Feels weird.


No Fear of Fashion


Have a look at Catherine’s (Not Dressed as Lamb) link-up. Showing a lot of purple items in I will wear what I like.

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