Wide blue summer trousers with orange topToday’s post is about friends and family, a report of my weekend two weeks ago. This photo above was taken when the whole family was celebrating both my mother’s birthday and my sister-in-law’s birthday. You have seen these trousers before with a zig-zag jumper in this post. I have created 4 outfits with them which made me quite proud of myself. As Autumn is coming I will save the other two outfits for next year.


The weekend started Saturday with my Shopping Saturday friends Sabine and Anke. It had been a while since we met and the 31st of August was a date we were all available. The fact I had been to Turin the week before and shopped a lot was something I just ignored. I was going to focus on the purchases the other two would make. Yeah, right.

Below: I picked up Anke and made this darling photo of her husband with their daughter as we were leaving. Anke’s husband is such a great guy. I really like him. He is good (for the world), he is funny and he stands his ground. Besotted with his daughter (and Anke).

We met Sabine at fashion store Lutz in Vinkeveen, a large shop with many brands. It was the last day of the sale and all items were 70% marked down. Usually I do not find anything in the sale and certainly not on the last day when all the good stuff is already gone. As the grandmother of a friend once said: “In the sale you will find the things other women didn’t want either”. Sabine disagreed and I had to eat my words as you will see.

Below: At the parking lot of Lutz for the first pictures: Sabine on the left and Anke on the right.

Friends and family: Sabine and Anke

Below: I wore a dress by Bellamy Gallery and peeptoe slingbacks I got in the sale in Turin a couple of years ago, brand Bruchi. These slingbacks are so soft and comfortable that I thought the brand would be very expensive but they are not. I wore this dress with the shoes in this post in 2017 but now I’ve added a proper length slip so it doesn’t look odd when the wind blows the dress against your body. Shame that the bag pulls the dress at the shoulder. There is a lot to be said for a hand-held bag. The colour of the dress is not very good for me, which is why I am wearing green earrings. (I adore Sabine’s bag and shoes.)

Friends and family: me and Sabine

Below: Anke wasn’t planning on buying much but got away with the most purchases. Like this blue coat/jacket.

Friends and family: Anke

Below: Sabine was very tempted by this lovely dress. The thing that held her back was the fact that it was too long to wear with slippers and she didn’t want to wear high heels with it. Even though she loves high heels, there are times when you just want to be comfortable.

Friends and family: Sabine

Below: Both Sabine and I bought the purple belt I am wearing with this dress. It was a steal and is beautifully finished. But I am not going to wear it with this dress anymore. The belt that came with the dress is more flattering. The flat shoes you see, are from my shopping spree in Turin.

Below: Close-up of the shoes. Brand is L ‘Autre Chose, an Italian brand with a French name. 50% off in the sale. I think they are elegant, especially for a flat shoe.

flat black shoes L'Autre Chose

Below: This is how I wore those pretty shoes with a trouser outfit. Outfit seen before here.

flat black shoes L'Autre Chose

Besides the purple belt I bought a pair of white, baby-soft, flat shoes which you will see next week. Anke found a pair of animal print sneakers.

It was time for coffee and lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Below: Anke. She is glowing as she is expecting her second child. Which is why she thought she wouldn’t buy much. But she hit it big time in the next village: trousers and a blouse.

Friends and family: Anke

Below: Sabine contemplating.

Friends and family: Sabine

Below: And the obligatory photo of the three of us.

Sabine, me and Anke

Like always it was a day of laughter, seriousness, talk, talk, talk, as girlfriends do. We are already planning the next date. Luckily for our bank account it won’t be soon.


My family is small. My mum and dad only had my brother and me. And I don’t have any children. Luckily my brother made sure the family grew by having three children. In turn they have children as well. Even without the great grandchildren, birthday parties were always loud, a cacophony of sounds. And I love it. My mum loves it a lot less as her hearing isn’t what it used to be.

As I said before, we celebrated my mother’s birthday and my sister-in-law’s birthday. Which meant I had to pick up my mother in her village near Rotterdam and travel to the east of the country where my brother lives.

Below: The whole family of my brother and sister-in-law.

Friends and family

Below: This is my niece, pregnant with the third one. Annelot and her husband design, print and sell cool T-shirts in a very environmental and sustainable way. I have shown you the T-shirts I got from them a couple of times. Of course she is wearing one.

Friends and family

Below: Big news. My other niece and her man just had their first baby.

Frends and family

Below: Of course mum had to be photographed with her latest great grandchild. My mum became 91 in August. Still lives on her own and in “full working order”.

Friends and family

Below: We had some of the women in our family lined up for the photo.

Friends and family

Below: One last shot of the outfit, as this blog is about outfits as well haha. The T-shirt is Filippa K and very soft. Trousers, brooch and bag: Essentiel Antwerp. Shoes: Marks & Spencer.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: first a cappuccino with Ron downtown. Always so nice. I am “allowed” one cup of coffee per day again. PARTY. Bought a new strap for my watch before I’d lose it due to the sad shape the old strap was in. In the afternoon the hairdresser did my hair again. And it got fully blown apart as I went home.

Sunday: washing (a lot!) , grocery shopping, taking the rubbish out (a lot), making the bed, cleaning the oven, defrosting the fridge, hoovering etc etc. I don’t like all these chores, but they must be done. A friend came to dinner. Ron did all the shopping and cooking. It was delicious.

Monday: work and fitness.

Tuesday: stress at work and Murphy’s Law was upon us. Things for the campaign which ideally had to be finished last Friday, were still in “repair” and “additions” on Tuesday. By 4.30 p.m. most of it was done. Phew. Did the ironing in the evening. Boring thing to report, but then you know my life isn’t all fun and games.

Wednesday: fitness and work for a couple of hours. The nice part started in the afternoon as I had an appointment with a stylist who came to my house. Patty works at a client of my company and I found out she had a styling company of her own: FAM Fashion and more. We got on really well over the phone and by mail, the reviews of her styling work were good, so I decided to ask her to teach me all about proportions. Sylvia of 40PlusStyle has been trying to teach me this as well, but I am a very slow learner in this field. I find proportions difficult. And I didn’t follow her course properly. Anyway, Patty and I had a really good time that afternoon and I learned a lot.

Thursday: work and anxious moments, awaiting the result of the operation of Ron’s best friend. Remember I said there was a shadow hanging over our lives a couple of months ago? That was because Ron’s best friend had surgery which had gone wrong and his life was hanging by a thread since then. Ron supported his friend’s family and I have been lighting candles for months. Those were tough times and this Thursday he had the last operation (hopefully) and it was successful. He is not there yet, but the immediate danger is gone. Pfew.

Friday: quiet at work and we had a friend over for dinner.

Note: remember I did a post about the cathedral Saint Bavo? If you liked that, have a look at this great blog post by my friend Anja about the Saint Bavo Church (not the cathedral) in Haarlem.


No Fear of Fashion


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