Having coffee in Haarlem with Misja on a Saturday morning

Coffee in Haarlem with MisjaAnything to do with friends is high on my list. Having coffee in Haarlem with Misja on a Saturday morning is just my cup of tea (pun intended). You have seen Misja on my blog several times (like here). She is a photographer who has a Street Style blog about people over 50. Beautiful pictures and a real tribute to men and women over 50. Her blog is : misjab.nl (my link will get you to her English version). She blogs both in Dutch and English. Would be too much hard work for me.

I have to limit my computer time anyway as I am suffering from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) on both my arms. Not something to be taken lightly as ignoring it may very easily lead to disability. Even permanently. I have a friend who, unfortunately, proved that. I am not saying this to get your sympathy or advice. I know exactly what I have to do and not do and it is getting better.

I am just saying this to balance things a little. You might have gotten the impression that my life is all party party. And yes, I do lead a lovely life, but it is not as rosy as my blogposts let you believe haha. I work full time, have arguments with my husband, feel insecure at times and treated wrongly (usually that is not the case but I often take things too personal). In other words, a normal person leading a normal life. On the blog I am just showing you the best side of it. 

Misja and I tried to meet each other and we both had a “window in our agendas” last Saturday to meet for coffee. My friend Anja had written about a nice new coffee and lunch place in Haarlem (Native) which I decided to test. (See Anja’s post on Native here.) As the weather was gorgeous, we sat outside.

Below: Misja on the terrace of Native. See that colourful necklace she is wearing? That was co-designed by somebody you will see later on in the post. Misja is being highly entertained…


Below: …  as across the (small) street is a florist. The owner was watering his plants when a little girl on her bike challenged him. “Can you spray some water on me too?” Which he carefully did. Lots of giggles of course (mum was there too). And highly amusing for all the people on the terrace.

Below: For being such a good sport, he offered her a beautiful pink flower. Her sister got one too.

We chatted, drank coffee and took photos. My fault this time as I brought a camera. Shouldn’t do that every time we meet as I don’t want Misja to think I only meet up with her because of photo opportunities. I really like her as a friend.

Below: But as I did have my camera with me and Misja looked ravishing, I had to take a couple of pictures of her. Look at this stunning colour combination. The plants outside the flower shop were a great background.



Misja was kind enough to take pictures of me as well. Bear in mind we were only 1 meter (about 3 feet) removed from all the people on the terrace. Who were having a great time watching us and giving comments. All kind ones. I love these unexpected interactions with people.

Below: See me laughing? That is because of a funny remark of one of the customers. The little red bag is one I have had for a couple of years. I don’t often use it but today it was the perfect colour, reflected in the top.

Coffee in Haarlem

Below: Outfit details. The skirt is Marella. Bought in Turin. See here two other outfits with this skirt. The boots are Fly London (to my big surprise). I adore white (cream) boots. Always have. Perhaps that dates back to the boots on a Barbie doll? Or the white boots of the mini skirt girls in the sixties/seventies? Don’t know, but when I saw these with the little black pearls at the top, I fell in love. That they are comfortable is a big bonus. So for the first time I am wearing boots when it is warm.

Coffee in Haarlem

Below: Close-up of the boots: Fly London.

Boots Fly London

Below: Misja’s shot of my top. A fifties print but newly made by Vintage Curators.

Below: This is the owner of the shop Vintage Curators: Marije Cnossen. She sells second hand stuff but also makes clothes herself if she can lay her hands on nice fabric, like the fabric of my top. To the left of her you can see my top in the window as Marije made two of them. That one is sold now as well. I have also seen a beautiful long oversized jacket she created with fabric of Dries van Noten (Misja loves Dries van Noten).

For the Dutch: Misja wrote a lovely review about this shop. She didn’t translate this post which is understandable as only the Dutch can benefit from this Haarlem shop.

Vintage Curators in Haarlem

Below: Another shot of Marije. Remember when I talked about Misja’s lovely colourful necklace? Marije co-designed it about 15 years ago when she was working for the brand Vanilia. Isn’t that funny? The necklace is a favourite of Misja and I can fully understand this.

Vintage Curators in Haarlem

Below: Walking back home I passed my hair dresser Rob Peetoom and saw the back of my hair dresser Inge. What was she wearing? Interesting!!

Inge of Rob Peetoom Haarlem

Below: She was happy to pose for me. She is a fashionista. And a very good looking woman.

Inge of Rob Peetoom Haarlem

Below: One last event before I was home. My neighbours across the street had found a bird (macpie?) that couldn’t fly anymore and were waiting for the animal ambulance. I love it that there is such a thing as an animal ambulance.

And that was my lovely Saturday in Haarlem.


No Fear of Fashion






  1. Marianne
    23 July 2017 / 17:52

    I love the sheen of Misja’s trousers, they look like they were made of silk. Haarlem looks a very interesting colourful place Greetje

    • Greetje
      23 July 2017 / 19:59

      I think her trousers are silk indeed Marianne. Haarlem is a lovely old town, small but compact. Voted best shopping town of The Netherlands three times! Of course I happen to live there haha.

  2. Moya Ingold
    23 July 2017 / 18:16

    I really enjoy your blog, you have a wonderful sense of humour that shines through and I love your fashion sense too. Adore those white boots!

    • Greetje
      23 July 2017 / 20:04

      Your compliments make me blush. Thank you very much Moya. And I am glad you are a fellow white boots lover. There are haters and lovers of white boots. So I noticed in my circle of friends. If they hate them, they will let me know. Dutch are like that and I appreciate it.

  3. 23 July 2017 / 18:22

    What a lovely post about our coffee-appointment and mentioning Marije from Vintage Curators as well, thank you so much. It was a lovely start to the weekend, I’d suggest doing this more often, next time I’ll bring my camera as well!

    • Greetje
      23 July 2017 / 20:01

      It is always nice to see you. Glad we got another date lined up pretty soon.

      • 23 July 2017 / 20:10

        Yes, I’m looking forward!

  4. 23 July 2017 / 19:12

    Love all of the outfits in this post, very beautiful images. I enjoy reading your fashionable adventures with my coffee on a Sunday morning here in Vancouver, thank-you for sharing. Those hollyhocks flowers in last two photos are stunning!

    • Greetje
      23 July 2017 / 20:07

      That is so nice to know. That there are women who actually get up and enjoy my post with their morning coffee. What more can a blogger want? Thank you for letting me know.
      As for the hollyhock flowers.. we have loads of them in Haarlem. Why I don’t know. Perhaps because we hardly have any front gardens, just pavement and people want flowers? They don’t take up too much space and grow against the house. That must be the reason. I love them until they begin to wilt. Then they are really ugly.

  5. 23 July 2017 / 20:11

    I think it’s fabulous that you include us along on your friend’s visits….thanks so much for bringing your camera with you!!
    Friends are really the chocolate chips in the cookies of life, right??

    • Greetje
      23 July 2017 / 21:38

      Oh yes they are. Which is the rotten thing about blogging. You meet new friends and they live far away.

  6. 23 July 2017 / 20:34

    I also love that there is an animal ambulance. We don’t have those here.

    Your friend’s outfit is fabulous! I love her colour choices.

    I’m impressed that your blouse is made from vintage fabric. What a great idea.

    That shop owner and artist, Marije looks like a model and that shot looks like it was taken out of a magazine. In fact all of these photos look like they are magazine worthy.

    You’re all making the Dutch look very beautiful indeed.


    • Greetje
      23 July 2017 / 21:42

      Ah.. the Dutch don’t all look beautiful haha. You know better than that 😂😂.
      I am glad my photography skills are improving. But I don’t have “the eye”. The creativity to find the right background, the right angle, the shot in the mirror.. that kind of thing. And I wonder whether you can learn that. In a small way you can, but some people just possess that.
      I agree that Marije looks like a model, she is very tall as well and what a beauty right?

  7. Bette
    23 July 2017 / 21:27

    And I’m loving your posts with my Sunday afternoon tea — in Washington DC. Your blog is enjoyed around the world!

    I particularly enjoyed the women in this post, from the little ones on their bicycles to the grown ones featured.

    • Greetje
      23 July 2017 / 21:44

      Oh great another reader enjoying my posts like a magazine. Big cheers. Afternoon tea is good too. Trying my best every week. Hope you will enjoy it for a long time.

  8. Marilee Gramith
    24 July 2017 / 00:17

    Another moment of everyday joys with my friend Greetje! You have such a knack for capturin the lovely little moments of an outing with your friends. I’ve concluded that it’s really qite unique, admirable and creative to focus on the people around you as much as yourself and friends!! It’s such a lovely way of setting the scene and creating the mood. I believe that is why I feel like I’m right there with everyone, just enjoying the pleasantry of a day in Haarlem with Misja.
    Misja’s color combination is very cool. Her shoes have great funkiness and are so unique in style and color. Marije is a naural knockout beauty!! Reminds me of Ingrid Bergman! Inge looks like she’s a bit of a rascal and i love her outfit with the fabulous boots! You look really great in that colorful top and your white (go go boots?) I can’t quite make out the embellished tops but they are fabulous with your white skirt (the one you wore in Paris?)
    I hope that little bird rebounded. Yikes!!! Looks like I’ve written an essay. Wonderful post Greetje.

    • Greetje
      24 July 2017 / 06:51

      You can write as much as you want Jude. I love to read your comments. (They are always full of praize 😇😇😘.) I was feeling quite put together but Misja knocked the ball out the court in her beautiful outfit. Loved it!
      I am glad my way of writing catches on. It is not a specific “grid” I am using. It is just the way I write. I haven’t checked on the bird but I will.

  9. 24 July 2017 / 06:52

    The Netherlands is full of beautiful women! Misja. Marije. Inge. Yourself! Seriously…you are all stunning!

    Your mention of Barbie wearing white boots brought a happy memory to me. I remember Barbie’s white boots! I also remember my own white ‘go-go’ boots. They were actually rubber boots but they were designed to look like ‘special’ boots! I know…common enough nowadays…but back in the sixties, it was a big deal to have rain boots that looked stylish!

    • Greetje
      24 July 2017 / 15:50

      When I was 22 (1976) I wore a very, very short red coat (in winter) with white boots to the knee. I felt sooo Mary Quant. Never felt the cold.
      And no, The Netherlands are not full of beautiful women. There are a lot of less fortunate women as well. I just don’t photograph them haha. Reality is distorted.

  10. 24 July 2017 / 10:10

    Misja’s colourful outfit is fantastic, definitely too good not to photograph! I love your pretty top Greetje, and those ankle boots are fab. How wonderful that there’s an animal ambulance! I volunteer at an animal hospital but we don’t have such luxuries as an ambulance. We do get a lot of magpies and pigeons. The magpies are easier to look after because they eat dog food, whereas the pigeons have to be syringe fed with a seed paste..and they are very flappy!

    Emma xxx

    • Greetje
      24 July 2017 / 15:51

      Flappy, they are very flappy. I immediately have an image on my brain. I can see you trying to feed one with a syringe. The animal ambulance is relying on donations as well.

  11. 24 July 2017 / 10:46

    I love Misja’s polka dot top, just my sort of thing. And your hairdresser is super stylish. I have a friend who lives in Haarlem and so far I’ve not seen too many stylish people when I go but hopefully I will next time I come (I think I will be there in September sometime) so I’ll be on the lookout

    • Greetje
      24 July 2017 / 19:48

      I know!! And of course I only photograph the good looking ones haha. Will you wave at me when you see me in the street?

      • 25 July 2017 / 10:28

        Absolutely. I’m hoping for a Greetje sighting!

  12. 24 July 2017 / 12:51

    I love your hairstyliste’s outfit! Very nice photo’s, and because I do know Haarlem a bit it’s like taking me on a trip! Very nice, I hope your arms recover soon, take rest!

    • Greetje
      24 July 2017 / 19:51

      Thanks Nancy, I will be careful with my arms. I love taking you on a trip.

  13. 24 July 2017 / 15:35

    I love what Misja is wearing and am inspired to try that color combo sometime. I like the white boots, and think they balance the volume of the skirt nicely. I’m still looking for a pair of cream or ivory boots, maybe this will be my year…

    • Greetje
      25 July 2017 / 06:16

      You are right, this will be your year. I have seen many white and ivory boots in the fashion columns, often in the 60ies look. Misja’s colour combination inspired me too, I love her coat.

  14. 24 July 2017 / 16:48

    Having coffee with a friend is one of the best ways to spend a Saturday afternoon! ( the other one is doing shopping with her!! ) I am sure that you two enjoyed the time together…

    I like vintage printed fabrics Some of them have very nice combination of colours like the one of your top! The one-coloured- skirt makes a good match and those booties are so lovely!

    • Greetje
      25 July 2017 / 06:19

      Glad you like my top and boots Dan. Apart from how I bought the skirt with you (with the black and white sweater) I don’t seem to be able to create many other outfits with it. I had the beautiful bright blue silk top by Marella as well, but that is torned.

  15. 24 July 2017 / 17:08

    WHAT ARE THOSE WOVEN SHOES MARIJA HAS ON???They are a BIG STEP UP from the earth shoes here……..

    • Greetje
      25 July 2017 / 06:23

      Marije sells those shoes. They are a Spanish brand: Pla. Here you will find more information:
      And I will be here to welcome you if you come over my dear. I bet together we will make quite some noise 😂.

  16. 24 July 2017 / 23:03

    I LOVE your top (the colours look amazing on you, I think the retro print is really fabulous) – and how perfect to be photographed near a florist, it is like you are carrying on the flowers from his stall wherever you then go (I love flowers but am never brave enough to wear them – I photograph them, but now I am re-thinking as often I feel I just don’t have the panache to carry them off and can never find flowers that are quirky enough), also Misjas coat and necklace are fantastic. Lovely inspiring outfits! And look after those wrists – RSI is horrible, so hopefully the inflammation will die down very soon

    • Greetje
      25 July 2017 / 06:29

      I find floral clothes rather tricky myself. They often age me. Which is why I added the boots. To create a more modern look. If I would go by my heart / taste, I would wear pumps. And totally ruin the look haha. I got wiser. It never occurred to me that the flowers of my top and the plants of the florist were such a good combination, duh.. You are absolutely right.

  17. 25 July 2017 / 21:06

    Always lovely to see you 2 together. Misja is looking great as usual and your outfit works really well. Loving these new white booties which would look good with your white jeans as well. That shirt is magnificent!

    • Greetje
      26 July 2017 / 12:51

      I am so glad you like my white boots. Knowing you were never a fan of my white boots preferance haha. And yes, these are shaped differentle from the older ones.

  18. 26 July 2017 / 05:03

    Lovely Saturday indeed! As you well know, anything to do with friends is also on my top priority list so I found this to be a perfectly wonderful day (wish I were there as well). I think it’s fabulous how the two of you will take one another’s photo’s, they turn out so beautiful. I just can’t get over how natural and nonchalant the two of you pose while being so close to a crowd, I can not do this (wish I could but I just feel so self conscience when strangers are looking at me).
    I love your bit about being a normal person leading a normal life, amen to that my friend!!! Although in my eyes you are one amazingly entertaining, fashionable, out going, positive, and lovely lady leading one beautiful life. So grateful to call you my friend. Have lovely (normal) week.

    • Greetje
      26 July 2017 / 12:54

      Right, you have my all shy and blushing now. I am not kidding. Too much honour, really. Nevertheless, thank you for expression this sweet opinion. As for feeling self conscience.. nah.. don’t have that. It doesn’t bother me when people are looking or commenting. Just one big happy fun event.

  19. 26 July 2017 / 21:40

    Goodness, Misja is such a beautiful woman, isn’t she? Love the necklace she has on. And I love the print on the top you are wearing… my favourite colour combination. You’re way ahead with your white booties… I’m looking for some RIGHT NOW. xx

    • Greetje
      27 July 2017 / 08:47

      That is the burden AND the pleasure of shopping often haha. You discover a lot. And white boots always get my attention.

  20. 31 July 2017 / 00:58

    This is a post packed with visual treats! Misja’s outfit is so striking with the bold colours, and I really like your blouse and skirt combo. I have many pairs of shoes by Fly London, but I can only wear certain styles because of my bunions. Suzanne is right, Marije looks like a model, and you caught her in a beautiful moment. Of course your hair stylist is uber cool – I love her outfit, and those boots are fabulous.

  21. 5 August 2017 / 18:33

    The shoes of your hair dresser are stunning. The photo with the bird is so cute. I love these hollyhock flowers. Your Haarlem shopping spree posts are my favorite!

    • Greetje
      6 August 2017 / 15:46

      Yes, Inge (my hair dresser) loves fashion and has the bold character and good figure to wear nearly anything. In the post after this one (from last Sunday) you see more hollyhock flowers. They are everywhere in Haarlem. So easy to plant between your house and the pavement as they only need a square centimeter.

  22. 22 August 2017 / 07:56

    Misja’s necklace is not my cup of tea, but for the rest I adore this outfit on her.

    I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of your look. The booties are nice, but not worn under this skirt. I guess it has to do with the length of the skirt and maybe also the model of the skirt versus the height of the booties. Shortening your legs enormously and creating an old ladies look. Especially combined with the top. No, you can do/look so much better!

    Brutally honest, I know, but I know that you can take this. And that I love you;-).

    Wow, that magpie on the finger of your neighbour. Yes, I’m happy that we have an animal ambulance too!

    • Greetje
      24 August 2017 / 05:58

      If you would ask me, I would wear this outfit with a high heeled pump. But that would really make it an old lady’s outfit. I thought by addind these modern booties, it would steer away from old lady..

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