SAMSUNG CSCHaving arrived at Turin on Thursday afternoon, there was Daniela to meet me at the airport. We stuffed all my suitcases in the back of her small car and went for our first cappuccino. And dinner at Eataly. It was so nice to meet one another again. Friendship through blogging.

Below: some shopping in the supermarket too. Daniela on high heels, of course.SAMSUNG CSCThe next day we went for a cappuccino first (we do that a lot) at the square near Daniela’s new appartment. See photo below and at the top of the post. SAMSUNG CSCIn the photo below you can see the differences between us haha. Me, being practical on flat shoes and my beloved skinnies. Daniela, walking elegantly on high heels. I still don’t know how she does it.

You have seen my outfit before in the post Shopping in Leidsestraat.SAMSUNG CSCAfter we had our coffee, we headed to Turin to start our shopping at the Max Mara outlet. I always go wild when I am there. No self control whatsoever. To give you a little idea see the picture below:Max Mara outlet TurinA big, big hall with nothing but clothes, bags and shoes. Fantastic brands for 1/3 or 1/4 of the price. Well, not all of it and not at the opening of the (outlet) season, but I am willing to overlook that…..

Below: trying on sandals. Didn’t buy these, but different ones instead. Even nicer. (When I saw this photo, I was so pleased that I had put nail polish on my toes before I came!)Trying shoes at Max Mara (2 van 2)Below: we both tried on this dress. Needless to say it looked much better on Daniela. My bosom didn’t fit in it so I had to try a bigger size which made it look like a tent. I call this picture “the terrible twins” haha.Trying clothes at Max Mara (1 van 2)Below: Daniela bought this beautiful dress at the outlet and had the perfect necklace in her jewellery box. (Well, box?… Boxes!) Made it herself. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: after all this shopping it was time for lunch in Turin. Which is a perfect town. Modern and old, high fashion, big stores, little stores. Below: a market in a square surrounded by buildings like this. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: a beautiful gallery.Galery TurinBelow: a view from our lunch tableSAMSUNG CSCBelow: and some more cappuccino in the sun. I changed my sneakers for ballerinas as the temperature was high. See? It wasn’t a bad idea to bring so many shoes. I needed them. The white/blue/yellow bag I am pointing at is by Marina Rinaldi (Max Mara group) and just bought at the outlet.SAMSUNG CSCWe did … uh …. go to another shop in Turin. Which sold the brand Marella (also Max Mara group, but no discount this time as it wasn’t an outlet). I still had no hold on myself. Even Dan was shocked (but helped a lot at the same time haha).

Below: amongst other things I bought this skirt and jumper at Marella, which I wore the second day. With modest heels I tried to blend in more with Dan’s elegance. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: in a perfect little shop we found loads of colourful jewellery. The gentleman in the shop made them from 1970 stuff, like earrings or hairclips (the yellow necklace). Very good designs. I bought a purple necklace to go with my black and white sweater. The shop is called Soy Sauce haha. It is in the Via Maria Vittoria (29b).SAMSUNG CSCHere is a link to the post Daniela made about my visit to her.


No Fear of Fashion


PS Here is a link to a display of lovely shoes at the Shoe and Tell Fashion Link up.



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