Cream dress by SportmaxA cream dress by Sportmax. Yes, it is cream and not beige. There is a difference. I like this chic colour if there is a warm “undertone” in the cream, because then it is not too bad near my skin. Of course fuchsia is a far better colour for me, but when I see a beauty like this I cannot help myself. One BIG problem…. the dress is really too short. At least to my taste. The proportions aren’t right. 

This was the dress for which I bought the over the knee boots. Ron didn’t like that combination. He does like the dress and doesn’t think it is too short for me. And certainly not with the thick tights. All my colleagues who I asked this question said the same: “It is not too short. Don’t wear a pencil skirt underneath it. That would be a shame.”

Then I saw these photos and decided once and for all: NO, this is not what I want.

Below: the dress with thick herringbone polka dot tights (from Stemm Voetiek Haarlem) and black suede high heels (shoes seen before here). The cuffs of the dress are really long. The owner of the shop where I bought the dress (LAB Women’s Clothing), thought that was really nice. I agree but find it very impractical, so usually I wear them turned up.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Below: another photo against the wall. The rusted background was nicer, but only one photo turned out well. The cute little leather bag is vintage and was a steal at € 35.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Before we started with the dress I had a coat on. Yes indeed. It was a beautiful sunny day with no wind, but cold!

Below: purple coat by Max Mara, seen before here and here .

Purple coat by Max Mara

Ron was not in a very good mood as just before we started the shoot, he saw that he had lost the licence plate of his new car. Not nice, not a good start.

Below: this picture did not meet Ron’s approval: too touristy, too obvious, not creative etc.. I was cold and tiptoeing around him because of his mood. Let’s say it didn’t end well…..

Cream dress by Sportmax

Now, we are not the kind of people who fight for a long time. We have a good shout for a minute and then we talk about it immediately, rather than have it hanging and nagging us the whole time. And… very important… we honour our agreement.

So the next day when I told him I had the solution for the dress, he kindly went out with me to take another photo. You all think he secretly likes taking my pictures. No he doesn’t. He hates it, but he is so sweet, he wants to help me and that is more important to him. I am now in the process of looking at a camera which is easier to handle. That might improve the mood on our photo shoots quite a bit.

Below: this is how I am going to wear the dress from now on. With green skinny trousers by Marlene Birger and leopard pumps by Panara (seen before in spring version here). I will look into other trousers and shoes to go with this dress, but for now I am good.

Cream dress by Sportmax

Cream dress by Sportmax with green trousers

Below: close-up of the shoes. Very comfortable heel.

:eopard pumps Panara

Below: close-up of the bag. By Longchamps. At least 6 years old.

Brown leather bag Longchamps

A short post this time. Nothing really eventful happened. No jokes. But …. again a dress.

I could have had terrific photos of three events which were going on the past two weekends: Jewellery fair (a really good one with international designers), Design & Applied arts, and the Designer Vintage Sale at the prestigious Amstel Hotel. However, I didn’t trust myself. With so many beautiful things for sale, I am bound to come home with something. My discipline in this field is nonexistent. The only discipline I had was to keep myself at home. Nothing to lead me into temptation.


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