Me in green top and wide blue trousers with DanielaHere we are again, sitting on Daniela’s favourite terrace at the “caffè”. I wore a green top with wide blue trousers, breezy, comfortable and still elegant. At least I thought so and Daniela kindly confirmed. I always feel totally underdressed when I am with her. Daniela has a blog called The Pretty Cute, only she had so much to do this past year that she hasn’t published a post since January. But she keeps the option open to rekindle it.

Because of my knee I couldn’t visit her for two years and I always enjoy visiting her so much. She is the kindest and most hospitable host you can imagine. She claims it is the Italian way. When we first started to exchange comments on our blogs she was very quick in inviting me to come and stay with her and visit the Max Mara outlet. Which we have done every time I come over. Man…. I feel like a child in a sweetshop when I enter that place.

Below: This is what the Max Mara outlet looks like from the outside. See the mannequins in the shop window? If you want to see the inside, click to this post and to this post. When we arrive there, I must prevent myself from running to the door. If you saw my bag with purchases in last week’s post, you know I was very successful again.

Max Mara outlet Turin

Daniela moved apartments and is now living in a beautiful old house on the second floor which is better than her previous one which was on the fourth floor. It is still six short stairs to climb and no lift (elevator). Which is a bit tricky with a suitcase, especially going home again when it is much heavier than on arrival. Sometimes her most charming husband is around and he always carries my suitcase for me. But this time he was on holiday in the south of Italy. Daniela had travelled back home to meet me.

Below: The outfit head to toe photo, taken on her balcony. One of her neighbours made a funny remark which is why I am laughing. I don’t speak Italian, but I got it. Green top from a very sustainable brand/shop (I removed the label.. sorry). Wide blue trousers by Joline Jolink, a sustainable brand in the Netherlands, Black and white belt by Isabella Marant and black platform sandals by Minelli (you will see a close-up of them in next week’s post). Wearing my pearls again for a change.

Green top and wide blue trousers

Below: Doors like this you will find seldom in the Netherlands.

Below: And both parts of this door open electronically. How on earth it is possible to move such a big, heavy door electronically, is beyond me. The courtyard behind the door is charming.

Below: Daniela, who had just scored this beautiful lightweight skirt for 1/5 of the price. After we examined it closely, we found a pretty, sparkling seam just above the rim. It functioned like a lead thread (lead wire) keeping the lightweight skirt stay put and not reveal more than you want. Quality ! She made the turquoise bracelet and earrings herself.

Daniela of The Pretty Cute

Below: I am showing you a few of the magnificent buildings in Turin.




Below: With this statue in the middle of the square. They don’t make them like that anymore.


Below: The second day Daniela wore a black dress, being very elegant again. Even on flat sandals. Boy oh boy what cute sandals.

Daniela of The Pretty Cute

Below: Love her bag as well. Her dog is called Grillo, which is Italian for katydid (grasshopper). When you see him jump for a treat you understand how he got the name.

Daniela of The Pretty Cute

Below: The dress from the back.

Daniela of The Pretty Cute

Below: I had brought this dress which I bought at the Max Mara outlet in 2015 and I still wear it with pleasure.

Blue floral Max Mara dress

Below: It is very lightweight and excellent for hot weather. Only, I must wear a stretch pencil skirt underneath it as it is a bit revealing at the sides.

Blue floral Max Mara dress with blush pink mini bag

Below: I really like this outfit but a dress is more elegant.

Green top and wide blue trousers

What happened in my life this week

A lot happened in my life. First of all, as I got up Friday morning, getting ready to go back home, I found my artificial molar stuck in my braces. Panic. Phoning to my dentist got me an appointment at 12 o’clock. What a pity, I would be in the plane at that time. It was fixed Monday afternoon, which was just in time. My gum had already started to work its way up and the dentist had to push it aside with force. Not nice, but at least it was saved. The swelling went down within two days and the braces fit. Phew… one hurdle taken.

Of course the trouble at home was a lot bigger than the tooth. Dog Watson needed to be taken out for walkies on the leash three times a day as he must wear the cone after his operation. And husband Ron was very ill, in bed a lot of the time, in pain and in need of nursing. I took the Monday off from work to assess the situation, picked up my laptop from the office on my way to the dentist and worked from home the rest of the week. That way I could work on times outside office hours and provide the help my loved ones needed (cooking, grocery shopping, fetching medicines, cleaning up, nursing). Hah… Ron was pleasantly surprised. He never thought I would support him this much haha. It was pretty hard work for me I will say that. Especially letting the dog out. He is frustrated as he cannot run and pulls the whole time which is bad for my knee.

All good things come to an end and all bad things as well. Ron is recovering well, we installed a dog guard frame in Ron’s car, which means Watson fits in the boot with his cone and is safe. I got a lot closer to the dog (sweetheart) and got bonus points with my husband. There is always a silver lining.


No Fear of Fashion


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