One holiday day with lots of friendsAs it happened I spent one holiday day with lots of friends, the last day. First there was lunch with Anja (blog Curly Traveller) and Misja (blog MisjaB). (You have seen both on my blog a lot of times.)

In the evening I went out to dinner with 3 friends: Marianne, Claudia and Jiske. Two other members of this group of friends were on holiday. All of these women are used to having their photograph taken, so that was all right.

Above: Anja and me near the water of restaurant Frisk in Haarlem. Trying to pose naturally and failing.

I am wearing a white top bought in Spain. Hmmm.. yes .. Do you recognise this: you are in a holiday mood, you come home with a purchse and you think “why?” This top is what I call Ibiza or BoHo style and that is so not me. I did a post on this outfit in 2016. We discussed the top over lunch and we all decided it was just not me. So I said goodbye to it and gave it to Marianne.

Below: Anja and Misja. Notice Misja’s new glasses?

Anja and Misja

I haven’t made many pictures of the restaurant itself, but it is pretty neat. Overlooking the Spaarne (big canal in Haarlem).

Below: As I said, overlooking the Spaarne.

One holiday day with lots of friends

Of course we all brought cameras (we agreed on that), and before and after lunch we amused people in the restaurant by taking each other’s pictures. Or perhaps they were annoyed. Didn’t pay attention to them.

Below: Misja, hidden behind her camera.


Below: Anja, dressed in a lovely top and fun trousers.


Below: close-up of the sneakers.

sneakers Anja

Below: close-up of the back of the top. I am always so fond of buttons down the back. There is a little silver shimmer in the top.

back of top Anja

Below: OK, I didn’t check whether the background was any good. Clearly I did not. Stupid as it is the first rule of photography (I think). And the photo was taken indoors as there was a fierce wind blowing outside. (Indoor photos, not a good idea either, unless you are a skilled photographer and have the gear for it.) A slice of real life fooks. It ain’t always pretty.

One holiday day with lots of friends

Below: The best “head-to-toe” picture I have of Misja is with the same crappy background. But at least you can see what she is wearing.


Below: Close-up of the sequin brooch Misja was wearing.

One holiday day with lots of friends

Below: Close-up of her jewellery.

One holiday day with lots of friends

Below: Misja and Anja checking the photos. Are they any good?

Misja and Anja

We were happy with the results, said goodbye and went on with our business. Misja was on her bike, while Anja walked all the way. And lazy me? I was by car.


The idea for a dinner with Marianne came from our friend Claudia. She asked who could come in this holiday period and Jilske and I were game. We assembled at Marianne’s house and had a drink in her garden.

Below: Claudia. Doesn’t she look peach perfect? (Did I come up with this expression myself? “Peach perfect”? Or does it exist?) The background of lovely flowers is beautiful with the sheath dress.


Below: Marianne. I bought this dress for myself when we were all in Spain. Again, one of those things I didn’t like when I got home. As Marianne loved it, it now has a good home. It looks much better on her.


Below: Girlfriends.

Marianne and Claudia

Below: And Jilske arrived too.


Below: The head-to-toe shot of Jilske. Hmmm garden hose in sight. Neatly folded though.


Below: I chose the shed door as my background. As my blond hair was getting lost in yellow backgrounds. I am wearing a kimono top which I also bought that same holiday in Spain, but this piece I really like. So that is a keeper.

One holiday day with lots of friends

Below: Want to show you the sleeves. My trusted Denham skinny jeans and the soft Bruschi heels.

One holiday day with lots of friends

Below: Last picture… the gang in the Italian restaurant when it was still quiet. Not for long though.

One holiday day with lots of friends

Next week the last one in this holiday series.


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