Over the knee boots and a green hat

Poncho by Hope, brooch by the Citizen RosebudOne of those things… over the knee boots. Very “Pretty Woman”. Why? Because they are sexy. Why are they sexy? No idea. Most men find women in over the knee boots very attractive even though they cover up quite a bit. I have always liked them. Probably because there is a little bit of a common streak running through my character. Really only a little bit, but it is there and it sometimes wants needs to get out. Which resulted this time in knee high boots. (No, I do not say that every woman who buys over the knee boots is common.)

I bought them to go with a beautiful dress (you will see it next week) which is a bit short. Even with very thick tights I still feel a bit uncomfortable. Everybody whose opinion I asked, said: “Nonsense, this dress should be worn like this. A pencil skirt underneath it (my rescue in many cases) will spoil the dress”. Sigh. Then I knew the solution: over the knee boots. So I bought these boots, which are very, very comfortable. And warm.

Immediately when I came home, I put the boots on with the said dress, went downstairs and showed Ron. Thinking it was total perfection. His reply…: “That looks slutty”. Thank you very much! How can that be? The dress is cream, A-line and very elegant. How can I make that slutty? Nevertheless I do listen as Ron is better at styling me than I am. Handy to have him around.

I tried the boots with my red shirt dress (as seen here with high heels). That met his approval. Which led me to believe that it would also work with my silk striped shirt dress (worn in Paris here). Nope… didn’t even have to go downstairs: the boots were far too heavy looking. A total mismatch.

“Well”, said Ron, “If they don’t serve the purpose you bought them for, you’d better return them.” Yes darling, you are right…… Of course I didn’t. I was so in love with them and figured they would be good with tight trousers. When I confessed I hadn’t returned them, he only replied: “Never thought you would.”

Below: my colleague Jan photographed me at the little shop in our office building (thank you Jan). I was wearing the outfit, he had a camera and was kind enough to take the photos and I was pressed for time. Ergo, no photos by Ron this time.

Wearing my baby soft fuchsia poncho by Hope Fashion. A brand which I love for their story, their commitment, sustainability, their perfect items for women over 40. You have seen the fuchsia poncho once before in summer.

Poncho by Hope, brooch by the Citizen Rosebud

I deliberately stayed away from: too tight, too much flesh showing or any animal print. I don’t say those things wouldn’t go together, far from it. But for me it is one step too far at my age. I know, I know, I shouldn’t say “at my age” because you have to wear what you want and feel comfortable in. Well I don’t feel comfortable in such combination.

Below: the boots are by Paul Noyen. Too bad for my readers outside The Netherlands. But for the Dutch, this is a good shoe shop.

Poncho by Hope, brooch by the Citizen Rosebud

Below: bag from the Max Mara outlet two years ago. And last but certainly not least… the vintage brooch which I bought at the Etsy shop of Bella: the Citizen Rosebud.

Poncho by Hope, brooch by the Citizen Rosebud

Below: close-up of the brooch (red, white and blue). It got me many compliments. I love buying vintage brooches from Bella’s Etsy shop, or a bracelet, or a scarf. Stuff which can be shipped from the USA to The Netherlands with reasonable shipping cost. Bella has a sharp eye for good vintage.

Vintage brooch by the Citizen Rosebud

What’s next? The hat… As you may remember from this post, I am into hats nowadays. And they yield compliments by the dozen.

Below: see those two woman on the right? My colleagues who happened to be there and who were teasing me of course.

Over the knee boots and a green hat

Below: as in: “you actually have a blog smile you can put on haha”.

Over the knee boots and a green hat

Below: which of course made me laugh out loud (and I mean loud).

Over the knee boots and a green hat

Below: close-up of me and the hat. Still have to work out the scarves when I wear hats. This scarf is lovely with the coat but it needs to be another one when I am wearing a hat. I will have to ask advice from Judith, the Style Crone. At least I now have two pictures of me with a hat to share on her monthly feature Hat Attack. The hat is (again) from Cosy van Tutti in Haarlem.

green hat

green hat

Below: a close-up of the over the knee boots. As you can see they are suede and not shiny leather (only a little bit at the back). I thought that was more subdued. Comfortable height for me.

Over the knee boots close-up

Have you noticed my new blog header? I was so pleased with the drawing Anne M. Bray (Spy Girl) made, that I asked her permission to use it like this. Luckily she consented.

Have a look at her exhibition of the 52 drawings she made of fashion bloggers. She calls it “Fashion Rainbow” as she hung them in an order which creates a rainbow. I love it. The exhibition is at the Tagg Gallery at Santa Monica. From November 22 to December 17, 2016. See details here. A preview:

Anne M Bray (Spy Girl)





  1. 27 November 2016 / 15:12

    You look fabulous…love the boots and hat both. That hat is perfect on you. I also really like the fuchsia poncho…such a good color for you!

    I’ve just taken the plunge on some dark blue suede OTK boots and am deciding between two slightly different styles. Should I bring to Paris??

    • Greetje
      27 November 2016 / 21:15

      I don’t know what to pack either, but my choice is for two days and yours for a week. I bet you know better than anybody how to create a travel capsule. I am not sure whether I will bring them.

  2. Renee
    27 November 2016 / 15:36

    You have convinced me , at 58 yrs. old , to go for it , I am getting some over the knee boots!! My other problem is finding the topper long enough to cover the bottom sufficiently …but here we go .

    • Greetje
      27 November 2016 / 21:16

      Oh yes , big wide boxy tops covering my bottom. That is the best look for me. Shouldn’t be too difficult to come by.

  3. 27 November 2016 / 17:16

    I’m an OTK boot convert also, Greetje!! I just think they are super fun and really warm!! Since I’m always cold, I’ve found they keep me warmer than my other boots!!
    I also like them with my shorter skirts—but also my regular length skirts, because then I don’t get that gap between skirt & boots—especially when I sit down!
    Now you’ll just have to get another pair—maybe light grey? to go with the cream dress!! Never let it be said that I’m not helpful—ha ha!!
    BTW–they look perfect with that poncho & jeans! I think it adds a youthfulness!!

    • Greetje
      27 November 2016 / 21:19

      Youthfulness is good. Trying to look young is bad. I chose the poncho because it covers my bum (an belly), because I love the colour and its softness. But also because it is a more classic piece. To balance the boots. And no I do not need another (light grey) pair haha. I solved the “problem”. You will see next week.

  4. 27 November 2016 / 21:07

    I also bought OTK boots for the first time this year. I have them in dark olive green and in black. They are SUPER warm, and as long as you choose carefully (not too shiny, not too pointy) they don’t look slutty at all. You look fabulous in yours, and the hat is just amazing. So happy you’re doing hats these days! This one really suits your haircut. Also! I love that you incorporated the drawing into your theme. It really looks great. xx

    • Greetje
      27 November 2016 / 21:26

      You and Michelle (T) were the ones who tempted me with your boots. And a colleague of mine was wearing these in leather (she is much younger). Like your olive green ones, they have the right nose, the right heel and the right height. Couldn’t resist them. The suede was even better for me.
      And my heading.. I was so pleased with this. I was pleased that Anne had made the drawing of me in the first place. Then somebody said to me, why don’t you work it in your heading? Lightbulb moment. I was looking for something to put in my header that was really me for half a year, but I didn’t find anything. Now finally I have. A friend of ours created this (height drawing, place, font, subheading placement etc). Love to have friend who is so creative.

  5. Mrs N
    27 November 2016 / 21:57

    I have a pair in gray too ! I bought them this year and I was a bit unsure, how to feel comfortable and not too ‘pretty woman’ but I LOVE them and wear them lots, they add a bit of edge to an otherwise simple or conservative outfit, very easy. Yours are lovely, i think a black suede pair would be even more versatile … Maybe next year for me !

    • Greetje
      27 November 2016 / 22:01

      I am glad you had the same doubts but overcame them. I wear them a lot too. With jeans mostly. But as I said that red shirt dress is also an option to wear them with. And I presume wider skirts?

  6. Wendy
    27 November 2016 / 22:28

    Love the boots with the poncho ….. Just bought myself over the know boots …. now thinking I need to find a ponch now too!

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 07:32

      Or a big wide boxy sweater? Thanks for the compliment.

  7. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    27 November 2016 / 22:33

    Thank you so much for the bunch of comments, Greetje! I had a laugh reading through them all. 🙂

    I love this pink poncho and your “not slutty! (Ron)” boots. I think with over the knee you’ve got to take away some element, like the shine or a skinny heel, to make them classy. I adore this green hat on you, and you can’t go wrong with a vintage brooch! So cute.

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 07:38

      Love to hear from you dear Sheila. Thanks for the compliments. We differ but there are also similarities in our styles. Always a joy to read your blog posts.

  8. 27 November 2016 / 23:33

    First, I’m glad you didn’t listen to Ron. The boots look great on you. Not slutty at all. Perhaps they would have been if the heel was a stiletto and they were platforms. I think you look sporty. I envy your long legs. The boots would cover my entire leg. Second, I’m very excited about attending Anne’s event. And yes, I noticed your header. It looks great!

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 07:41

      Oh you are going to the exhibition! How lovely! Must be terrific. I ordered quite a few items with either my own drawing or all 52 drawings. Once in a lifetime thing.
      I did listen to Ron not to wear the boots with the dress (which you will see next week). I gave in on the dress and I am wearing it with skinny trousers now.

  9. Rebecca
    28 November 2016 / 00:16

    The boots are fabulous and I love the hat. It is very flattering and chic. Unfortunately as I am recovering from 2 operations within the past 6 months on my knee, I will have to forego skinny jeans and fitted boots for a while. But it’s ok because I get to enjoy these items on you and live vicariously!!

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 07:43

      And…. at the end of the tunnel there is the prospect of walking normally again without pain. That is something to look forward to.

  10. Marilee Gramith
    28 November 2016 / 00:22

    You really look fabulous in these boots Greetje! Your legs look a mile long and thin and shapely. The pink poncho and green hat are so cute. This entire outfit is pretty special Greetje. You’ve inspired me to get some OTK boots too!
    Gotta say this, if Ron thinks you look slutty when you’ve combined these boots with dresses and skirts, I’m thinking he’s just seeing you as “lookin HOT!” and often our husband’s get a little “anxious” about other males looking with lust upon their dear wife!(?) It’s not all bad that your husband sees his wife in “that way” (?) A little extra heat on those long winter nights …
    I’m hoping I’m not being offensive and I know you trust Ron’s eye for fashion. If he tells you I should keep my big mouth shut I get that too. =)
    I’m SO glad that you took my suggestion about making that cool drawing by your friend, fellow blogger and artist Anne Brey into your blog logo. It’s quite chique! !
    OK Gotta go shop for some slutty boots of my own!

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 07:50

      I am reading your comment in the bus (I hate bus rides) and I am laughing out loud. Funny! Hot on a winter night. I bet he doesn’t mind them at all in that way. But unfortunately he was right with the dress. He is not very possessive. He even said I could wear the short dress with thick tights and shoes. But I don’t like that myself. Too short. You will see it next week. Thanks again for your drawing-in-header suggestion. I am so pleased with it.

      • Marilee Gramith
        29 November 2016 / 02:43

        I’m sure you ll be delighted to know that within a couple of hours of replying to your post I purchased a lovely pair of beige suede OTK boots. You and Ron are my inspiation!! =)

        • Greetje
          29 November 2016 / 05:58

          You go girl! I hope you have as much fun with them as I am.

  11. 28 November 2016 / 08:57

    Have fallen in love with this sketch of you Greetje – had to go straight to the site and have a look!!!

    Loving your new logo!

    Have a fabulous day,
    xx Yvonne

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 12:10

      I am so pleased with it. A previous design of my blog had a cartoon of a bag and a cartoon of a shoe left and right from the words. In the end I thought it was too childish. Then I had a change of template and just put the letters in the heading as I didn’t have anything that was really me. Until this drawing came along. One of my readers suggested I should put it near the header. Lightbulb moment. A friend of mine designed it further.

  12. 28 November 2016 / 09:49

    What a pity that the boots don’t suit the dress as you had thought ! Luckily you surely will find hundreds of other good combinations… women always can! I don’t have over-the-knee boots but,yes,they must be very comfortable in winter
    It sometimes happens to me too that an item doesn’t match another one when I thought they would have gone perfectly together … this is why I prefer buying clothes and accessories in the same store ( but not always feasable! )

    Another very cute hat … sooooo nice !

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 12:28

      I am getting remarks in the shops over my hats and general state of my styling haha. Last Saturday I went to the supermarket all dolled up (right after a photo shoot). Two women in the other lane were laughing in surprise. Especially when they saw my little vintage bag among my milk and meat on the moving belt. I think they thought I was overstyled. Couldn’t figure out whether they were laughing in surprise and awe or whether they were ridiculing me. Never mind. It is a provincial little town.

  13. 28 November 2016 / 10:51

    Great outfit – and I LOVE that vivid fuscia on you! Bisous from Paris –

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 12:28

      WHAT?? You are in Paris? How wonderful. Enjoy.

  14. Melissa
    28 November 2016 / 14:21

    I was also thinking the same as another reader, that Ron was a bit worried you may look too hot, hehehe.
    Over the knee boots of any type tend to bring to mind hooker boots. My Dutchie also has that famous not ever jealous thing, it is nice, but every once in a while he says something and I realize he is a bit jealous sometimes and that is cute.

    I love love these boots, I have been looking for a pair but not quite so high, I have ortho soles so it is hard to fit them in most shoes. I want a suede black pair (then of course I would want a grey pair also), and is also hard because I am short. I have a just below the knee pair already.

    By the Hema they have very nice thick black stockings that are perfect, I wear them with my black boots then I have those knit tank dresses/shirts (on me is a dress) which I wear in black and a fitted knit black turtle neck shirt, one long line of color and then do a fuchsia or red scarf or a statement necklace. If I am feeling too bloated I wear a longer swing sweater in black to camouflage the belly.

    I have this same outfit in blue and a grey one also. Same style easy to pull out of the closet mix it up with scarf or jewelry.

    This looks super on you, I love love the poncho also!

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 22:08

      And I bet you look striking in the outfits you describe. It looks easy but it takes some time to figure out the right materials, proportion and fit. I also have support soles but only if I wear flat shoes. I just take a half to a whole size bigger shoes and try them on in the shop with the soles in them. Nine out of ten times it fits.

  15. 28 November 2016 / 14:58

    Honestly I think attitude is everything, when you have the right attitude you can wear whatever you want. If however, you feel uncomfortable, which you did, it will show when you wear the item.

    I don’t agree with Lisa about too pointy or too shiny. That is a personal preference only. Not a rule. I wear pointy and shiny all the time.

    I think you did a brilliant job here and it shows on your face and with your body language.

    I love that you incorporated Anne’s sketch. I noticed it right away. Her show is this weekend I think.


    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 22:10

      Anne’s show has started and is up to December 17. I ordered a couple of her merchandise. Some with just my drawing and some with all 52.
      You are very right about the attitude. That applies to nearly everything.

  16. Melissa
    28 November 2016 / 15:25

    oh and I love the hat, you knocked that one outta the park! I for the first time am wearing hats, but only winter for warmth, nothing so chic and pretty as these elegant ones you are wearing. I was forced to when I was a kid, and hated them. But now with all one length hair and long I don’t get a hat head.

    I like you, always felt on display too much wearing a chic fancy one, but always admire when a lady wears one. I wish I felt comfortable enough to just do it, but it is such an art to get it right with the rest of the outfit.

    If we could all dress daily to the nines like Maxima, then I would wear one:)

    • Greetje
      28 November 2016 / 22:13

      You are right. It takes some deep breaths (and wondering “why am I doing this?”), some getting used to and some styling with the right items (I say scarves). Then wear it with confidence. I am getting better at it. Not there yet.

  17. 28 November 2016 / 22:52

    Oh Greetje…your legs were MADE for OTK boots!
    They look sensational on you, especially with that vibrant cape and beautiful brooch.

    • Greetje
      29 November 2016 / 06:01

      I am doing my best Samantha, thanks for the compliments. I knew they would look good with jeans. And they are warm. And have comfortable heels… that was enough for me to keep them.

  18. 29 November 2016 / 15:45

    AND here I thought you were making chit chat in the CAFE not knowing the people……….
    YOU are ROCKING the BOOTS in those jeans WOMAN!

    • Greetje
      29 November 2016 / 16:33

      I could have been chatting to total strangers Elizabeth. I am known for that haha. Thanks for the compliments.

  19. 30 November 2016 / 03:03

    I enjoyed the post so much. I love the dialogue with you and Ron and the transition from total perfection, to that looks slutty.. so funny how we perceive things.
    I love these boots, They are perfect. i also have a pair that is similar, I think if they go higher on the leg, the get a bit more daring. There is over the knew ( barely) and over the Knee (ahem)
    Love your hat, and cozy deep pink poncho,
    You look divinely happy and chic!
    Anything you wear that features skinny jeans, is a style win because of those legs! The hat adds character , and the poncho adds some color and punch.
    Well done, and it is even better because your smile is beautiful and you look at ease.

    Love your new design and drawings by Anne! I noticed it right away!
    Xx Elle

    • Greetje
      30 November 2016 / 08:15

      Thanks Elle. Yes, it was an improptu shoot which turned out fine, thanks to my colleague Jan. My other two colleagues being there made my smile more sincere than just smiling at the camera.

  20. Christine
    30 November 2016 / 04:40

    So glad you didn’t return the boots because you look stunning in them, with your legs that go on forever!! The pink poncho outfit is my favorite. You are striking in this outfit. I love over the knee boots but have been wary of trying them because I’m on the far side of fifty 😉 but your outfits make me think I should try them out. I’m short, so it’s probably trickier for me to look so good in them.

    • Greetje
      30 November 2016 / 08:20

      It isn’t easy to find out what suits you and what not. You really have to invest time in that. Knowing my legs are my best feature I emphasize them. I also know that bright colours near my face make me look much better than beige or black and white. Although I sometimes cannot resist them. As you will see next week. A lot depends on undertones in colours too. In short: it is important to know what YOUR best features are and emphasize them. I like big boxy boyfriend jackets which look so adorable on petite woman. They make me look like a man. I am not going to fall for that one again. I learned my lesson.

  21. 30 November 2016 / 23:25

    Hahaha, Ron knows you. You kept the boots!! Of course if you didn’t have anything to wear with them (which you did) you would have to go buy something more. This pink poncho look is a favourite outfit, Greetje. Fun, flirty, and that pin, my goodness, it just ups the fun factor so much. The hat, yes, it looks great on you, worthy of many compliments. I still haven’t been able to wear many – I’ll try to follow your example. I love that your colleagues could get in on your blogger action too. Your new header is perfect – Anne is so talented!

    • Greetje
      1 December 2016 / 06:15

      Yes Anne is very talented, I was so pleased she let me use it for my header. Finally something that is really me. It surprised me that the brooch changed the outfit so much, but it did. As soon as I pinned it on, I saw that. Great that you stopped by again.

  22. 1 December 2016 / 14:08

    I’m loving your pink poncho and fab brooch!, and your new boots look really flattering and elegant, and they’re a nice Winter shoe, comfortable with a twist!
    Also loving your beautiful hat, and fabulous coat, you look gorgeous! obviously, your smile enhances everything you wear!!!

    • Greetje
      1 December 2016 / 15:01

      Thank you very much. You are very sweet to me. Legs and laughs.. that’s me haha.

  23. 3 December 2016 / 15:15

    I love your boots, you outfit, and your HAT! I recently bought two pair of thigh-high boots and I love wearing them! One is navy and the other black and, boy, do I get looks when I wear them – especially the navy. But they are so comfy and feel very normal to me!

    • Greetje
      3 December 2016 / 17:14

      I went over to your blog and spotted your navy over the knee boots. I can imagine you get looks. They are so good. I am now used to my boots and have to watch it not to wear them every day.
      I am even getting used to the hats. Today I had my pillbox hat on and that got a lot of compliments too.

    • Greetje
      4 December 2016 / 12:35

      Thanks Laurie. It is indeed such a great poncho. I regret not having bought a second one when it was on sale. I took the poncho with me on holiday this summer, wih 5 girlfriends. They were fighting me for it. Had a look through your posts: awesome. Especially that Alie Street colour blocking dress. I was ogling the black and berry one, but having no hips or bum, this dress might not be as flattering on me as it is on you.

  24. 4 December 2016 / 19:38

    I noticed that blog header right away! It’s a brilliant use of Anne’s sketch. I also really like your tag line…well said!

    The dialogue between you and Ron makes me laugh. I love his logic for suggesting you return the boots…and I love how you agreed with no intention of returning them.

    And…I’m happy you didn’t. Return them. OTK boots, in my opinion, are now designed so tastefully and they are very flattering. You’ve proven my point here! I still have problems getting a good fit but the two I have our so cozy in cold weather!

    • Greetje
      4 December 2016 / 20:52

      It was one of my readers who suggested to use Anne’s drawing. I am forever grateful. The tag line is old but I suppose you only notice it now.
      Now.. I had every intention to take those boots back. Only that intention didn’t last very long. I knew they would look good on skinny jeans (my favourite wear).

  25. 6 December 2016 / 15:34

    I’m late to the party for this post, but here goes….I laughed when you wrote that Ron said “if they don’t suit the purpose you bought them for, you should return them” about your boots – a very practical “Man” statement. Men don’t understand how women feel about shoes – of course if you like them, you’re not going to return them! You will just find another outfit to wear them with. I can’t imagine that you looked “slutty” in the cream dress and boots.

    I think those of us who have been blogging for a while have developed a “blog smile”, but I like to see photos of my fellow bloggers when they relax and have a laugh. I really like the green hat on you, and the vintage flower brooch from Bella.

    • Greetje
      6 December 2016 / 21:19

      I think Ron was right though. About the sluttiness. Of course I checked again in the mirror and saw his point. (I don’t give in that easily..) Let’s say the sexy vibe was very ostentatious. Not really elegant for a 62 year old lady.
      The green hat reminds me of the time just after World War II.
      I prefer to be photographed by a person but if I have to use a tripod I’d rather put on my “blog smile” than not to smile at all. If I look concentrated, I look angry. Not a pretty sight.

  26. 11 January 2017 / 17:12

    I have always wanted to try over the knee boots! You have inspired me to keep my eyes open and do just that. I adore the vintage brooch from Bella’s shop. It adds the perfect touch to your outfit!

    Of course I love your hat. This is a very flattering style for you and the color is great with your grey jacket. A very striking silhouette. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    • Greetje
      11 January 2017 / 22:18

      Ha, you inspire me so many times. Love to have inspired you for a change.

  27. Katherine M
    24 July 2017 / 22:33

    Gorgeous hat! Let me know if you ever tire of it and I may just buy it 🙂

    • Greetje
      25 July 2017 / 06:32

      You might get lucky. My hat days seem to have come and gone very quickly. I am just not a hat person. I only wore this one twice. I see how I get on this winter. If I still wear it this little, I will contact you.

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