suede leggingsContinuing with second-hand shopping, both the batwing jumper and the suede leggings are second-hand from Today’s Vintage. A few months back I scored well in that shop. The batwing jumper is by Maje, a French brand and the suede leggings are by Pauw, a posh and expensive Dutch brand. My golden boots are a couple of years old and you have seen them many times. Still going strong. And of course, as promised, here is the golden crossbody bag, gifted by Marianne.

The jumper is great for my figure, hiding all the things I want to hide and with my height, easy to wear. Being cotton is a huge advantage as wool makes me itch. But… there are two things wrong with it. One, the front of the jumper tends to ride up. Solution: pin it in place with a brooch on the Uniqlo heattech shirt underneath. The second flaw are the sleeves. They also ride up. Not too much of an issue when you are wearing a black top underneath, but it is not what I really want. So I have to watch the sleeves. Which, of course, I don’t. The brooch is from the Max Mara outlet in Turin.

I wore this outfit to go shopping with my friends Anke and Sabine, the Shopping Saturday girls. In Utrecht again. We have been here before. Utrecht is a nice town, with a compact centre. We really only did one street. Thoroughly though. Knee is still not up to walking a lot; this one street was perfect.

Below: Anke on the left and Sabine on the right. We exchanged a few good stories and laughed our heads off.

Below: Close-up of the brooch in charcoal, brown, burnt orange and chrystal. I also wore a purple cowl to brighten things up a bit, but the girls dismissed it as “not nice”. My husband had said the same that morning. I still disagree with them all and I think I am going to be pigheaded. You will see the cowl further down.

Below: Coffee, always the start of any girlfriend meeting. This place was particularly good in extras and their cakes were delicious. It is called Hop & Stork, Lijnmarkt 1, right in the centre; they have a huge selection of chocolate too.

Below: Actually that statement about “coffee first” is not entirely true as we passed a shoe shop on our way to the restaurant and just had to go in. These tall black boots were in the sale and absolutely perfect for Anke. She bought them.

Below: Sabine found these boots by Miu Miu in the sale and is still contemplating. They are very nice, but she had already ordered a pair of black boots online which were on their way.

Below: I wore my kimono coat with long black leather gloves and the purple cowl (soft as a kitten). Camera and other stuff are in my checked shopper (a present from Marianne as well, a couple of years ago). In the third bag is a pair of low heeled ankle boots which I scored in the shoe shop. They were heavily reduced from € 325 to € 75. I admit, I haven’t gone cold turkey with “No Shopping”. There is a little room for allowance when such a bargain comes along.

Grey kimono coat with purple cowl

Below: Close-up of the golden crossbody bag.

After the coffee we took some outfit shots outside. COLD.

Below: This is a different restaurant than our coffee one. The seats outside made for a good background.

Below: As I said: COLD. The suede leggings fit like a glove and are really comfortable. I think they go well with this batwing jumper.

suede leggings and batwing jumper in black and white

Below: And this is how the outfit looks with the purple cowl. Taken a couple of days later. What do you think? With or without?

Suede leggings, batwing jumper and purple cowl

Below: Ankie was wearing a beanie and a thick jacket. If she ever wants to get rid of that jacket, I’ll be first in line.

Below: Sabine was also cuddly and cosy. Being fashionable with her cowboy boots and wearing a new green leather skirt. She is “in her green phase” haha.


Below: We really got started in the shop of Essentiel. Those coats were so cuddly…

Below: And one with the three of us…

Below: I did think about this coat (in the sale) but decided it was too wide on the shoulders which I don’t want to emphasize. When I kept the lapels more together at the top it did look really cute though. As you know I like a bright colour. Ron liked the cream one better on me. Alas, the coats wardrobe is chockablock.

orange teddy coat

Below: Sabine tried on this dress, but because it was too high necked, it was dismissed.

Below: Anke looked great in this cap but she didn’t buy it.

Below: Another item that did not leave the store, was this jacket. Lovely as it was, Sabine wanted a cardi not a jacket. Which is why she looks so sad.


Below: The pièce de la résistance for me were these cream white boots. I adore white boots. Why? I don’t know. Because Barbie had white boots? Because I thought those majorettes looked so good in their white boots? Both are reasons why most women detest white boots, but I love them.

Below: I thought they looked super on me, but Knee did not agree. Reason prevailed over emotion and I did not buy them. A week later I tried them on in a smaller size and they felt fine. Well… as far as a heel of 10 cm can feel fine… Still contemplating. Two centimeters lower would be perfect.

suede leggings and white high heeled ankle boots

We had received such a good service at Essentiel and we left the shop after trying so much with… nothing. We just couldn’t find the right thing. Sorry Essentiel, I will make it up to you.

Below: We even got offered prosecco by the really helpful sales lady. Anke was game.

Below: In another shop, Sabine found this sporty cardigan. It came home with her.


Below: In the last shop I tried on this green dress. The face and hair are bewildered, but the dress looks nice. That is to say.. the elastic in the waist was riding up which gave me an odd shape. In theory a good dress, in reality I can do better. No purchase.

Below: Sabine found the trousers of my red suit with tigers. She liked them very much and bought them. The matching jacket got a no from her. What amazes me is that her belly is a lot flatter than mine and she has had two children and I have had none.

If you compare the trousers on her and on me, you will see that they are a lot shorter on me. The green top in this photo was a dress she tried on.

Below: One last photo of pretty Utrecht and we went home.

We hadn’t overspent this time, which left us content and puzzled haha.

What happened in my life this week

Strange (holiday) week of course. Saturday: hairdresser. My hair was cut and the outgrow dyed. At lunchtime I moved a couple of metres further down the street to meet Sylvia of 40PlusStyle. Unfortunately, the photo I took of her turned out to be a video. So no photo.

On the last day of 2018, we went back to the furniture shop to close the deal for two new easy seats. The fabric of the old ones is really threadbare. Knowing how important the seats are for the look of our living room, I had bought and stored extra fabric to re-upholster them when necessary. However, the old seats are lovely to look at but not comfortable to sit in, so we decided to buy new and different ones, and still use the fabric we had. It will take a couple of months, but the deal is done. If you want to know what our colourful living room looks like, just hit the link.

New Years’ eve we spent with friends, a couple we know a long, long time. We played Pictionary and roared with laughter. What a splendid way to end a year.

Quiet blogging days followed and back to work on Thursday.

I want to end with a tip for those who would like to find their signature style or want a little style refresh. My friend Sylvia is hosting a “Find Your Style Challenge” for free starting January 14. I think you’ll love it and I am sure you will learn a lot from her, as I have done. Here is the link to join for free at 40PlusStyle.

40PlusStyle Free challenge


Linking up (again) with Patti (Not Dead Yet Style)’s Visible Monday.

No Fear of Fashion

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