SAMSUNG CSCYep… I can hear you think….. “Travel clothes…. in high heels… Never”. And I so agree with you.

Last week I visited Dan (Daniela) of The Pretty Cute in Italy. Thanks to Transavia the price for a return flight is very reasonable. Dan and I have become really good friends. Which is one of the beautiful things that come from blogging. Last year you could read on my blog about our first encouter (and the second day and my return visit last year). Even though English is not our native language, we understand one another very well, even without words.

Let’s go back to my departure day. Ron offered to drive me to the airport (Schiphol) and suggested we go a bit earlier, so he could take some pictures for my blog. YES PLEASE.

Below: this is what I was actually wearing as it was still quite cold in The Netherlands and I knew it was going to get quite warm in Italy. A long coat to go with a skirt (I had one with me) but also with trousers. This coat is lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle! You can fold it and push it in a locker, it comes out looking ironed. Perfect for traveling.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: this is what I was wearing underneath the coat. A jacket with two layers of white tops underneath it (removable when it is getting warmer), a jacket that (again) doesn’t crease and you don’t feel you are wearing it. Like a second skin. Flat boots with support soles (for walking long distances) and white skinnies. Well I thought they were skinnies until I saw these photos and realised they have gone a bit wide… Need new ones.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: I have only added this picture because this is how I want to look. Which doesn’t happen that often.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: our national beer brand.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: walking underneath this beer sign from the car park to the airport. You might wonder why I have so many suitcases with me for only 4 days. Yes, you read that correctly, 4 days. Well… one of these suitcases holds the suitcase of Daniela. The one I had to borrow the previous time I visited her.Why did I have to borrow her suitcase? Because I took more clothes home with me than I brought.

Now I was returning her suitcase but thought it would be a good idea to have my own extra suitcase with me. Just in case……. I wasn’t planning any shopping though…. Perhaps just a little bit.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: just for fun: this is what Daniela had with her as a “suitcase” when she visited me last year. OK it was summer then but still…: one pair of shoes (the ones she was wearing), toiletries, sleepwear, three dresses… all in that one beautiful pink handbag you see standing in the middle. If I recall correctly it was an Armani.Travel clothes (1 van 1)-2I am the opposite. I need many, many shoes with me. To begin with, it was 6 degrees Celcius in the morning and 21 degrees in the afternoon. I wear different shoes with tights than with bare legs. Which meant double the numbers of shoes. I needed flat shoes to get me through a day (you are not alone Suzanne). Unlike Dan who walks on high heels on cobblestones for 10 hours at a stretch. I always feel like the ugly ducklin next to her and try to walk on heels too (you will see my attempt in a next post).

Below: I wanted to change shoes for the post pictures and had to look for an empty bench. The man in the picture asked whether he needed to be in the picture too. The conversation between the three of us got rather jolly with talks about photoshopping etc.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: changing my sensible travel boots for my new leopard suede shoes. I still needed to break them in… Can you see me trying to put a little piece of a sock around my toes? I “create” these pieces by cutting off the toe bit from old socks. It is to protect my toes from blisters.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: which is why the photo at the top of the blog is showing you my outfit with heels… simple as that.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: close-up of the shoes. I bought them because I think they are so nice, have a comfortable heel (for me) and are suede. Problem is always that my right foot is bigger than my left foot. When can we buy a shoe per foot? Like a separate bikini top from bottom?SAMSUNG CSCBelow: May I remind everybody that all the pretty flowers are at the Keukenhof until May 17?SAMSUNG CSCBelow: checking the flight.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: and changing back into boots.SAMSUNG CSCNext weeks I will tell you about our get-together in Italy.


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