red jacket with tigers on jeansRemember, two weeks ago I showed you this jacket in my post Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat? Nynke (owner of the shop Wynia) tracked the jacket down in my size. Cheerfully I went back to the shop, determined to buy only the jacket. But… as I looked at the trousers, I decided to give them a try. And me liky. Me liky very much. Richard, one of the stylists at Wynia, gave me black pointy pumps to assess the outfit better and I was sold. To the pumps as well, but they had to order half a size smaller for me. I am a difficult customer 😆 .

As my neighbour Kitty so kindly offered to take my blog photos we headed for the park last Sunday. Beautiful weather, not too bright, not too warm, not too cold. Perfect. Plus a perfect photographer and a killer suit. Ideal circumstances.

Kitty let me walk up and down the paths as she prefers photos with movement. Believe it or not but me and Knee can do that for two paths. As soon as I had to walk a bit further or got to wobbly surfaces like grass, I had to switch to my ballerinas.

You are now probably wondering why I need new black pumps when I have these ones. I can hear you think. Well, that is because mine are pretty high (= not comfortable) and they have a round toe. The ones at Wynia are by a brand called Panara and they make cushion-soft pumps which are just a little lower than mine AND have a pointy toe, which I prefer. Yes, dear readers, those are my worries. I know. It makes me feel very privileged, happy and guilty. I often wonder “How come I got so lucky while others lead such a rotten life?”. Of course I try to do my bit to make this world a little better, but I know I could do a hell of a lot better. For instance by donating half my salary to people in need. The fact I don’t, creates the guilt.

Anyway enough of this. Let’s not start a discussion about how much charity one is supposed to embrace but move on to frivolous things like my suit.

Below: There were leaves falling, nuts in the grass and spring flowers blooming, a very strange combination. Those lilac flowers made a lovely picture though. This is a real Greetje outfit. Jeans, smart jacket and high heels. Brand jeans is Denham, bag Essentiel Antwerp.

Below: A closer look at the jacket. Tigers !

red trouser suit

Below: There were lots of dogs in the park (with their owners of course). Loved this bulldog. Took a quick picture with my iPhone.


Below: Here we go… the whole suit. I had dropped my jeans right in the middle of the park and changed into the suit trousers. Nobody saw anything, but even if they had, I couldn’t care less. These few seconds of seeing my bare legs.. pff.. so what? The suit with tigers is Silvian Heach. When I looked at it on their site, I learned that I am supposed to wear it with a black lacy/see-through body. Hmmm, not these days. But it does show that you can easily wear it to a party. Haven’t tried this T-shirt day version with sneakers. I will though.

Red trouser suit

Below: Calmly walking towards Kitty, watching my step on those heels. I love this photo. Never thought that the suit could be this great and the trousers could be such a perfect fit. It is not easy to find the right fit in trousers as my hips and bum are small and my waist is pretty big. Plus a tummy. These trousers fit like a glove and make you believe my figure is perfect. Which just goes to show what the right fit/the right clothes can do for a person.

Red trouser suit

Below: OK, it was too difficult to kill all “my darlings”, so another photo. The tigers are roaring.

Red trouser suit

Below: And another sweet doggy. I always talk to any dog. The black bag I am carrying contains my ballerinas, my jeans and a black top.

Red trouser suit

Below: The suit from the back. The jacket is exactly the right length for me and so are the trousers. No alterations necessary.

Red trouser suit

Below: I got up this little hillock, wearing my ballerinas.

Red trouser suit

Below: Searching for the next change… my black top.

Red trouser suit

Below: Richard who styled me at Wynia, put me in a black merino wool sweater. Which was short. I explained to him that in general I do not show my bottom. He said I was nuts. The sweater was nice but I have black sweaters and I was already grossly overspending. So this is my own sweater. What didn’t work, were wide, long sweaters. Richard had already warned me not to wear a long one on these trousers. My secret: I cannot style that well, but I know a heck of a lot of people who can. YAY.

Red trousers with tigers and black top

Below: Rear end in full sight. OK, I can live with this. Probably do need that merino wool sweater so you don’t see the waistband of the trousers as much as in this tight top.

What appaled me in this photo though, was the back of my fore-arms. Holy moly, I never see them; these wrinkles are seriously bad!! I need long sleeves instead of 3/4. Or … it is now time for acceptance. I think I will choose the latter. These arms belong to an 80 year old woman. Damn those bad genes. Of course I could have left this photo out, but you know how I am. I like a nice photo but will never hide the truth. Just for balance.

Red trousers with tigers and black top

Below: Ahh… another dog. Trying to whistle but he didn’t take a blind bit of notice. Far more interested in other doggies.

Red trousers with tigers and black top

Below: One last shot. That little white bag is really useful. Never would have thought so.

Red trousers with tigers and black top

What happened in my life this week.

Still very busy at work. Which is not going to be different for a couple of months I think. Oh well, they don’t pay me that nice salary to sit and do nothing.

Went for lunch in Amsterdam with Ron on Wednesday. Nice. People watching with my love. That morning he had taken me to the garage as my car needed service. I wore my flared page jeans that day and a top with sequins on the sleeves. My two toned boots (black and white) are Fluevog. I wore these boots and jeans before with a bright green jacket in this post. And you can get a closer look at the top (Tricot Chic) in this post. I don’t look much like a pit-babe, do I?


Below: UPS delivered my present from Marianne… The Bag. Excitement. Similar to the excitement when I received a red tote from Midlife Chic Boutique, two weeks ago. I want proper photos of that bag before I show you that one.

Chloé bag

Below: And you are not getting more than this grainy photo of the Chloé bag either. Need proper photos to do it justice.

Chloé bag

Below: Our office department had an afternoon of sharing learnings and tips at a venue away from the office. After the official part, we had drinks on a roof terrace. Here I am with three colleagues. I was wearing flat shoes but I am still surprised I look so petite. I have always been the tall girl. Good food made these lads grow to tall, strong men.

My colleagues

Below: On Saturday Ron and I invited friends to join us on a boat trip. It wasn’t sunny, it was even rather cold, but it was still a lovely day. Photographed these houses in Amsterdam. They all lean against each other.


I also met “my editor” Saturday morning. A bubbly personality and we got on very well. She promised not to mess with “my tone of voice” haha. She is an editor, she does not do a re-write. So don’t worry.


No Fear of Fashion

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