Elegant dressKnowing it would be hot and knowing I would be around the elegant Daniela, I packed a few dresses, like this elegant dress with blue and pink stripes. You saw it a couple of times before, like with sneakers in this post. My preference goes to wearing it with pink high heeled sandals. When Dan took the photo I wasn’t paying attention to my pretty mini bag, as its front is turned against my dress. Typical of me. But I did feel very Italian chic, even borrowed Dan’s dog.

Below: This is the bag from the front. Blush pink mini bag by Sequoia Paris.

Sequoia mini bag blush pink

Below: A close-up of the new sunglasses I bought in Italy. Ironically they are a Spanish brand Kaleos. I have to put them on straight I see.

Sunglasses Kaleos and an elegant dress

Lost sunglasses

When I left home, my sunglasses were not in my bag. Of course Daniela would have lent me a pair, but I hate borrowing; always afraid of damaging the borrowed item. After returning home, I turned the whole house and the car upside down. I found my lost sunglasses on Ron’s desk buried under papers. I must have put them there myself but cannot remember this. Probably one of those occasions when you have something in your hand and you get distracted; you put the item down there and then without your brain registering.


Below: Daniela decided that shopping would be the second priority of the day. First priority was a visit to the landmark of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana. You can go up to 85 meters high and see the panoramic view over the city, but we didn’t do that.

Turin Mole Antonelliana

Below: We went in to visit the national museum of cinema which was both educational and fun. Four floors going round the big middle section where, on the ground floor, you could lie in a chair and watch movies.

Mole Antonelliana

Below: Lots of “props”.

Below: As it was dark inside, the photos are pretty bad, but they give an impression. I wore a lime tunic dress that day (more about it later).

Cinema Museum in Mole Antonelliana

Below: A projector. This is how they did it in the old days.

Cinema Museum in Turin

Below: Very majestic building.

Mole Antonelliana

Below: Bad quality but fun: a welfie of Dan and me.

Me and Daniela

Below: We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards we had a drink at the lovely restaurant Farmacia. Oh such a great atmosphere.

Farmacia Turin

Below: The interior of Farmacia.

Farmacia Turin

Below: Daniela was dressed in a cream skirt with a multi-coloured shirt.

Daniela of The Pretty Cute

Below: Close-up of her shoes. Suede with sparkles.

Pretty black suede shoes with sparkles

Below: This is what I was wearing. Not a really elegant dress, but a lime linen dress, belted to a tunic with black trousers. A good observer may recognize this tunic as the one in my blog logo. I wore this lime dress over a pencil skirt in this post (half way). I am wearing the black sandals by Minelli which I also wore with my wide blue trousers in last week’s post. They are really comfortable but…… yes, you guessed it, blisters. Right at the top of my foot, in the middle. Very strange. I have to wear Compeed blister patches until these shoes are broken in. Or forever. Apart from that, walking on them is like walking on sunshine. I wore them the first day without blister patches and couldn’t wear them again the next day. And I based all my outfits around these sandals. Luckily I brought some more shoes. Shoes, feet, blisters are always my problems in summer.

Elegant dress in lime linen worn as tunic

Below: Next door to restaurant Farmacia, is this beautiful building.


Below: Two photos of more splendid buildings in Turin.



Happy days. I could live there. And Daniela is a darling. A very stylish darling.

The end.

What happened in my life this week

Ron had recovered, dog Watson was without stitches and cone. Everything back to normal so I could go out again. YAY.

Saturday: I went shopping with my two friends Sabine and Anke, my “Shopping Saturday group”. Of course I had no intention of buying anything after my visit to Turin. But there were two deals too good to be true: a purple belt for next to nothing and flat shoes by Fratelli Rossetti, the softest shoes possible. The shop had its last day of sale and priced 70% off. Couldn’t leave these items behind. You can read about this happy day with friends next week on the blog.

Sunday: it was a day of combined celebration: my mother’s birthday (August 24) and the birthday of my sister-in-law (September 4). I picked up my mother and went to my brother’s house. My niece was kind enough to drive my mother back home at the end of the day as she lives quite far out of the way. My other niece just had a daughter (14 days old) which of course caused a lot of oohhs and ahhhs. It was a happy family gathering.

Monday: work and a very nice afternoon of brainstorming with my advertising colleagues. We don’t often get the chance to discuss our work together and we loved it.

Tuesday: work.

Wednesday: photo shoot with Kitty. Rain all day. Until 4 p.m. when we were already home for an hour. We did the shoot in the rain. Such a shame as Kitty found a lovely place, a castle. We will go back there when the sun shines. Worked on my blog the rest of the day.

Thursday: work and a do at a supplier. New braces.

Friday: appointment with my mesologist, the one who cures me from headaches and who has advised me not to drink coffee for a while (since the first of June). I am now allowed one cup of coffee a day.

And now for some funny pictures of Watson. He is a very lively and sweet dog.

Below: Dog Watson sees this and thinks “What? Sparrows on the boss’ table?… ”

Sparrows on the table

Below: “……I will chase them away !” So funny, he is like a Muppet dog.

Dog Watson chases the sparrows from the table

Below: Ron sent me this photo with the text: “Dog with lampshade meets cow with hat rack.” The man has such a terrific sense of humour.

Dog with lampshade meets cow with hat rack


No Fear of Fashion


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