Cream skirt Marella with two tops (8 van 8)Right… let’s start at the bottom this time and show you these awesome shoes I bought in Turin when I was with Daniela. They are by Max Mara and photographed by Shoshanna, the girl who also photographed my checked black and white peplum top with the black trousers. The angle Shoshanna chose is brilliant. You can see the screw through the perspex and .. through the left heel you can see the point of the right shoe. I love this photo and ignore the fact that my vains are getting more visible every day (note to self: get rid of them this winter). The shoes are one of two pairs which I combine with a cream wide skirt in this post. Makes the skirt modern (IMO).

Below: this is the skirt with a bright blue silk top (both Marella) and a necklace which I copied from Sylvia (40+Style). More details later. The dog is borrowed from a friendly guy who passed us. Such a cute dog with his tongue out. The sunshine was rather harsh as it was noon, so you can hardly see the shoes. But hey, you got a close-up up front. Don’t complain. Cream skirt Marella with two tops (5 van 8)Below: from the side you get a closer look at the Furla bag. I use it much more than in previous years. No idea why. It was (again) a present from husband Ron.Cream skirt Marella with two tops (6 van 8)Below: a close-up of the necklace. Sylvia of 40+style showed this necklace on her site more than a year ago. I really liked it and as it so happened there is a shop (Goedd) in Haarlem who sells these necklaces. You can make them as long (or as short) as you like by adding more (or less) elements. The elements come in different colours and are made of synthethic material and steal joints. After I bought it last year I just couldn’t find the right outfit to wear it with. Until this day. Ta-da….Cream skirt Marella with two tops (7 van 8)Below: one last picture of the dog. So cute. He is yawning. I should have tucked in the front of the top better, but I had to change outfits in the car with no mirror. Need I say more? Looking at these pictures again, I might have to reconsider how to wear this blouse with the skirt and especially what kind of bra to wear it with. Since these boobs started growing, the bra shop assistant sells me big bras which make them look like the spoiler of a car… They might be good quality and a good fit, but I told her I prefer a different silhouette. Working on it.Cream skirt Marella with two tops (4 van 8)Below: Shoshanna also took pictures of this skirt with a cotton black and white jumper (also Marella). You have seen it before in the Turin post, but now I am wearing different shoes and added a purple necklace. (I should have changed my earrings as I never combine attention drawing earrings with an attention drawing necklace. Again… changing in the car and not checking in a mirror caused this.) Say cheese….Cream skirt Marella with two tops (2 van 8)Below: the purple necklace above is from a little shop in Turin, called Soy Sauce. The owners redesign stuff from the seventies. I have shown you some examples before in my Turin post. Here are some more, but check out their website too. Google will translate. If you are interested you might have to send an email.necklaces by Soy Sauce (1 van 2)

necklaces by Soy Sauce (2 van 2)Below: full view with my new white patent leather pumps. The background is an old tram depot.Cream skirt Marella with two tops (1 van 8)Below: and a view from the backCream skirt Marella with two tops (3 van 8)Till next time folks.

Oh, and with these shoes I am proud to joing other bloggers showing their shoes in Shoe and Tell by Style Nudge.


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