Dropped crotch trousersThese photos were taken in a hurry. Hoping we would have time to take pictures, I dressed for the occasion in my dropped crotch trousers and brought my camera. I lucked out. After we visited my sister-in-law on her birthday, we needed a spot where we could let dog Watson run free. De Parel van Zuilen (pearl of Zuilen) has a big garden and was a perfect place to shoot some hasty photos. Although there isn’t much variety in this post, I have my best trump card: Watson. Who cares about my outfit when you can look at this cutie?

Below: Two pictures of De Parel van Zuilen, an estate where you can have a party. Of course this place is so much better in (later) spring and summer, when the trees are green and the sun is shining.

Below: There is already some spring to enjoy with these magnificent magnolia trees.

Dropped crotch trousers

Below: Beautiful tree.

Below: The details… cream shirt by Filippa K (bought and never worn; shame on me. I just couldn’t style it). Dropped Crotch trousers Munthe plus Simonsen, a Danish brand. Bought it in 2012. You can see it in this post of 2012 with high heels. And in this 2014 post, worn with knee high cream boots. Belt: old. White boots with block heel Fly London. You have seen them many times before.

Dropped crotch trousers

My dear departed friend Pat commented on these trousers in 2012 by saying: “Hang on to these trousers. They will be great to hide your nappies* when you are old”. God how I miss her. She had such a great sense of humour. I cannot look at her photos without crying.

* nappies = diapers for the US readers

Below: Surprise, surprise. A kid from the estate was walking the dog as well. Our Watson is 11 weeks old in this photo and the black dog 1 year. Quite a big difference. Watson looks rather bewildered as if to say: “Holy cow”.


Below: The sensible thing to do in such a case: surrender and show the other one you are disarmed.


Below: More spring flowers and a puzzling statue.

Dropped crotch trousers

Below: The estate had bright blue tables and chairs out. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t.

Dropped crotch trousers

Below: The crest.

Below: Ron was taking my picture through the leaves of the tree, which always benefits the tree more than me, but he likes the artistic point of view. This was a funny one: Watson nearly made me trip and I had to quickly switch hands on the leash. See the tip of my tongue?

Dropped crotch trousers

Below: To the right of the building was a gate and there was more wind. Wearing my heat-tech Uniqlo shirt underneath. I will reveal the details of the bag further down.

Dropped crotch trousers

Below: Say Watson.. do you know what a difficult position this is for my knee?

Dropped crotch trousers

The details

Below: Crossbody bag in silver by Nooki Design. There is rather a story to tell about this. I saw the bag on Instagram, worn by Lynne Meek of Styling Matters. Fell in love and ordered a similar one in gold in December. Two weeks after my order, my friend Marianne gifted me a golden bag (see here). I contacted Nooki Design and said the bag still hadn’t arrived and if it did I would send it straight back (so sorry). Two golden bags is a bit much, even for me. Cat, one of the owners, was ever so understanding and helpful. In the end the bag never reached me but was sent back to Nooki Design, who had already refunded me. Lynne kept flashing this silver one before my eyes on Instagram and I caved in. It is a little bit boho for me, which I am absolutely not. But I still like it a lot.

Silver crossbody bag

Below: The necklace. I have this one for years and remember I bought it at Wolford of all places. It suits the style of the bag.

long sparkly necklace

Below: The bracelet. Bought second hand. Love it. Wore it with my long green skirt (3 ways in this post).

Sparkly bracelet

As I said, a short post.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was lovely. Lots of sunshine and I met Helena, a friend since… I don’t know. 1986?? Strolled through Haarlem, sat in the sun and talked. I’ll show you the photos in next week’s blogpost.

A lot of work happened this week. I work full-time which is 36 hours a week, spread over 4 days of 9 hours, leaving the Wednesday as my day off. Not this week though. We were shooting a TV commercial on Wednesday and there was a lot of work to do on the computer as well. A day of 12 hours. They pay me handsomely, but I do have to put in the effort.

After work I rush home to relieve Ron of his puppy duties. After having taken care of our demanding little fellow all day, Ron needs a bit of rest. The good stuff: Watson sleeps alone downstairs and 9 hours on a stretch. Heaven. Hardly any “accidents” in the house anymore and when a wee is misplaced indoors, it doesn’t really matter. We made downstairs “wee-proof”. The only thing we need to master now is how to tone him down between 20.00 and 22.00 hours. He goes wild and wants to bite me where he can. Not nice. Probably just a teething phase. Not nice though.

Got a funny and lovely compliment by my husband after I had “smoothed things over” with a business associate of him. He said: “I bet you can talk the devil into putting hell on a pilot light.” It killed me laughing and I want that saying written on a tile.

Mum got me worried by not feeling well at all. Turned out she had not taken a pill which she was supposed to take every other day. After she took one, she instantly felt much better. Pfff….. what a relief.

The braces are getting my teeth straight in no time. When I inquired whether it would perhaps only take half a year instead of a year, it was a negative. A year it is. Oh well, the braces don’t really bother me and they do have this very nice side effect: I have lost significant weight. Dropped from 64.5 kilo to 61 kilo in two and a half months. (1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds). Imagine, it has taken me 10 (TEN) years to lose 1 kilo and now I am as slim as I was 20 years ago. Enjoying the hell out of it. Belts which never fit me, all of a sudden fit and look great. I cannot stop looking in the mirror. I don’t think I eat that much less than I used to before the braces, although I might be wrong. Could it be it is because I only eat three times a day? I take the braces out to eat half an hour in the morning, half an hour at lunch and an hour for dinner. Trying to eat as much as I can in that limited time AND have my beloved coffee. When there are sweets available I munch them as well. Outside these times I do not eat or drink, except water. And the odd coffee with cake once a fortnight as exception to the rule. Joan Collins used to advocate this “three meals a day and nothing in between”. Perhaps that is the trick?

And that was that this week.


No Fear of Fashion

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