Green jacket by CabiYou might think “Hmmm.. didn’t I see this green jacket before?” Yes, you did if you are a loyal reader of my blog. Only not on my body but on Lisa, The Sequinist. When I visited her in London she gave me the two floral dresses you saw these past two weeks AND this jacket. I admired it on her and she had one in another size gifted by the brand Cabi which fitted me perfectly. Cabi had said to Lisa to give everything she didn’t want or fitted to somebody else and I was the lucky one. If you want to see how Lisa wore it (open), click through to the post of my London visit. I prefer to wear it belted. You will see why at the end of this post.

The Haarlem Bloggers as we call ourselves, got together again for the last time this summer as Sylvia is returning home. We went to the Kweektuin in Haarlem (see this post about my sleeveless dress for more pictures of this place). It was funny weather, not too warm in the morning and pretty hot in the afternoon. As part of the restaurant of the Kweektuin is a greenhouse the heat hit me. There was also a fierce wind blowing, even unrooting trees in the centre of the city which is highly unusual. We were even warned by the staff that sitting in the greenhouse was a bit risky.

Below: Misja (blog MisjaB) was wearing a great top, green like my jacket although it looks black in some pictures. The necklace is of course by Essentiel. We both love their necklaces. Misja is currently in the final phase of having a style book published with her photos and writing. Read more about it in her post about her book.


Below: Anja (Curly Traveller) wore a fabulous earring made from rubber bicycle tires. Anja made a third blog post about the Saint Bavo Basilica. Amazing pictures of the inside of the church and of Haarlem from above. She did the tour “Climb to the light”.

Rubber earring Anja

Below: Anja has another fun accessory: this cat bracelet with a bit of white fluff. You can move the legs.

white cat bracelet Anja

Below: Sylvia (40PlusStyle) wore silver earrings. She has been very busy with a new design for her site which is a major operation as her site has so many pages and categories. It seems that she pulled it off without any disruption.

Sylvia of 40PlusStyle

Below: And here I am with my accessories. An embellished belt by Essentiel Antwerp and three vintage bracelets bought second-hand here and there. The belt is supposed to be worn with the embellishment at the side (just in case you are wondering).

Green jacket by Cabi

After catching up, the ladies were kind enough to take photos for my blog post. I needed some pictures in stock. Too risky not to have anything in stock.

Below: Misja was styling my clothes as she is not only a very good fashion photographer, she is also a very good stylist. I am being a diva here. Wouldn’t mind this service every time I do a shoot. See that her top is green?

Green jacket by Cabi

Below: Yep, definitely diva.

Green jacket by Cabi

Below: Anja took this photo of me and although there is nothing wrong with it, I don’t like the way my hair looks, thin and flat. Mind you, it is like this most of the times.

Green jacket by Cabi

Below: A good head to toe shot with hair which I have “fluffed up”, after seeing the previous photo.

Green jacket by Cabi

Below: Anja’s turn, wearing monochrome jeans blue. Never anything wrong with her hair. High maintenance hair but lovely hair.

Anja in denim (Curly Traveller)

Below: Misja, in a splendid outfit again. The top has a little gauze layer.

Misja of MisjaB

Below: Sylvia: comfy and classy.

Sylvia of 40PlusStyle

Below: Misja’s shoes, Jil Sander. Devine.

Platform Oxford shoes Misja

Below: My sneakers by Essentiel Antwerp. Love them to death.

Black sneakers with copper Essentiel

Below: Misja took this picture of the three of us. Somehow it reminds me of cowboys being photographed in front of the saloon. I wonder why.

Greetje in green jacket by Cabi, Sylvia and Anja

Below: Suddenly I saw this toddler walking past, hiding this drill behind his back. So funny and cute.

toddler with tool

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: some necessary shopping in the morning and in the afternoon I met with the Haarlem bloggers as you have read in this post. While getting dressed to go out, I decided to take a few pictures of myself that I would normally not show.
Below: This is my body shape without any flattering clothes. As you can see, my shoulders are pretty broad, my waist isn’t big but isn’t small either and my hips are narrow: an inverted triangle.

Inverted triangle body shape

Below: This is me sideways. Pretty big bosom, flat (and small) bum and a bit of a belly. After I lost 4 kilos, my stomach is almost gone plus my belly and waist are slimmer, but they are still small challenges.

Below: This is the green jacket without the belt. Too straight for my figure, not flattering. I overcome the challenges of my body shape by putting something on which covers my bum, hips and belly to create an hourglass shape, in this case by adding the belt.

Green jacket by Cabi

Below: I really like the finishing of this jacket on the inside.

Green jacket by Cabi

Sunday: another photo shoot with Loes. The wind was still blowing fiercely, so I thought of a place which would protect us from the elements. As you will see next week, I failed miserably. We were blown apart.

Monday: The start of the advertising campaign, all the hard work is done and we made it. Below: I am giving a kick-off presentation to about 40 people. People from by company who are interested or involved in this. As the theme was Sustainability I had put on my green dress, fresh from the dry cleaners. I thought that morning “Careful Greetje, don’t make any stains on this dress”. Sure enough, three minutes before I had to leave, I discovered pate on the front of my dress. Wiped it off and luckily nobody noticed. The blessing of a patterned dress. (For the curious ones: I am not reading the presentation from that piece of paper in my hand. Those were just notes in case I had to check.)

Green dress Essentiel

Below: In the afternoon I spotted a colleague with awesome sneakers which I just had to show you.

Tuesday was a blissful day. There is still work to do, only at normal speed, not in overdrive. One of my colleagues whose work I was covering, came back from holiday. Yay, another chore gone.

Wednesday: Fitness in the morning, shower and washing hair followed by a visit from Anja, my friend from three doors down. Sorting out tax stuff, paying bills, social media, reading, blog post. That was my day off.

Thursday: nothing special.

Friday: visit to the orthodontist for the last stretch. Another 120 days to go.


No Fear of Fashion




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