Poncho by Hope, brooch by the Citizen RosebudOne of those things… over the knee boots. Very “Pretty Woman”. Why? Because they are sexy. Why are they sexy? No idea. Most men find women in over the knee boots very attractive even though they cover up quite a bit. I have always liked them. Probably because there is a little bit of a common streak running through my character. Really only a little bit, but it is there and it sometimes wants needs to get out. Which resulted this time in knee high boots. (No, I do not say that every woman who buys over the knee boots is common.)

I bought them to go with a beautiful dress (you will see it next week) which is a bit short. Even with very thick tights I still feel a bit uncomfortable. Everybody whose opinion I asked, said: “Nonsense, this dress should be worn like this. A pencil skirt underneath it (my rescue in many cases) will spoil the dress”. Sigh. Then I knew the solution: over the knee boots. So I bought these boots, which are very, very comfortable. And warm.

Immediately when I came home, I put the boots on with the said dress, went downstairs and showed Ron. Thinking it was total perfection. His reply…: “That looks slutty”. Thank you very much! How can that be? The dress is cream, A-line and very elegant. How can I make that slutty? Nevertheless I do listen as Ron is better at styling me than I am. Handy to have him around.

I tried the boots with my red shirt dress (as seen here with high heels). That met his approval. Which led me to believe that it would also work with my silk striped shirt dress (worn in Paris here). Nope… didn’t even have to go downstairs: the boots were far too heavy looking. A total mismatch.

“Well”, said Ron, “If they don’t serve the purpose you bought them for, you’d better return them.” Yes darling, you are right…… Of course I didn’t. I was so in love with them and figured they would be good with tight trousers. When I confessed I hadn’t returned them, he only replied: “Never thought you would.”

Below: my colleague Jan photographed me at the little shop in our office building (thank you Jan). I was wearing the outfit, he had a camera and was kind enough to take the photos and I was pressed for time. Ergo, no photos by Ron this time.

Wearing my baby soft fuchsia poncho by Hope Fashion. A brand which I love for their story, their commitment, sustainability, their perfect items for women over 40. You have seen the fuchsia poncho once before in summer.

Poncho by Hope, brooch by the Citizen Rosebud

I deliberately stayed away from: too tight, too much flesh showing or any animal print. I don’t say those things wouldn’t go together, far from it. But for me it is one step too far at my age. I know, I know, I shouldn’t say “at my age” because you have to wear what you want and feel comfortable in. Well I don’t feel comfortable in such combination.

Below: the boots are by Paul Noyen. Too bad for my readers outside The Netherlands. But for the Dutch, this is a good shoe shop.

Poncho by Hope, brooch by the Citizen Rosebud

Below: bag from the Max Mara outlet two years ago. And last but certainly not least… the vintage brooch which I bought at the Etsy shop of Bella: the Citizen Rosebud.

Poncho by Hope, brooch by the Citizen Rosebud

Below: close-up of the brooch (red, white and blue). It got me many compliments. I love buying vintage brooches from Bella’s Etsy shop, or a bracelet, or a scarf. Stuff which can be shipped from the USA to The Netherlands with reasonable shipping cost. Bella has a sharp eye for good vintage.

Vintage brooch by the Citizen Rosebud

What’s next? The hat… As you may remember from this post, I am into hats nowadays. And they yield compliments by the dozen.

Below: see those two woman on the right? My colleagues who happened to be there and who were teasing me of course.

Over the knee boots and a green hat

Below: as in: “you actually have a blog smile you can put on haha”.

Over the knee boots and a green hat

Below: which of course made me laugh out loud (and I mean loud).

Over the knee boots and a green hat

Below: close-up of me and the hat. Still have to work out the scarves when I wear hats. This scarf is lovely with the coat but it needs to be another one when I am wearing a hat. I will have to ask advice from Judith, the Style Crone. At least I now have two pictures of me with a hat to share on her monthly feature Hat Attack. The hat is (again) from Cosy van Tutti in Haarlem.

green hat

green hat

Below: a close-up of the over the knee boots. As you can see they are suede and not shiny leather (only a little bit at the back). I thought that was more subdued. Comfortable height for me.

Over the knee boots close-up

Have you noticed my new blog header? I was so pleased with the drawing Anne M. Bray (Spy Girl) made, that I asked her permission to use it like this. Luckily she consented.

Have a look at her exhibition of the 52 drawings she made of fashion bloggers. She calls it “Fashion Rainbow” as she hung them in an order which creates a rainbow. I love it. The exhibition is at the Tagg Gallery at Santa Monica. From November 22 to December 17, 2016. See details here. A preview:

Anne M Bray (Spy Girl)



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