Shopping my own wardrobe again. Let’s see… the lemon yellow trousers you will remember from three weeks ago with the multicoloured shirt and from the time with my white summer jumper. Last year I combined the shoes from Marks & Spencers with a snow leopard jacket. The green kimono tunic is ancient, bought in 2013 in Rome from an artisan seamstress. Wore it in this post with black 3/4 trousers and in this post. Which leaves the bag and the necklace. The bag is a couple of years old, seen before in this post with my boyfriend jeans and lime coat. I keep it because of its unusual colour. The necklace has never been worn. I had it custom-made by a bead shop but thought it was too dowdy. I am not a modern designer, that is for sure. With this outfit it is a bit matchy matchy, but I don’t mind that too much.

Loes and I tried a few tips and tricks the lady in the camera shop in our neighbourhood taught me.

Below: Trying out the camera focus method on Loes. The tips seem to work. Loes had on another pretty dress.


Below: Now, how about focusing with distance behind the person you photograph? Yep, not bad either. Loes is wearing my other necklaces haha.


Below: Loes got the hang of the focusing thing as well. This photo below shows you why I am not using hair soap anymore. I thought it would add volume to my hair and it did a little bit, but my hair went all stringy and funny. Back to my shampoo. Never mind, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Below: Loes spotted this gap between two houses with two little arches. No idea why they are there.

House in Haarlem

Below: On our way to another spot, I am adjusting my necklaces.

Below: With the small lens Loes took this “bokeh” shot. I added three necklaces to the one with the yellow beads: two pearl necklaces and one gold chain. I am not sure yet what I prefer: just one or the pile. Notice the change of bags. This black bag with the green piping adds another colour and makes the outfit more interesting (I think).

Lemon yellow trousers with a green kimono top

Below: Close-up of the black bag. It is second-hand and didn’t cost much. Bought it in Haarlem at Vintage tassen en sieraden, Gierstraat 83. I found a small green one there as well (click to this post to see more photos of the shop).

black patent leather mini bag with green trimming

Below: As we had turned the corner into that lovely street with trees, we saw this beautiful building called Rosorum. It used to be a hospital but is converted into apartments for elderly people. They can get care here as well if they want. And it is very expensive. They have a chef cooking lovely meals every day, classic concerts, the lot. Not for the likes of me.

Rosorum home in Haarlem

Below: They have steps. I dared to sit down with my clean clothes. Risky.

Lemon yellow trousers with a green kimono top

Below: Like in last week’s post a cat joined us and this one wasn’t shy either. Trying to fight my bag. We had to stop him (or her).

Below: The cat followed me around.

Lemon yellow trousers with a green kimono top

Below: This photo shows the wide sleeves pretty good.

Lemon yellow trousers with a green kimono top

Below: Another lovely house. What a great neighbourhood.

House in Haarlem

Below: The third option: no necklaces but the lime yellow mini bag worn cross body. That way the yellow of the bag has the green top as background and not the yellow trousers.

Lemon yellow trousers with a green kimono top

Below: You might have noticed my bracelet in above photo. It is a birthday gift from my friend Marianne. The one who cannot seem to stop giving.

Multi-coloured bracelet

Below: Bridge! Something to cling to so you know what to do with your hands.

Lemon yellow trousers with a green kimono top

Below: We saw this dog chasing his ball in the water. Unfortunately the tips and tricks for focusing failed here.

dog fetching the ball in the pond

Below: Close-up of the shoes. Very comfy. Thank you Marks & Spencer.

green shoes

As usual we ended the shoot in a coffee place. As soon as we walked in I knew they would have superb cappuccino and I caved. I had one and indeed it was terrific. Worth the sin. Once coffee per month is still sticking to no coffee, right? I have to say that indeed the headaches have been absent for a couple of weeks.

Below: Loes staring at ??? who knows.

Loes having coffee

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was pretty much a lazy day, did nothing special.

Sunday our friend Arine visited for the day. She lives down south. We had a lovely lunch at Meneer Frans, where I frequently go. Such a nice place.

Below: a crappy but happy shot of Arine and Ron.

Arine and Ron

After lunch Ron took dog Watson for his afternoon walk and Arine and I went into town. Below you see a photo taken by my friend Froukje who spotted me while sitting on the terrace across the street. Arine just received a phone call from her dad.

Arine and me in green dress

We did something cultural as well: visiting the Saint Bavo church in the centre of town. It has the same name as the cathedral (more about that in this post), which confuses tourists a lot.

Saint Bavo Church Haarlem

Arine brought a present: this lovely mini vase. So cute.

Little yellow vase

Monday and Tuesday: worked hard and did overtime. This is the last week before the advertising campaign will be up and running. Lots of last minute stuff.

Wednesday: my day off (I work 4 days of 9 hours) but it wasn’t really. Worked in the morning and in the afternoon, but did have lunch with Sylvia of 40PlusStyle, who is back from holiday. We forgot to take pictures, so I took a bedroom photo of my outfit. Wearing my white polka dot dress from Essentiel as a jacket over black 7/8 trousers, my black A.F. Vandevorst sandals and a new burgundy belt with gold studs.

Polka dot dress Essentiel worn as jacket

Thursday: hard work and overtime. Heard that my mother’s iPad went black and wasn’t working anymore. I call in the help of a friend of my mum who was kind enough to visit her the next day to give the iPad the once over. And she fixed it! I sent her a bunch of flowers as thank-you. Her willingness to help saves me money (no new iPad for mum) and time (she lives an hour’s drive away).

Friday: worked and rehearsed my presentation for the kick-off of the new advertising campaign.


No Fear of Fashion






Hair soap

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