lemon yellow trousers with multi-coloured shirtBelieve it or not, there was a time you couldn’t take one decent photo of me. I always looked stupid in every photo. My, my… this blogging has taught me a thing or two. Of course when you have a great photographer (Kitty this time), it makes a big difference.

I combined this pair of lemon yellow trousers with a multi-coloured shirt, a bright blue clutch, bright pink belt and purple slingbacks. Loads of colour in this outfit. The shirt has always been a “thing” with me. I couldn’t style it any other way than with my blue skinnies and I didn’t even like that outfit much. Now with these yellow trousers I say YAY, perfect. Plus, I combined the shirt with other trousers as well. I am finally getting the hang of it. These are all items from my own wardrobe.

I posted every item a while ago: the yellow trousers combined with a long white summer jumper, the multi-coloured shirt with my baby blue trousers, the purple slingbacks with a fuchsia poncho. Couldn’t find the post with the blue clutch anymore. A clutch, by the way, which was gifted by my friend Marianne. Again, bless her.

Below: We started our photo shoot near the Maria Stichting. That is what people who live in Haarlem a long time, keep calling the hospital that used to be here.

Lemon yellow trousers and a multi-coloured shirt

Below: There are little corners and towers, old walls and big trees. Oops the curtains have fallen down.

Below: Magnificent old tree with sunshine on the leaves. Makes you happy.

Kitty wanted to take a photo of me with the tree. A bit of a problem. These shoes are far too high as it is and when the heels sink into the grass it is very difficult not to fall, especially with my bad knee. Ron always used to send me into sand and grass, now Kitty does it as well. Is it a photographer thing?

Below:  I took my bright pink tote from the market with me to carry mirror, flat shoes etc.

Lemon yellow trousers and a multi-coloured shirt

Below: We moved on to the Dreef, a beautiful lane near the centre of Haarlem.

Lemon yellow trousers and a multi-coloured shirt

Below: Close-up of the shirt, belt, bag and bracelet.

Pink belt, bright blue clutch and green bracelet

Below: Oh that was tricky, walking on these heels. I am going to replace them, they are really too high. Even if my knee would be fully recovered, they are still too high. I just love the colour.

Lemon yellow trousers and a multi-coloured shirt

Below: I had 7 mm taken off these heels, but because they are on a slope, it felt as if I was falling backwards. So I asked the cobbler to add the 7 mm on again and he did. He is a miracle worker.

suede purple pumps

Below: A school class crossing, no uniforms in the Netherlands. My shirt is longer at the back because I tucked it in at the front. I love this trend. It is so flattering for my figure.

Lemon yellow trousers and a multi-coloured shirt

Below: There were several art objects at one side of the lane. (Artist Pieter W. Postma, name artwork: In Awe.)

Lemon yellow trousers and a multi-coloured shirt

Below: And with Kitty from the other side.


Below: Artist Sjoerd Buisman, name artwork: Stapeling (= stacking).

Lemon yellow trousers and a multi-coloured shirt

Below: Artist Leonard van Munster, name artwork: Power plant.

Below: Artist André Pielage, name artwork Out Loud.

Below: Kitty at work.


Below: And an old statue as well. For people who were executed during the second world war. On the 7th of March 1945, only months before we were freed.

Below: And here I am revealing my actual foot wear. I have told you before: never believe the photo, not even mine, although I aim to avoid fake. Heels are my weakness. I like them so much better than flat shoes.

Artist: Frank Koolen, name artwork: TOTEMETOT.

Lemon yellow trousers and a multi-coloured shirt

Below: We had a lovely lunch on a terrace at the end of the shoot and I took this shot of Kitty.


Below: When my braces are off, I will ask Kitty to take a photo like this and use it as a new profile photo.

multi-coloured shirt

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: had lunch with Misja and Anja in Jansje which is a shop with Fair Design presents and a restaurant with a group of intellectually disabled staff who display a range of talents. They won an award for being the nicest restaurant of Haarlem and the North of Holland. I agree, the atmosphere is enchanting. Sylvia of 40PlusStyle, who is the fourth member of “the Haarlem bloggers” just left for a holiday.

Below: Anja (blog Curly Traveller). She had a late night, overslept and just grabbed some clothes after her shower. Pretty well done I say. She is the Boho-type, the more-is-more type.


Below: Misja (blog MisjaB) left me in awe again. She is a master in combining different styles, colours and patterns. I live and learn looking at her, sometimes shamelessly copying her.


Below: We didn’t take a picture of me, but this is what I was wearing. All shopped from my own wardrobe again. White skinnies, but not too skinny (second-hand) and an anchor blouse by Marlene Birger, quite old. Seen before in this post. The black belt is so old that when I took it off, my white trousers were covered in black muck. The belt is definitely falling apart and I need another one.

Me with anchor blouse

Below: And because it was “layer-weather” I added this jacket which is ancient (brand: Tiger of Sweden).

me with black jacket

Sunday: a day of rest for me. Ron was away to show Watson to his trusted “dog holiday sitter”, a girl who always took care of Charlie when we wanted to go on holiday. She lives in the south of the country which is a bit of a long drive. At least it is for us Dutch, two hours to be exact. I had a lovely lazy day, washing my hair with hair soap which ought to give me more volume At the same time, I used a serum to make it less dry. Quite contradictory. I was quite pleased with the result. I need a couple of more weeks to be sure, but so far it seems that hair soap instead of shampoo indeed gives my hair more volume.

Monday: heck of a day at the office.

Tuesday: saying goodbye to a colleague who is now on sabbatical leave and on return will work with another team.

Wednesday: working in the morning (on my day off!), then a photo shoot with Loes, drinks in my garden afterwards. Loes left and Anja arrived for drinks and a chat.

Below: Anja in her wonderful new dress.


Below: Close-up of her nails and bracelets.

Anja nails and bracelets

After dinner Ron suggested we would take dog Watson to the beach. My plan was to work on my blogpost, but Real Life must always come before Virtual Life, so to the beach we went. It was lovely.

Below: Watson is a lot better dog now, but still a handful. As you can see from these photos, not a very placid dog. Ron is having a hard time keeping him quiet on his lap.

Ron with Watson

Thursday: hectic day again at the office and at 5 o’clock I headed over to friends whose dog had died the night before. They were heartbroken. After our dog Charlie’s death beginning of this year, I so understand what they are going through.

Still contemplating on the braces. Will I continue for another 10 weeks? Or call it a day because good enough is OK? At the moment I am leaning towards another 10 weeks.


No Fear of Fashion




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