Cream trousers with brown jumperDo you recognize these cream trousers? I wore them in September with bright pink pumps and a bright pink jumper. To me that was the ultimate outfit but for the winter it is a little too cold, at least the shoes are. So I have changed the footwear, the jumper and the bag and added a necklace. It is nice but I think I can better than this, so I must try a little harder. The boots are from the Max Mara outlet in 2015. You have seen them a couple of times before, the first time with my cream pleated skirt (still a very nice combination). Funny thing is, I combined the boots in 2015 with the same brown jumper from Sarah Pacini, which is about 20 years old. Probably because I don’t have a lot of brown in my wardrobe.

The bag is Nooki Design (seen before in this post with my dropped crotch trousers) and the necklace is “The Paris Necklace” (worn before with my green jumper). The Paris Necklace was a bit too expensive for me and I only bought it because the owner of the shop talked me off my feet. Oh well, it is a good necklace and it will last me forever.

Both my dear photographers were unavailable which caused me to ask Natalie, the wife of my nephew, whether she would be so kind to take the photos. Natalie is a professional photographer and I didn’t really want to ask her to “work” while we were attending my brother’s birthday. It is like asking a doctor in his free time whether he can have a look at what is wrong with you. Not a nice thing to do but needs must. She laughed and said it was no problem. She is a very relaxed person and a bloody good photographer. We only needed half an hour and every single photo was sharp. Thank you. Natalie.

Below: With my long brown coat from Marella. This coat is at least 10 years old. Rather a classic.

Long brown coat

Below: The tree was our background. Autumn has such lovely colours.

Cream trousers with brown jumper

Below: Natalie was standing in the middle of the street, which was a bit risky. This is my face when I looked at the car that nearly ran her over.

Cream trousers with brown jumper

Below: Followed immediately with laughter as she was unharmed.

Cream trousers with brown jumper

Below: View from the back.

Cream trousers with brown jumper

Below: A garden in this newly built quarter of the town. I am always pleased when I can hold on to something as I never know what to do with my hands.

Cream trousers with brown jumper

Below: Checking my hair in the window of a parked car.

Cream trousers with brown jumper

Below: Yes, the hair looks good again. This photo makes me wonder whether boots underneath these trousers are a good idea or not. Or is it that the jumper is too short? There is something off with the proportions of this outfit. Proportions always give me headaches.

Cream trousers with brown jumper

Below: Details…the boots.

Brown boots

Below: The Paris Necklace

The Paris Necklace

Below: Gold bracelets.

Gold bracelets

Below: The silver Nooki Design bag.

Silver bag

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: had my fringe (bangs) cut and visited my friend Helga in the afternoon. She moved into my neighbourhood at the beginning of this year and I still hadn’t seen her new house. It was splendid.

Sunday: my brother’s birthday in the east of the country. Picked up my mother and we had a lovely time with our family. Everybody is always talking at the same time, a hell of a noise which is very cosy and warm. As you read above, Natalie and I sneaked out for half an hour to do the photo shoot. For dinner we had Indonesian food which was delicious.

When there is a buffet, I am always the first to dig in. Not something I am proud of but I do get my food when it is still hot. Below you will see a little photo strip story of my nephew Martijn and his aunt Christa making fun of me, my outfit and the fact I was at the food so quickly. They were kindly mocking me haha. Christa’s son Jeroen overheard them and documented everything. They were caught gossiping.

Gossip by Jeroen

Thanks Jeroen for documenting, editing and adding English subtitles. That was very sweet of you.

Monday: the big day my braces came off. I was supposed to continue wearing them for another 30 days. They weren’t really bothering me, but I was fed up and my teeth were straight enough. Now I must get used to my new appearance (strange but true) and night retainers are in the make.

Tuesday: work and a training (for work), nothing special.

Wednesday: my friend Jeanne visited me unexpectedly. We have been friends since we were 16. She arrived in the afternoon and stayed for dinner. Dear husband Ron cooked mussels again. Such an easy and delicious dish. I hadn’t seen Jeanne for a long time (a year?) so we had a lot to catch up on. Below: here we are in a grainy iPhone welfie.

Thursday: work and I got a bit snappy with a few people who were attending our presentation. My colleagues said afterwards: you might have been right, but this was not the time and place to react in such a way as there were other people present and that isn’t nice to witness. Of course they are right and I apologized. 65 years old and still learning. Well, I am not really learning as this has happened before and I never learned. I react on an impulse. The incident affected me and I wasn’t in a good mood when I got home, so Ron took me out for dinner to our favourite steak restaurant.

Friday: working from home, which was good as I could do the washing in between. This weekend is going to be hectic and I won’t have enough time to do this.


No Fear of Fashion



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