Bright yellow top with bell sleevesAbsolutely not everybody’s taste, this bright yellow top with bell sleeves. When you enter a room, dressed like this, you definitely stand out. For me that is a bonus. I don’t want to be invisible, quite the contrary.

At my work we were psychologially dissecting each other (just joking) and I asked my colleagues: “OK guys (and girls).. here is one for the group: can anybody tell me why I have this urge to buy clothes all the time?” I got the answer straight away from a dear colleague, who I have known for 18 years. She replied: “Because you like the attention, you like to take the stage”. I was flabbergasted. She was so right. I love telling stories, I love being on a stage. Give my a microphone on stage and I am happy. Always wanted to be an actress. I am an extrovert++. Which is why I don’t mind taking photos in crowded places. Why not? Join the fun, join the conversation and let’s all have a ball.

I wondered for a split second whether this is a bad thing? But why would it be? We are all different which makes life such fun. As long as we accept those differences without judging. So I am happy I finally got a good, solid answer to this question. I can live with it.

Tiny survey

Before I continue, I have a question for you, a tiny survey:

do you like my texts placed above the photos? Or would you prefer to see the photo first and then the text? I like to know your opinion; a simple “text above photo” or “text below photo”, or just “above” or “below” is enough if you care to comment. I am asking this question because I got a request from a reader last week to change it. Only when I know for certain most readers want this I will change it.

A day with Yvonne in Overveen

Last Wednesday I met my friend Yvonne for lunch (I know, I know, lunch again, but that is what grown-ups do when they meet… they eat). She arrived by train at the little train station of Overveen, a village bordering on Haarlem. The train station is now a restaurant which was a very convenient place to meet.

Below: Yvonne, my friend for 27 years.


Below: The front of the restaurant (train station).

Station Overveen

Below: The back of the restaurant. The trains pass through as close by as they would at any station.

Station Overveen

Below: This close. See the man sitting at the table bottom right?

Below: It really is a lovely little place. Every 15 minutes it is a little difficult to talk, but that only lasts 15 seconds.

Station Overveen

Below: It is very relaxed and the food is good.

Bright yellow top with bell sleeves

Yvonne told me at lunch she had had enough of the weight she had put on, especially around waist and belly. She decided to reset her body and took Green Juices for a week. After that she carried on with it but less rigid. Amazing results: she lost 9 kilos (20 pounds), her skin is better, she sleeps better and her belly and waist dropped in size dramatically. Looking at her, I needed no further encouragement. I am going to learn more about it and hit the green juice myself. (Not saying that any of you should do it as well, this is just my decision.)

After lunch (way after) we took some more pictures near the station. All my friends are always so nice to me in this respect. First I took some of her so I can show you what I mean with stunning.

Below: Yvonne, tall, slim and with gorgeous hair. I always envied her for her hair. Oh by the way: she is 50 years young.


Below: I directed her to the white fence, with the green behind her and she took her cardigan off.


Below: Two pictures of Yvonne.


Below: She has my type of body shape: slender hips, little bum, well endowed.


Below: Close-up of her lovely shoes.

Below: My turn. The blue and white striped trousers turned moiré in this photo. Brand: Marco Polo from a couple of years back. The top is by Just Female. Couldn’t find it on their site. I bought it in the sale at Hudson’s Bay. Told you I am trying to keep them afloat in The Netherlands. They have my (financial) support. The black with blue pointy ballerinas are old.

Bright yellow top with bell sleeves

Below: The necklace was a find at the second hand shop in Hoofddorp, Today’s Vintage. I talked about it in the post with “the Haarlem bloggers“. Sorry all you lovely readers from abroad, this information is of no use to you.

Bright yellow top with bell sleeves

Below: And a last shot on the bench. Gosh my hair is blond. I really like it.

Bright yellow top with bell sleeves

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion







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