cream trousers and pink jumperWhen I looked in the mirror I felt “pretty in pink” with these cream trousers and pink jumper. I thought about adding a third colour but decided against that. This is such an elegant outfit and I don’t want to fuss with it. OK, I did add earrings in a different colour, that counts as well.

When I visited Lisa, The Sequinist, in London, she took me to Elizabeth Street which is indeed the loveliest shopping street you can imagine (see this post if you missed it). Lisa took me to ME+EM and said “I bet the shop is totally you”. Oh she was sooo right. I only bought these trousers and this jumper at ME+EM, but I could have taken half the shop with me. It is such a shame they aren’t in the Netherlands. On the other hand it’s a good thing for my bank account.

Kitty was my photographer and this day it was raining cats and dogs. We had agreed to go to a hotel with big windows (indoors) but as we drove away it was dry and we changed plans. Slot Assumburg in Heemskerk would provide a lovely background, said Kitty. The castle is now home to a hostel (Stay Okay) which, to me, sounds as a contradiction, but better use it in a less aristocratic way than lose it to decay. The gardens are magnificent. Alas, we couldn’t see them; it was pouring when we arrived. We had to stay inside and under a lean-to.

Below: Love this bright pink jumper. The earrings are bright blue with purple studs on the earlobe.

cream trousers and pink jumper

Below: For the first photos I wore bright pink pumps bought in Turin with Daniela (you saw them last week). Brand: Marella. The bag is a few years old and matches very well. See how lovely the trousers are? If you fancy them and live in the UK, you can still get them in black. Or in brown. Further in this post you will see you can let the hem down.

Cream trousers ME+EM

Below: I also like it with the pink suede sandals you have seen a couple of times.

cream trousers and pink jumper

Below: OK the above shot was because the building made such a pretty picture haha. You can see the outfit better in the photo below.

cream trousers and pink jumper

Below: Although the shade of pink is different from the jumper, I still think the combination is nice. The hem buttons up.

Pink suede high heeled sandals

Below: So far the photos might give you the idea the weather was sunny.

Castle Assumburg

Below: Let me show you the reality. Big umbrella, coat and old flat car shoes as it was pissing with rain. Onwards to the castle.

off-white trench coat in the rain

Below: The off-white trench coat by Les Coyotes de Paris was surprisingly useful in the rain.

off-white trench coat Les Coyotes de Paris

Below: My intention was to show the outfit with red patent leather pumps as well, clashing nicely with the pink of the jumper. Only I took one normal pump and one peeptoe pump with me, both for my left foot. Pretending here as if nothing is the matter.

cream trousers and off-white trench coat

Below: As we walked to another part of the castle I unbuttoned the hem of the trousers.

off-white trench coat Les Coyotes de Paris

Below: Two photos taken while sitting on either side of a big window. The rain still gushing. Wearing my baby skin soft flat shoes by Fratelli Rossetti here (also seen last week). Notice that the back of the jumper is almost the same colour as the trousers. The stripe of the sleeve matches the stripe of the trousers.

cream trousers and pink jumper

cream trousers and pink jumper

Below: The wall paintings in this room are very old but I have no idea how old. The tables and chairs are the adjustment for the hostel I guess. Sigh.

cream trousers and pink jumper

Below: There was a little courtyard, but how to cross it without getting soaking wet? Kitty and I rushed to the arches on the left with the big umbrella protecting us both. After which Kitty grabbed the umbrella and crossed the yard to take photos from the door opening on the right.

Castle Assumburg

Below: The zoom lens worked very well. It would have been prettier if those metal hot-keeping things hadn’t been there, but we had to make do.

cream trousers and pink jumper

Below: Changed shoes again.

cream trousers and pink jumper

We had plenty of photos and had enough of the rain. Time to have a late lunch.

Below: Kitty studying the menu, wearing a very nice, feminine top.


Then I searched my bag for my watch and it was gone. Ron had said he liked the outfit better with two bracelets instead of the black leather watch strap. As I am a very obedient girl (….) I had taken the watch off as we started shooting and put it in my bag. We left the bags unattended nearly the whole time. They were in the reception area and I trusted that nobody would go through them. Now the watch was gone. Was I too trusting? Or did it fall out of my bag on the back bench of my car? We searched. No, not in the car. After lunch Kitty suggested we’d go back and ask whether somebody had found the watch. We were still close to the castle. I didn’t have much faith but it was worth a try. As soon as I walked into the visitors centre and asked, a hostess handed me the watch. I was sooooo relieved, so pleased. As it turned out, another woman (from the morning shift in the visitors centre) had already emailed me with the message my watch was found. I had given her my blog calling card. She told me I had lost it on my way to the parking lot. A kind soul found it and brought it to the centre. My faith in humanity is restored again.

Below: At the very last minute I took this photo of Kitty who looked very smart.


What happened in my life this week

Saturday: it was such sunny weather the whole weekend, so we cruised with the boat again, taking friends along. Watson was good as gold. Took many pretty pictures of Amsterdam but cannot show them all. That would be boring.

Amsterdam on a sunny Saturday

OK, one more. Below you see cat stairs. The cats of the houses on either side of the red “stairs” can climb down onto the street. I love such things.

cat stairs

Sunday: another bright and glorious day. The last one this year I expect. Ron and I went to the beach in IJmuiden to let Watson run and to have a coffee and lunch on the terrace. I always enjoy the cheeky sparrows that pinch your cookie.

Sparrow on the beach

Monday: just work and fitness. Nothing exciting.

Tuesday: Ron and I set off for a few days away. Watson was at a dog retreat where he can play with other dogs. We first went to see the town Dordrecht. Fortunately it was dry (but grey) until 3 p.m., after which it was pouring. And no town is nice when it is raining. I might write a blogpost about our little trip, don’t know yet. Below the harbour of Dordrecht with a giraffe statue in front of it. No idea why.

Dordrecht harbour

Wednesday: a beautiful sunny day to our big surprise. We drove further south to Eindhoven and had a wander around town before we headed to the big shop and factory of Piet Hein Eek, a Dutch designer of furniture and everything else under the sun. Mainly known for his tables made from demolition wood. Below you see a chair designed by Piet Hein. The note says: “Designed by Piet Hein Eek and ruined by Job”. Plus an explanation. Job is one of the founders of Studio Job as well as being a designer. They are friends and sometimes collaborate.

chair Piet Hein Eek and Studio Job

In the evening our friend Arine, who lives in Eindhoven, took us to restaurant 1910. What a treat, the food was excellent.

Thursday: a wet, wet day. It was made all well by our breakfast and lunch at Restaurant Meneer de Boer. The owners created such a loving and welcoming atmosphere. It felt really good and the food was excellent. To hide from the rain, we visited the Philips Museum. Amazing to see the progression and increase in wealth over 70 years. After lunch back home and picking up Watson who was knackered after three days playing with other dogs. We finally had him sleeping all evening.

Friday: although back home, I had taken the day off. Didn’t feel like going to the office for this one day. Visit to the hairdresser to cut my fringe. Visit to the orthodontist to check the braces (70 more days to go). Got a pedicure for lovely feet. Read a magazine, finished this blogpost.


No Fear of Fashion

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