Brocante market in Haarlem with Sylvia

Brocante market in HaarlemHere you see the whole outfit with the bright blue top which I wore in last week’s post. I wore it again to the brocante market in Haarlem with Sylvia of 40+Style. It is an easy outfit. As I get older, I appreciate ease and comfort more and more. Still wearing the high heels and tighter dresses, but I am getting better in saying no to uncomfortable clothes and shoes.

We will start with the outfits Sylvia and I were wearing. Later on some Street Style photos of other women as well.

Below: Bag Marina Rinaldi from the Max Mara outlet two years ago. Bracelet: Little Mole Boutique. Sandals: my trusted address for comfortable and stylish shoes: Eijk Amsterdam. You can adjust the top strap as there is velcro involved. You cannot see it, but it is heaven when your feet swell in the heat. Trousers are old, as is the belt. Both are items I treasure.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Sylvia in a grey and white ensemble. Of course with a pop of colour (red bag) and her new shoes.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Another good shot of her. Sunglasses are in tune with the rest of the outfit.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Let’s see what the market had to offer.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Lovely little stalls underneath the trees, the kind of market you hope to find in France. And here we are in Haarlem. Who needs to go on holiday? Not me.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Hey… what do I see there? Leopard spots?

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: I “chased” the woman and asked whether I could take her photo and would she mind being featured on my blog? She didn’t mind. My kind of outfit.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Cute little pigs. I know, they are corny and for old ladies. Cannot help liking them (didn’t buy though).

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Tin toys.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: I used to collect these old photo frames and those cases. I only have a few left as our house is “modern” now.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Passing another very interesting lady.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: She was very nice. Love her kimono jacket.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Details of my outfit. By this time I had switched my sandals for flat shoes. Not for comfort but because of the little pebbles and dust at the market. Didn’t want to damage my nice sandals. These flat shoes are by Peter Kaiser. The little yellow bag is Zara.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Leaving the market as it was time for lunch. The waitress spontaneously offered to take our picture. SURE, why not? 😂

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Our view in the centre of Haarlem was lovely.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: There was a red carpet through all the little streets in the centre of the city. A festive thing: Haarlem Shopping Night. Shopping till midnight with lots of discounts, special deals, stalls and creative festivities. From our seats we had a great view. This woman is wearing a jumpsuit with mules. Very fashionable. (Sorry dear lady, just caught you when you pulled a face.)

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: And this is her from the back. Oh, I forgot, there were balloons too.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Two well dressed ladies, although too young really, to be on this blog.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: When I complimented her on her T-shirt, she offered to pose for the camera. A happy T-shirt.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: Aha, a lady within the blog age group, looking terrific. I want her shoes and bag.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: After lunch and coffee Sylvia and I crossed the street to seach for a red dress to be worn over wide trousers. This one came close but still didn’t make it.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: This lady is making those old fashioned collars (from the Middle Ages?). They are often bought by acting companies. These ones you can wash and they stay in shape. Contrary to the old days, where they had to be starched, folded and ironed back into shape.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Below: One last picture I shot very hastily. I like these sandals.

Brocante market in Haarlem

Sylvia has left The Netherlands for more than a month vacation elsewhere, but I still have one post in stock of her and me together.

Leaving you with a blog tip. I recently discovered The Vivienne Files by Janice Riggs. A blog with loads of practical information about capsules, colours, clothes and accessories that go together and where to find them. Janice really puts in a lot of work, reseaching the right items.


Linking up to The Rich Life inWine Country and Everthing Just So which I joined in their series How I wear my.. embellishment this time. Also with a second outfit here.

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  1. 16 July 2017 / 17:52

    What a lovely post with so many stylish women of all ages! And how fun is that market! I would have loved to come along…

    You and Sylvia look great! I love your top – the blue is so nice. And I was immediately drawn to your MaxMara bag; the little yellow one is cute, too. And I really want Sylvia’s pants! Aren’t they fabulous?!

    • 16 July 2017 / 19:49

      We did our utmost, didn’t we? We knew photos and blogposts would follow. The market is very nice. And if the sun is shining, that is all you need.

  2. 16 July 2017 / 18:05

    I LOVE that woman’s robe!

    You are both looking lovely.

    Every time when I see your photos like this it brings back memories when I came to visit. Miss you both!


    • 16 July 2017 / 19:50

      I have the same with you and Melanie and Sue. The bad side of blogging: meeting lovely people living oceans away. It was a swell time when you came over.

  3. Sue
    16 July 2017 / 18:34

    Everyone you took photos of looks wonderful. I loved the red bag with the black and white shoes and outfit the best. She looked so comfortable. That is my style. What is comfortable? I will wear it. Except for the higher heels on the shoes I feel inspired by all the pictures. And, what a fantastic place to shop. I love out door markets. Looks like you had a wonderful day. You and Sylvia always look so cute. Thanks for you post.

    • 16 July 2017 / 19:52

      You can imagine Sue, that both Sylvia and I make an effort in looking cute haha. We know we will see ourselves on blogposts. Loads of pictures go in the bin. Only a few meet our approval. It was a lovely day.

    • 16 July 2017 / 19:54

      Mind you Jodie, in Haarlem it is not easy to spot good looking women and getting their picture taken. Amsterdam is a much better place for that. But I did really well that day.

  4. 16 July 2017 / 19:19

    What a lovely day you two had! And what a stylish women. I love these kind of markets.

    • 16 July 2017 / 19:55

      So do I, but I am not much into brocante anymore. Going over to the modern side of things. I only bought one necklace (as I am a necklace lover, I lost count of how many I have). It was only € 5. Seemed like a good investment.

  5. Susan G
    16 July 2017 / 20:49

    I really enjoy seeing your get-togethers, Greetje. There are so many inspirational ladies to appreciate! Love the bright blue on you.

    • 17 July 2017 / 06:02

      Thanks Susan. As always the pleasure is all mine.

    • 17 July 2017 / 06:03

      We did carefully consider what to wear Claudia. As you can imagine when two bloggers meet 😉😎.

  6. 17 July 2017 / 00:56

    Your outfit is very sleek and modern, very you. Nice bold pops of color too!

    • 17 July 2017 / 06:05

      To tell you the truth, I wasn’t that sure anymore when I saw the photos. It looked better in the mirror. These trousers are good with a long tunic. On the other hand, it is graphic.

  7. Marilee Gramith
    17 July 2017 / 06:29

    I think that cobalt blue is a gorgeous color and flattering to many different skin tones. This top has a sporty feel and i like it with the black anklet hugging pants. You look so svelt im that first photo (so thin!!). I really love Sylvia’s unigue textured top. The interesting placement of a sort of lacy look over the shoulder is great!
    This looks a bit like what we call an “art fair” in Minnesota. Lots of art, pottery, jewelry, and generally unique crafts items. I always find them really entertaining and it looks like you and Sylvia do too!
    I really enjoy your habit of pbotographing the street styles of women you come upon who catch your eye Greetje. I think that’s part of why I feel like you’ve taken me along on your latest adventure. The woman in the kimono looked really interesting. You can tell that she’s a lover of fashion.
    Thanks for another fun tour Greetje!!

    • 17 July 2017 / 21:06

      Well Jude, it is a pleasure to create these posts. The brocante is not an art fair. We have those as well. It is really about old stuff, some 10 years old, some 100 years old and anything in between. But you are right that it is the same feeling. The woman in the kimono was very kind, we had a little chat. I love people who please themselves. And you can see that about her from miles away.

  8. 17 July 2017 / 17:14

    I DO COLLECT Those little boxes and FRAMES!!!!!!!!
    Love the lady in the KIMONO and your friends shoes in the RED DRESS PHOTO!

    • 17 July 2017 / 21:08

      Darling Contessa, we all lead busy lives. Don’t appologize. I feel the same. Always that guilt that I haven’t visited the many interesting bloggers I admire.

  9. 17 July 2017 / 17:59

    Looks great fun. I love markets. The women in your photos look more stylish than the ones here in France.

    • 17 July 2017 / 21:10

      More stylish? Hmm.. I suppose I had a lucky day haha. It doesn’t happen all the time. Problem here is winter time when everybody is wearing coats. Hard to get Street Style photos then.

  10. 17 July 2017 / 19:39

    I adore the lady in the long kimono and the younger one in the yellow jacket. Amazing. Just my kind of thing

    • 17 July 2017 / 21:11

      So glad this post inspired you. Hope you can find similar things.

  11. 18 July 2017 / 05:04

    Cute look. It gives me ideas… thanks!

    • 18 July 2017 / 06:21

      I love it when I can inspire.

  12. 18 July 2017 / 22:01

    Gorgeous outfits and such lovely colours – can’t pick a favourite photo or outfit, they are all lovely

    • 19 July 2017 / 08:05

      We have done very well then 😎😊 if you cannot pick a favourite Thanks.

  13. 19 July 2017 / 03:33

    You and Sylvia look so chic ! I love your color scheme and hint of athletic wear. Sylvia looks very cool in those striped , loungy pants, and I adore the woman in her kimono.
    Cute sandals at the end, too!
    What fun you had !
    Xx, Elle

    • 19 July 2017 / 08:08

      I have to admit I lead a pretty good life. And when the sun is out, The Netherlands is a lovely country. As it is also a very green country, we have a lot of rain as well. You cannot have one without the other.

  14. Trish
    19 July 2017 / 10:23

    Glad you are enjoying sunny weather like us. This summer is wonderful and so much better for photos, and outfits. Everyone wants a bit of colour in the sun 😀 You look like you had a great time shopping. I too have put my bric-à-brac collecting days behind me (well mostly) but I love to look. Thanks for an interesting post as always. And as always your outfits are pot on!

    • 19 July 2017 / 19:10

      To tell you the truth, I don’t think I am going to wear that top with those trousers very much. It was an outfit I assembled for holiday, but those trousers look better with a longer top. Oh well, one must try, right?
      Today it is 30 degrees here. Luckily those temperatures will go down. I love 21-23 degrees. That is enough for me.

  15. 20 July 2017 / 08:03

    Such a cute post Greetje, pretty market. Love your outfit and love those you chose to photograph – especially the dark jumpsuit – think I need one of those!!!

    I posted part 2 of Berlin Fashion Week – am getting excited about Milan coming up in September 😉

    xoxo Yvonne

    • 20 July 2017 / 20:52

      I would love a jumpsuit too, but if there is one piece of clothing which looks hideous on me, it is a jumpsuit. I will visit your blog soon to have a look at the Berlin Fashion Week. Thanks for the nudge.

  16. 21 July 2017 / 08:02

    I can’t imagine anything looking hideous on you Greetje!!!

    • 22 July 2017 / 08:36

      Of course you can imagine that. We all have our pro and cons. My pro are my legs. My cons are my scrawny bum, my small, straight hips and my belly (never had any babies but always had a belly.. not fair). Which is why a jumpsuit is wrong for me. Believe me, I tried several. But as we bloggers deal with clothes and outfits all the time, you learn a thing or two. So it appears everything looks great haha. There is still the matter of wrong styling. I am a star in putting together a wrong outfit. Usually that doesn’t make the blog so you’d never know.😇

  17. 22 July 2017 / 10:50

    You are also a star at putting together a right outfit honey!!!


  18. 22 July 2017 / 21:00

    This is one of my favourite outfits on you; the colours, the styling with the few twists of yellow… I think it is fab. If I saw you in the street with this, I’d totally stop you and gush over how chic you are!

    You and Sylvia look like you’re having a blast; that market looks great. I adore the kimono with the velvet trim that they lady had on… I’d like to have that myself!

    Looking forward to your next adventure xx

    • 23 July 2017 / 12:16

      “One of my favourite outfits on me”?? You are joking. Really??? And here I am, thinking I will never wear this outfit again as it emphasises my inverted triangle shape too much. Maybe I have to re-evalue this outfit.

      If the lady would sell the kimono I’d fight you for it haha. Seriously, I think it cannot be that hard to find a similar one.

  19. 26 July 2017 / 05:06

    With all seriousness this is one of my favorite outfits you have styled. I’m with you when it comes to wearing more comfortable and pratical attire, and I’m finding they can actually be styled quite classy and stylish. You just proved this from head to toe with this outfit!

    • 26 July 2017 / 12:57

      As I said in my comment above to Lisa, this really amazes me. As I find the proportions between the top and the (length of the) trousers wrong. Plus it emphasizes my inverted triangle shape. But perhaps I am seeing things other people don’t.

  20. 22 August 2017 / 07:47

    I love the outfits of some of the ladies that you spotted, like the leopard lady, the teal kimono lady, the yellow kimono-type coat girl and the shoes of the minimalist lady.

    • 24 August 2017 / 05:54

      This is what I envy Misja for. It is so nice to do Street Style, but my photography skills aren’t good enough to do that properly.

  21. 23 August 2017 / 02:43

    Nice to see so many stylish women out and about. I would tackle you for that velvet-trimmed robe that woman was wearing; that would look amazing over so many different outfits.

    • 24 August 2017 / 05:56

      Yes, that lady in the kimono draws your attention immediately. A very good piece. But I do wonder whether it is as versatile as you think. It is quite a statement thing.

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