Blue and pink striped summer dressHurray, a dress for a change! Bought this beauty a few months ago, even though it was blue. Again. Most of the dresses and tunics I bought in these past years were blue with white (and yellow). This is a blue and pink striped dress. Does that count as different? It is very lightweight and when I saw it on the hanger I was convinced it would look horrible on me. Jacky, the owner of the shop, convinced me to try it on and lo and behold, it looks good.

You hardly notice the pink in the dress, which is why I have no problem combining it with any colour I like. This is the first time in my life that I am wearing sneakers with a dress. It was always too sporty for my taste. Only when I saw Daphne of LAB Women’s Clothing wearing these sneakers underneath a cream Sportmax dress, I was in favour. Love them with this dress. Even more than with the high heels you are going to see below.

The brand of the dress is Dea Kudibal and for the most part “mulberry silk”. Never heard of either the brand or the material. I looked the brand up on Google and it is Danish. Very soft dress, like wearing a PJ. The sneakers by Vic Matié, were in my post of last week.

My neighbour from across the road, Loes, kindly took the photographs again. (Many thanks to her.)

Below: Loes.


She knew a restaurant with a beach in the north of Haarlem, Villa Westend, with trees surrounding it. It was completely new to me.

Below: How about this for a surprise? Five or ten minutes from our house, is the restaurant with a little private beach. When I spotted the boat house I knew it would give enough shade for decent photos. We had to look for shade as the sun was blasting, which is no good for photos. Unless you are a skilled photographer and we are not. The beach, although not big, was a small problem for me as my Knee (I am giving it a life of its own now; with a capital K), doesn’t like wobbly surfaces. Or wobbly heels.

Below: Giving you a 360 view (almost).

In between the photo above and below, you see high rise buildings across the little lake. I thought they spoiled the view, so I skipped them. That is making reality more pretty and less real. Like a travel guide.

Below: The interior wasn’t half bad either.

We had cappuccinos on the terrace and continued photographing.

Below: Many necklaces work with this dress, like the Isabel Marant necklace Ron bought me.

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Below: This is the necklace I am wearing in the top photo. My friend Ina made it and 14 other necklaces (all shown in the post called Chunky necklaces). Trouble is, it is “fighting” with the neckline. I would like the dress to be a little lower at the neck. Is it because my bosom makes the dress ride up? Would it help if I sew lead in the hem at the front? Like you do with curtains?

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Below: Outside the restaurant I had already taken a picture of Loes’ cute dress. Ideal for the hot weather.


Below: Close-up of her sandals and pretty toenails.

Sandals Loes

Below: Very carefully crossing the beach to the boat house where there was shade. Wearing the dress with red patent leather pumps and a red tassel necklace. The shoes are actually bright, fire engine red, like in this post, called Battle of the jeans.

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Below: Close-up of the tassle necklace, made for me by Suzanne Carillo . She makes them to order.

Blue and pink striped summer dress with red tassle necklace

Below: The dress with my “Paris Necklace” and silver slingbacks by Michael (Michael Kors). In this photo I am wearing the necklace long and loose.

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Below: Distracted by poor doggy who couldn’t get himself out of the water.

Below: His owner came to the rescue and helped him ashore as this was still too steep for him.

Below: Oh, darned, that wind was getting in the way!!!!

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Below: Here I am playing the famous scene from the Titanic. Very flattering.

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Below: The Paris necklace in a knot.

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Below: Close-up of the silver shoes. The shape of my legs is still good. The dark spots (sun bathing combined with getting older) are nicely in tune with the spots on the concrete.

Silver slingbacks

Below: That’s all folks. Don’t be mislead by these pictures. My knee hurts like hell. Only had the shoes on for about 2 minutes. The knee is better than in February, but I think it will indeed take another half year. If it heals at all. So much for dresses with high heels.

Blue and pink striped summer dress

Next week… don’t know yet.


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