Floral summer dress CabiIn the post about my visit to Lisa in London, I told you she gave me two dresses. The long blue one you saw last week and here is the other floral summer dress, both by Cabi. I like the bold colours and the contrasting pattern on neck and sleeves. To me this is a pretty dress rather than a modern or architectural dress which I prefer. On the other hand there is nothing wrong with being pretty for a change.

Which brings me to a (very small) dilemma: shall I continue wearing oversized jackets with sequinned sleeves and boyfriend jeans? Or will I slowly transform to more elegant clothes? I think it will be the latter. I am a bit scared that with boyfriend jeans and such I will look as if I am trying to stay young. And at 65 I am not. Age is just a figure and young is relative but still. We’ll see.

Back to this floral summer dress. It has a belt. Where you might ask? Hanging from the neck down; a Greetje trick again. I prefer the dress with the belt worn as it was meant to be, but then the dress is too short to my liking. It is short enough without the belt. A pity, as wearing the dress loose, makes it a bit of a maternity dress, even though I don’t think anybody will think I’m pregnant haha. To my surprise husband Ron preferred loose over belted. Men! So hard to understand.

Below: OK, loose then. As I have bags in many colours (…), I found this fuchsia mini bag which my friend Marianne gave to me. You have seen it many times.

Floral summer dress Cabi

Another thing with this dress is the neckline. It has a rather plunging neckline, which would reveal all the wrinkles I have in that place due to sun tanning. There is a price to pay for everything. So I pinned the belt in such a way it covered my neck wrinkles.

Below: Can you see what I did?

Floral summer dress Cabi

Below: Here is a closer look at the neckline. I had little time to solve the wrinkly neck matter and quickly sewed the belt to the dress with two little stitches on either side and put my fuchsia pin on it for extra support. Some dress tape behind it to stick it to my body and I was ready for the photo shoot.

New neckline

Below: When I came home I took the alteration a bit further and created a bow. Stitched everything together at the back with big stitches and ironed a stick-on patch on to it.

Floral summer dress Cabi

Below: This is the dress with the bow and with sneakers. The bow makes the dress even “prettier” while the sneakers add a bit of edge. I still had my ironing board out.

Floral summer dress Cabi

Back to the photo shoot. Loes and I chose a pretty neighbourhood with pretty houses to match the pretty dress.

Below: Three of the houses. Back in 1994 we looked in this area to buy a house and actually found one which needed a lot of renovation. We backed down because we figured that the cost for doing up the house, would make it too expensive for what we wanted. In hindsight I am not so sure whether this was a good choice as we spent just as much money on the house we are living in now, which is a lot smaller. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk. Plus, the estimation of the cost for doing up the house in this area, might have been way off. Perhaps it would have been much more.

House in Haarlem

House in Haarlem

We started the shoot in the garden of a house which was being renovated. No owners in sight.

Below: A shot of Loes in her new dress. Isn’t it lovely? New haircut as well.


Below: In the same spot she took a photo of me and suddenly this cat lay near my feet.

Floral summer dress Cabi

Below: Closer look at the cat. Isn’t it beautiful? Adding to the theme “pretty”. Never seen such a gorgeous pattern of the fur.

Pretty cat

Below: The cat was still young and playful. And curious. “What’s in that bag?”

Pretty cat nodding in bag

Below: There was a little patch of grass in the middle of the square. This pink tote works very well. It cost next to nothing from the market and holds my stuff, like flat shoes.

Floral summer dress Cabi

Below: Sitting on a fence. Left knee still more swollen than the right one. This just drags on and on.

Floral summer dress Cabi

Below: We crashed another front garden when we saw a bench in the shade, assuming nobody was home. Immediately the door opened and a man came out. Loes started explaining: “Just taking some pictures, nothing will be on Facebook or the internet, just for a small blog”. I thought that was funny. It will be on the internet for sure. There was a little gate blocking a good photo, which is something that doesn’t stop Loes. She kept on taking photos. Here I am saying to her: “At it girl… just keep going”!!

Floral summer dress Cabi

Below: Pretty Volkswagen bus in the street. You hardly see these anymore and certainly not such a pretty one as this. It was fully equipped for a long stay.

old Volkswagen van

Below: The patent leather slingbacks which I love. You saw them in this post with my white trousers and blue jacket. I was still wearing hold-ups (thigh-highs) then and the shoes were murder for my knee. Luckily they are no problem with bare feet (and a tiny piece of sock, covering my nails).

White patent leather slingbacks

Below: Details. The fuchsia mini bag and my plastic fantastic lavender ring.

Fuchsia bag and lavender ring

Below: You probably already discovered my pink flat ballerinas in the photo with the cat. Of course I wasn’t really wearing these high heels all day. I can in the office where there are flat surfaces. But outside I don’t last very long. Here is a shot with the flat shoes, demonstrating the puffy sleeves.

Floral summer dress Cabi

Below: We had sneaked into another garden because we loved these pink flowers together with the dress. Nobody appeared in the doorway this time.

Floral summer dress Cabi

After the shoot, Loes and I sat in my garden for a cup of coffee (for her) and a glass of water (for me). It isn’t easy going without coffee, but I definitely have less headaches, so it is for a good cause.

Below: Two photos of what seems to be a bracelet but is actually a watch. There is a little cover over the glass which you can open. Very vintage and still working. First photo shows the watch with the cover closed and the second one with the cover opened. I am also showing the underdress which comes with the dress.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: quiet day with a visit to my seamstress to pick up the altered trousers and have a chat. Plus a barbeque at Ron’s allotment or rather in his neighbour’s garden. It was perfect weather and there were 11 people enjoying the very good food. Lively, lovely and delicious.

Sunday: after another quiet day we were out for dinner with neighbours and friends Froukje and Petro. This time we had dog Watson with us. Although he was still too lively for comfort, he did behave rather well, considering he is still a puppy of 7 months. Ron handles him well. Needless to say it was a very enjoyable evening.

Monday: gosh I worked so hard at the office. I am working on a new advertising campaign which must be finished by August 9. Still so much to do. Physiotherapy in the evening as I am developing RSI (repetetive strain injury) in a muscle that runs behind my right shoulder blade. It is becoming a problem and is caused by operating my mobile. I know, I know….don’t say it, I know.

Then something strange happened. I was waiting to cross the road with a leg on the street at each side of my bike. I felt myself and the bike shifting to the left and FELL, bike and all. I mean, come on! I am 65, not 91. Falling with a bike when you are just standing? No idea what happened but I wasn’t drunk as the man who helped me up, asked. Big bruise on my thigh. Good thing I don’t wear short skirts.

Tuesday: worked even harder and did overtime. Pffff.. that salary is really earned.

Wednesday: overtime as the work is far from finished. Also met my IT-lady. Stephany maintains my blog on technical aspects since September last year and we never met.

Thursday: again working hard.

Friday: work. Nothing worth mentioning to report.


No Fear of Fashion





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