Saffron shift dressIt isn’t often that I dedicate a whole post to a piece of clothing that I hate. And I hate this saffron shift dress for a lot of reasons. I will sum them up:

  1. Wearing a shoulder bag with it is not possible because it pulls the dress (evidence above).
  2. When you sit down it rides up to a point where it becomes indecent (evidence below).
  3. When you sit down or ride a bike there is a huge gap between the last two buttons.
  4. It looks awful from the side. Like a sack.
  5. The colour isn’t half as good on me as I thought it would be.
  6. With a belt it becomes a little too short for my liking and it bulges if you reach for something.

It was a windy, stormy day when Loes took these photos. I thought it would be a good idea to do the shoot at the Amsterdamse Poort (Gateway to Amsterdam). This gateway is the remains of the old fortress wall protecting Haarlem. Loes was sceptic and she was right, the wind blew through the gate as if it wanted to sweep it clean like Hercules did with the Augean Stable (I know my classics haha).

Below: The Amsterdamse Poort (Amsterdam Gate).

Below: Nice, medieval building. You can image how they defended the town from such a gate.

Below: When the winds blows, my hair is all over the place and me no likey. My forehead is far too high to go without a fringe. I am covering the gap between the last two buttons with my hand and at the same time pulling the dress down.

Saffron shift dress

Below: Inside the gate we tried to find a spot where the wind wasn’t so fierce. This photo of the side of the dress, shows it looks like a potato sack. And with my ample bosom the dress pulls up at the front as well.

Saffron shift dress

Below: Oh gosh, standing on the bridge made matters worse. The strap of the bag is still pulling.

Saffron shift dress

Below: Don’t like these Marks & Spencer shoes underneath a dress either. They are quirky and fine underneath trousers but too low to make it to a dress in my book. Also the suede folds in creases on the inner side of the shoe; not really visible in this photo but take my word for it.

Yellow suede high heels by Marks & Spencer

Below: We decided to go to the quay (on the right in the photo below).

Below: As I originally planned, I changed the high heeled shoes for sneakers and added the belt. Hmm … doesn’t look half bad.

Saffron shift dress

Below: Until the wind starts blowing again. This is far too revealing for me. I am laughing but I am not happy.

Saffron shift dress

Below: Loes dared to sit on this bench.

Below: Oh look.. an Egyptian goose.

Below: Sitting pretty for us.

Below: We tried a more sheltered place. By this time my hair had given up and was stringy. Nope.. the dress pulls, bulges and rides up with a belt and a bag.

Saffron shift dress

Below: Another wind swept place.

Saffron shift dress

Below: With a cat on the roof (blurry picture).

Below: And a cat in a house.

Below: This, apparently, is supposed to be a cow.

Below: You can tell by my face I HAVE HAD IT.

Saffron shift dress

A nice drink in restaurant Zuidam (near the mill Adriaan, see this post) was the end of our unfortunate photo shoot. They had hot chocolate with whipped cream for me.

Below: Detail of the restaurant.

Below: From the side of the restaurant we had a good view on the water and the bridge. This is a lovely bridge which turns sideways to open for ships. Two photos to illustrate this. By this time the weather wasn’t really nice anymore.

I will give the dress (which was second-hand) to somebody else. Somebody who will hopefully enjoy it.

What happened in my life this week

Let’s talk about comments first. I introduced Disqus as a comment system because I wanted you to get my reply in your inbox. I am not so sure whether it was a good idea as I got a lot less comments. I now have asked my technical lady who operates in the background to open Disqus for guest comments with no need to register. If you decide to use this, please leave your (first) name so I know who I am talking to.

A correction on the falling with the bike incident of a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t actually standing on two feet when I fell with the bike. One foot was on the pedal, I was wearing high heels and my bike was heavy on one side. When the bike started shifting I only had one leg to stand on and that wasn’t enough. The bruise on my hip was significant but is now almost gone.

The week report is going to be short as I have to take care of dog Watson and husband Ron. Watson is at that stage where he is sexually active (7 1/2 months) and jumped on another dog who bit a hole in his leg. He had to be operated as the wound was deep and he was castrated in the same operation. Poor Watson. He is now walking around with a great big plastic cone around his face to prevent him licking the wound.

Below: One very unhappy dog.

dog Watson with cone

And his owner Ron is a very unhappy man as he is suffering from shingles. Very severe and it is in his eye too. It is getting worse and more painful, so we have a nasty period ahead of us.

In the meantime I was gallivanting in Turin with Daniela of The Pretty Cute last week, shopping, giggling, eating and drinking coffee (I drank one for three days). More about that next week. If I have time to write the blogpost.

Below: I did well. All these clothes are heavily reduced. Most of them of previous seasons but as they are quality items, they will last a lot longer than fast fashion.

bag with shopping treasures


No Fear of Fashion

Linking up with Patti of Not Dead Yet Style in her Visible Monday. This time about coping with summer.



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