bright pink floral blouseAfter hitting the Max Mara outlet, Daniela and I visited the Marella shop in Turin. We both like this brand and last time I was there I came away with really good items. This time I couldn’t resist this bright pink floral blouse with matching pumps (both in the sale) and a pair of wide white trousers. Funnily these white trousers are from the autumn collection. I am planning on wearing them with boots and a jumper further in the season.

The plan was to show you this outfit next spring, but the weather was so beautiful and warm on this last summer Saturday that I asked Loes to photograph it now. The antique market near the park provided the background.

Below: It wasn’t easy to come up with a handbag to go with the outfit. This transparent green bag by Essentiel Antwerp is serving me well. A white or fuchsia bag was a bit off. Black or blue too dark. Etc etc. In this photo I am explaining to the stall owners what we were doing. Of course the outfit was rather conspicuous. Nobody who goes to a vintage/antique market is dressed like this. You cannot haggle when you look fancy.

bright pink floral blouse

Below: Handing my blog calling card. Not too bad, that rear end of mine in these trousers, right?

bright pink floral blouse

Below: This is a clear head-to-toe shot. Loes is getting better and better. I think I should have pulled up my sleeves for a better look, but I forgot.

Below: Husband Ron called, asking me to app him a phone number. Of course I respond immediately (…).

bright pink floral blouse

Below: A nearby park provided beautiful light. I love sunshine through leaves.

bright pink floral blouse

Below: Back at the antique market this woman and I had a good laugh over our bold colour choice.

bright pink floral blouse

Below: By this time my stiletto heels had picked up a few leaves. Very useful shoes, they clean the place up while you are walking. I must have looked like one of those chickens with feathers on their feet haha.

bright pink floral blouse

Below: This market is held in the summer twice a month on Saturdays and once a month in April, May and October. Check the dates if you are planning to visit. The man you see in the photo below sold me a pair of earrings for my mother. They had a pair just like the ones she lost.

antique market Haarlem

Below: These earrings, simple but nice. (We were trying to get my ring into the picture as well.)

coral ear studs

Below: Talking to friends who have a stall on this market. They always have the best display. As they were in the shade from early that morning, they needed something warmer than what I was wearing.

bright pink floral blouse

Below: Switching shoes to a pair by Fratelli Rossetti. I told you last week I bought them 70% marked down when I went shopping with Anke and Sabine. This brand knows how to make shoes. Boy oh boy are they soft ! Like a baby’s skin. And elegant (Daniela approved). You know I hate flat shoes, but I really like these. And no blisters this time.

Below: Time for coffee at a nearby restaurant. (Resting bitch face.)

Bright pink floral blouse

Below: “Walking on sunshine, yeah yeah”.

bright pink floral blouse

Below: Close-up of the oh-so-pretty shoes.

Fratelli Rossetti white loafers

Below: Finishing this post with green, slowly turning yellow and brown. Autumn is coming fast.

Totally forgot to take a photo of Loes. Which is not nice. I remembered as we got home but she said “don’t bother, it wasn’t special what I was wearing”. It didn’t feel right.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: a lot of little things to do: have my mother’s necklace repaired, pick up trousers from the seamstress etc. And (drum roll)…. from 3 p.m. we had our annual street party. I had set a date, registered the party at the city council, typed and multiplied an A4 informing neighbours of the planned event.

The children in the street put the announcements through all letter boxes a month in advance and on the day itself, closed off the street with red and white tape. That was it. I had written that there was nothing organized, just bring your own food, drinks and chairs. Also pointed out that there are people who love to cook and there are people who love to eat and I am the latter. As always there was a lot of food and more than enough drinks. A few people had put their big table in the middle of the street, the owners had moved their cars in time and all prayers for good weather worked as it was lovely. Another lovely street party.

Sunday: Ron and I took dog Watson for another time on the boat as it was sunny weather. He doesn’t mind waves at all. Lovely day. Two photos:

Boat and mill

Watson on board

Monday: work and fitness, nothing special. Wore my red tiger suit to work and found a colleague in a zebra suit! Later that day I spotted another colleague with snake print trousers and one with leopard booties. We make things roar.

red tiger suit

Tuesday: work and a visit to the jaw physiotherapist. Did you know such therapists exist? I didn’t. Anyway, I clinch my jaws too much and this may cause headaches as well. He did say my jaws were tense and started the treatment (massaging). Gosh that hurts. As soon as he stops the pain is gone, but while he is working on your jaws you want to slap him. I said: when do you decide you want to be a jaw physiotherapist? He said it helped when you are a bit sadistic hahaha.

I stained my cream pleated skirt and when I picked up a pair of trousers at the dry cleaners, I took my skirt off there and then for them to clean. I was wearing a coat and a slip underneath, so no funny business. But I had the staff giggling.

Wednesday: a lovely day with my friend Marjolein in the old city of Delft. We did a lot of photographing, eating and laughing. It was a very good day with sunshine.

Thursday: just work.

Friday: again just work. This time from home, which is always very relaxed. Wore stretchy jeans and a corn coloured shirt (below). Crummy iPhone photo.

Jeans outfit

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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