purple velvet jacketYou might think this jacket is blue but no, it is not; it is a purple velvet jacket, only the camera has problems with this colour. As a matter of fact, it is so very purple that when the sun hits the jacket it seems to glow purple. I wore this outfit when meeting my friends Marianne and Marijke. Our group of friends is larger but not everybody could make it, so we decided to postpone our get-together. Only Marianne always looks forward to this so much that Marijke and I decided we would pick her up and have a mini gathering.

Below: As always Marianne was dressed very stylish. Notice the details at the side of the jumper (sweater).


Below: To my surprise Marianne had redecorated her living room together with her daughter who is a professional stylist and a bloody good one too. Obviously got the talent from her mother.

Below: Here are some detail photos of her interior. Love it. If you are not interested, just scroll past them (there are 7 photos).

Below: Marijke arrived and of course I took her picture too. In Marianne’s garden. She is a very cheerful person but hard to photograph.


Below: In turn Marijke took this shot of me. The necklace is a gift from my friend Sylvia from 40PlusStyle. She is the one who introduced me to more modern accessories instead of classic jewellery. After she pointed me in this direction, I got the purple ring. Cream (summer) top: Max Mara (I am wearing a Uniqlo heat tech shirt underneath it), flared trousers: Paige (you have seen them many times before), boots: Fly London and bag: Obag.

purple velvet jacket

Below: We started with coffee and lunch. A courteous guy offered to take a picture of the three of us. And this is what my hair looks like most of the time… The fluffed-up, back-combed version of my hair is the one I usually present to you.

purple velvet jacket

And the shopping began…

We started at Passion Boutique in Amstelveen. The owner of the shop was very helpful (and no I did not get a discount for saying this; I still do not earn a penny with this blog and I like to keep it that way).

Below: Marijke trying on lovely trousers with top. We decided that the top put too much emphasis on the bosom. Great if you are not that well endowed but Marijke is.

Below: The jacket was better with the trousers.

Below: From the back. Marijke decided against the trousers as they were too small at the waist and she was looking for a different pair of trousers (slimmer at the ankle) to wear with her new boots. She brought one boot to try with possible trouser candidates. Marianne is sitting at the table (on the left) being our judge.

Below: My husband Ron loved this tunic on her when he saw the photo, I liked it, but Marijke’s daughter hated it and Marijke herself thought it just wasn’t her style. Different people, different tastes. She is wearing the one boot she is trying to find the right trousers for.

Below: This dress came home with her. So nice and looks very good with her boot(s).


Below: Different outfit when she wears this dress with a big sweater and belt. Very much on trend.

Below: Of course I tried on clothes as well (my favourite pastime) and this green blouse became mine.

Below: Just before paying the bill, I asked Marijke to take some outfit photos “head to toe”, for the blog. First we tried it indoors as it was cold.

purple velvet jacket

Below: Then we went outside to get the purple colour right in daylight. The necklace and ring turned out purple but the jacket still looks blue (sigh). Showing the flare of the jeans here.

purple velvet jacket

An inspection of two more shops followed, after which it was drinky-time. The bar Marianne guided us to, was really nice: a brewery in a church, turned into a bar, called Naeckte (=naked).

Below: The brewery part in the church.

Below: The stained glass is still stunning.

Below: A former colleague whom I met in the bar/church took this photo. The furniture was all second hand from a charity shop. Quirky is a nice term for this.

purple velvet jacket

The end of another perfect day.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: only what you have read above.

Sunday: photo shoot with Kitty at an estate in beautiful sunny weather, even though it was cold. In the evening we went to friends to eat green pea soup, a very Dutch winter dish. Followed by a gluten free clafoutis with mango. Delicious.

Monday: nothing special. Work and fitness.

Tuesday: another day of nothing special.

Wednesday: yet another day of nothing special. My life can be boring at times as well.

Thursday: theatre time. I managed to get tickets to a Dutch comedian (Jochem Myjer) who is brilliant and always sold out within an hour. Even if he has 53 dates on which he performs.



No Fear of Fashion

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