Vintage bags in HaarlemThere is this lovely little shop selling vintage bags in Haarlem. Sylvia and I had a great time looking around there. In the past I have bought a few bags of the friendly lady owner, like the grey one in this post. It started with a hobby (of course) and now she buys and sells them. I can be in that shop for a long time, looking at all the gems. This time I came out with the bright green mini bag.

Back to the beginning of the afternoon. It was a few weeks ago, when Sylvia (of 40+Style) was still in The Netherlands. We tried to see each other as much as we could. Work and family visits required time as well, but we managed quite well.

Below: Of course Sylvia was dressed for the occasion. We blog, we know pictures will be taken haha. Here you see her in a pair of comfortable yet stylish trousers by Bellamy Gallery. You know, the sustainable, affordable brand I have been raving about. Plus she was wearing a beautiful blouse from Essentiel. Hah, Sylvia fell for this Belgian brand too.

Sylvia of 40+Style

Below: a close-up of the peeptoes shoes Sylvia is wearing. Very comfortable and modern. The brand is Wolky. They are famous for comfortable shoes. Not always that stylish, but these are really good. (See Sylvia’s post about this outfit here.)

Sylvia of 40+Style

Below: My outfit is entirely Bellamy Gallery: shirt, belt, trousers and sandals. Only the earrings, bracelet and bag are not from that brand. Remember I showed you this white shirt before, but two sizes smaller? In this post. Now I am wearing it as I intended. Everything is comfortable, all the clothes can be thrown in the washing machine.

Outfit: Bellamy Gallery

Below: Close-up of my sandals. I hesitated as I thought they would be murder on my delicate feet and I would fall because of the platform. I took a chance and bought them anyway (€ 60) and they are great. I have to say I had the leather straps lined with a softer material. Didn’t wait to see whether I could take the straps as they were.

Bellamy Gallery sandals

Below: Isn’t this a funny picture? The dog is looking at me the way I am looking at him.

Outfit: Bellamy Gallery

Below: The shop with vintage bags in Haarlem. In the Gierstraat. Always full of pretty stuff.

Vintage bags in Haarlem

Below: Sylvia tried this feminine messenger bag. We all think it is plastic, the owner too, but it is very hard to see. At a price of € 32,50 you cannot go wrong. I was tempted too, but I already have a lot in this department.

(I can hear your sarcastic thoughts: “Oh really?? Is that so? Never stopped you before…” and I will pretend I haven’t heard that. 😆 )

Vintage bags in Haarlem

Below: We decided to go for an Italian icecream (the best). Haarlem happens to have a few shops selling excellent Italian icecream. We went to the best one: Garrone in the Grote Houtstraat 179.

Italian icecream

Below: Sylvia prefers her icecream in a cup, I like mine with a waffle horn. Photographing Sylvia revealed the little girl sitting beside her.

Italian icecream

Below: Isn’t she cute?

Below: Going home through a lovely, old neighbourhood of Haarlem.

Vintage bags in Haarlem

Below: Sylvia took another shot of me.

Below: And I will end again with pretty flowers. As The Netherlands are a small, a very small country, land is in short supply and expensive. No big gardens and in the city no gardens at the front of the houses at all. Unless of course you are in the suburbs. Many people put a plant next to their front door, lift one or two city tiles and plant some flowers or something similar. Makes everything look so much nicer.

Till next week.

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