Red trouser suit that roars…

red jacket with tigers on jeansRemember, two weeks ago I showed you this jacket in my post Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat? Nynke (owner of the shop Wynia) tracked the jacket down in my size. Cheerfully I went back to the shop, determined to buy only the jacket. But… as I looked at the trousers, I decided to give them a try. And me liky. Me liky very much. Richard, one of the stylists at Wynia, gave me black pointy pumps to assess the outfit better and I was sold. To the pumps as well, but they had to order half a size smaller for me. I am a difficult customer 😆 .

As my neighbour Kitty so kindly offered to take my blog photos we headed for the park last Sunday. Beautiful weather, not too bright, not too warm, not too cold. Perfect. Plus a perfect photographer and a killer suit. Ideal circumstances.

Kitty let me walk up and down the paths as she prefers photos with movement. Believe it or not but me and Knee can do that for two paths. As soon as I had to walk a bit further or got to wobbly surfaces like grass, I had to switch to my ballerinas.

You are now probably wondering why I need new black pumps when I have these ones. I can hear you think. Well, that is because mine are pretty high (= not comfortable) and they have a round toe. The ones at Wynia are by a brand called Panara and they make cushion-soft pumps which are just a little lower than mine AND have a pointy toe, which I prefer. Yes, dear readers, those are my worries. I know. It makes me feel very privileged, happy and guilty. I often wonder “How come I got so lucky while others lead such a rotten life?”. Of course I try to do my bit to make this world a little better, but I know I could do a hell of a lot better. For instance by donating half my salary to people in need. The fact I don’t, creates the guilt.

Anyway enough of this. Let’s not start a discussion about how much charity one is supposed to embrace but move on to frivolous things like my suit.

Below: There were leaves falling, nuts in the grass and spring flowers blooming, a very strange combination. Those lilac flowers made a lovely picture though. This is a real Greetje outfit. Jeans, smart jacket and high heels. Brand jeans is Denham, bag Essentiel Antwerp.

Below: A closer look at the jacket. Tigers !

red trouser suit

Below: There were lots of dogs in the park (with their owners of course). Loved this bulldog. Took a quick picture with my iPhone.


Below: Here we go… the whole suit. I had dropped my jeans right in the middle of the park and changed into the suit trousers. Nobody saw anything, but even if they had, I couldn’t care less. These few seconds of seeing my bare legs.. pff.. so what? The suit with tigers is Silvian Heach. When I looked at it on their site, I learned that I am supposed to wear it with a black lacy/see-through body. Hmmm, not these days. But it does show that you can easily wear it to a party. Haven’t tried this T-shirt day version with sneakers. I will though.

Red trouser suit

Below: Calmly walking towards Kitty, watching my step on those heels. I love this photo. Never thought that the suit could be this great and the trousers could be such a perfect fit. It is not easy to find the right fit in trousers as my hips and bum are small and my waist is pretty big. Plus a tummy. These trousers fit like a glove and make you believe my figure is perfect. Which just goes to show what the right fit/the right clothes can do for a person.

Red trouser suit

Below: OK, it was too difficult to kill all “my darlings”, so another photo. The tigers are roaring.

Red trouser suit

Below: And another sweet doggy. I always talk to any dog. The black bag I am carrying contains my ballerinas, my jeans and a black top.

Red trouser suit

Below: The suit from the back. The jacket is exactly the right length for me and so are the trousers. No alterations necessary.

Red trouser suit

Below: I got up this little hillock, wearing my ballerinas.

Red trouser suit

Below: Searching for the next change… my black top.

Red trouser suit

Below: Richard who styled me at Wynia, put me in a black merino wool sweater. Which was short. I explained to him that in general I do not show my bottom. He said I was nuts. The sweater was nice but I have black sweaters and I was already grossly overspending. So this is my own sweater. What didn’t work, were wide, long sweaters. Richard had already warned me not to wear a long one on these trousers. My secret: I cannot style that well, but I know a heck of a lot of people who can. YAY.

Red trousers with tigers and black top

Below: Rear end in full sight. OK, I can live with this. Probably do need that merino wool sweater so you don’t see the waistband of the trousers as much as in this tight top.

What appaled me in this photo though, was the back of my fore-arms. Holy moly, I never see them; these wrinkles are seriously bad!! I need long sleeves instead of 3/4. Or … it is now time for acceptance. I think I will choose the latter. These arms belong to an 80 year old woman. Damn those bad genes. Of course I could have left this photo out, but you know how I am. I like a nice photo but will never hide the truth. Just for balance.

Red trousers with tigers and black top

Below: Ahh… another dog. Trying to whistle but he didn’t take a blind bit of notice. Far more interested in other doggies.

Red trousers with tigers and black top

Below: One last shot. That little white bag is really useful. Never would have thought so.

Red trousers with tigers and black top

What happened in my life this week.

Still very busy at work. Which is not going to be different for a couple of months I think. Oh well, they don’t pay me that nice salary to sit and do nothing.

Went for lunch in Amsterdam with Ron on Wednesday. Nice. People watching with my love. That morning he had taken me to the garage as my car needed service. I wore my flared page jeans that day and a top with sequins on the sleeves. My two toned boots (black and white) are Fluevog. I wore these boots and jeans before with a bright green jacket in this post. And you can get a closer look at the top (Tricot Chic) in this post. I don’t look much like a pit-babe, do I?


Below: UPS delivered my present from Marianne… The Bag. Excitement. Similar to the excitement when I received a red tote from Midlife Chic Boutique, two weeks ago. I want proper photos of that bag before I show you that one.

Chloé bag

Below: And you are not getting more than this grainy photo of the Chloé bag either. Need proper photos to do it justice.

Chloé bag

Below: Our office department had an afternoon of sharing learnings and tips at a venue away from the office. After the official part, we had drinks on a roof terrace. Here I am with three colleagues. I was wearing flat shoes but I am still surprised I look so petite. I have always been the tall girl. Good food made these lads grow to tall, strong men.

My colleagues

Below: On Saturday Ron and I invited friends to join us on a boat trip. It wasn’t sunny, it was even rather cold, but it was still a lovely day. Photographed these houses in Amsterdam. They all lean against each other.


I also met “my editor” Saturday morning. A bubbly personality and we got on very well. She promised not to mess with “my tone of voice” haha. She is an editor, she does not do a re-write. So don’t worry.


No Fear of Fashion



  1. 23 September 2018 / 16:53

    Wow Greetje, what an amazing suit. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can totally understand you writing “Me liky very much.” As I have followed you for quite some time now, I can imagine that you will wear the suit less often than the combination of your favourite jeans with just the blazer. Of all three terrific outfits you have shown us today, this is my favourite by far (and I think yours too). Suits being totally hot this season, I think you were ever so right buying the whole thing, including awesome pumps to go with them. I like your thinking: that knee will heal and then I will need heels again! Oh, and seeing you with that dog in your tiger suit reminded me of the following Indian proverb: Every dog is a tiger in his own street. Love, Lieske

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 09:08

      What a great proverb: every dog is a tiger in his own street. So true. Applies to cats as well.
      I will surprise you now, I like the suit better worn as a suit than only the jacket with the jeans. Those pumps by the way, were no problem for my knee. It is really odd how some high heeled shoes give my knee less problems than some other flat shoes.

      • 24 September 2018 / 21:15

        Okay, you did it Greetje! You really surprised me by writing you like the suit better worn as a suit. Good for you!!! You will enjoy your purchase to the max that way. Love, Lieske

  2. Saysee Rizental
    23 September 2018 / 17:16

    I really enjoy reading your posts on Sunday morning (Texas, USA time). I loved the suit and you look lovely. Great photographer.

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 09:09

      The suit is great and the photographer is awesome, capturing it like this. I am so pleased you enjoy my posts!

  3. Gee
    23 September 2018 / 17:48

    Oi, you, less of the wrinkly arms belonging to eighty year old women! My own crinkles have got a couple of years to go yet but now you’ve made me think I’d better check the backs of my arms – the last place I’d have thought to look! Grrr!

    Loved the last photo – you know, the one of Amsterdam! And LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the rest! I mean, tigers, cute dogs, a sunny day in one of my favourite cities – what’s not to love? Oh, what about the pictured you? Terric, kiddo, you look good! Just one request: Please may I borrow Richard?!

    Have a great week.
    Hugs x

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 12:11

      I had to laugh over your intro: “Oi you”.. haha. I could have said that. You are right, there are 80 year old women without too many wrinkles. Like my friend Lia still has dark long hair without any grey at 64. My genes are bad when it comes to skin. But.. I have shapely legs, so I focus on that.
      Thank you for all the compliments. And Richard?? I am afraid you will have to visit him at the shop in Amsterdam.

  4. 23 September 2018 / 17:57

    I’m sure you’re not surprised that I love this suit on you. Already the jacket was fab but the whole suit is amazing.

    This really reminds me of the red bold jumpsuit I wore in Amsterdam with you. See how you’ve grown into some serious prints and colour? Love it!

    Your neighbour took some great photos too. You look very relaxed.

    I always hate it when I see bits of myself on camera that I don’t notice in real life. I’m kind of grateful I don’t have to see everything going on back there regularly.


    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 12:14

      I think I was already into colour. Always have been. But you are right about print. Still haven’t got much print items but making it up with this suit haha.
      That jumpsuit of yours was (is?) terrific. I remember it well.
      Kitty, the photographer, did an amazing job. So pleased with the result.
      My mother used to say to me: “hey, there are also people seeing your back, you know!” But I choose to ignore that.

  5. Claudia
    23 September 2018 / 19:35

    WoW! What a nice red suit an what a nice photo’s. I hope that Ron doesn’t feel offended! I always found his photos real great!
    And what a lovely and known surroundings!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 12:16

      Ron has a great creative eye. He knows how to shoot a good photo from the right angle. But he is really very relieved that I found others to do the job. He is not in the slightest offended.
      Did you recognize the park? It is between Kenaupark and Leidsevaart.

  6. 23 September 2018 / 20:51

    Great that she got the blazer for you! Great suit you look stunning! I had to pin your outfit immediately to my fashion over 60 board! You rock lady!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 12:17

      Well thank you Nicole. What an honour. Yes I couldn’t leave those trousers at the shop. They fit so well and I love the complete suit.

  7. Dorothy Fitzmaurice
    23 September 2018 / 21:12

    Wonderful! You look so happy!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:38

      I get help from photographers and from an editor, I have a loving husband and a lovely house, lots of friends; I bought an awesome suit, I have a nice job, and I am reasonably healthy…. many ingredients for looking happy.

  8. Amy
    23 September 2018 / 21:59

    Greetje, I love your “tone of voice”! 😉

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:39

      Oh good!! That means I am doing well. I wouldn’t know how to write any other way. Or want to.

  9. Mels
    23 September 2018 / 22:07

    I will confess that I thoughts the pants and jacket together would be too much but, no. I love it. Looks great!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:41

      My thoughts exactly. Which is why I planned to buy only the jacket. It wasn’t until I put the trousers on, that I changed my mind. Now I like it better as a suit than separates.

  10. Mrs n
    23 September 2018 / 22:13

    Amazing suit, you look fabulous. Definitely with your trainers though too.

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:42

      I cannot imagine the suit with trainers, but (unlike what most readers think) I cannot imagine these things very well. In reality it usually looks a lot different than in my mind. But I will definitely try it.

  11. 23 September 2018 / 22:33

    LOVE the suit, especially full-on matchy, matchy! There are so many different ways you’ll be wearing this….yeppers, a super investment!

    ‘k…you totally won the lottery with Kitty. She has taken some stunning photos. Really lovely!

    I say not to worry about your arms. It would be rare that this angle would be visible as photographed, and, if visible people are still not going to notice your arms!

    Can’t not comment on the height and handsomeness of the menfolk of the Netherlands. Maybe it’s the beer? LOL

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:47

      All ingredients were perfect that day and the result is smashing. So pleased about it.
      I am not going to spoil my mood by worrying about my arms. I knew the day would come that I can no longer hide the fact I got older and that it is showing. So be it. I’d rather get older than die. Which is the alternative.
      I do have handsome male colleagues, don’t I? (big grin)

  12. Wendy
    23 September 2018 / 23:18

    My favorite is the jacket with jeans(I need to try heels with jeans) ……. but I also love the suit and the black top on you as well!
    Always love it when you share photos of the Netherlands …..
    Thank you

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:49

      You never tried heels with jeans before? I am surprised. It is my favourite outfit (combined with a handsome jacket). I will wear the jacket with the jeans, but to be fair, I love it even better as a suit.

  13. Jill Z
    23 September 2018 / 23:39

    I can hardly wait each Sunday to see your post. Fabulous suit, looks so good on you. You have the perfect body to carry it off, those long legs and the perfect bum for those pants! Love the black top with outfit. White is perfect with the jeans. I definitely want some pointy black shoes, but my short body and more pear shape won’t work with that print suit, but Trying to figure out how adapt to petite, need your stylist.
    I am a “little old lady” in California who participates in Marches to do my civic duty, plus volunteer at a local museum, doing tours and donates to worthy causes. Want the dogs to love you and pose? Start carrying dog treats, makes for great photos, everyone loves dogs in photos!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:55

      That is a very good tip: carrying dog treats. Never thought of it as we went to the park. Silly.
      If you want some guidance on your figure and what to wear, you really should visit the website of 40plusstyle. Sylvia supplies great advice for all type of figures. Really helpful.
      My body isn’t perfect as you could see in last week’s post (the orange jacket with the grey trousers). The right clothes and the right fit can make such a huge difference. Because it is my biggest hobby I don’t mind spending a lot of time researching (grin).

  14. jodie filogomo
    24 September 2018 / 00:43

    That suit??? I absolutely love it!! You look like you’ve walked off the pages of a fashion magazine!!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:57

      When all elements get together: good photographer, perfect weather, a killer suit, very little wind and cooperative hair… you get perfect pictures. Thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated.

  15. 24 September 2018 / 00:45

    What a gorgeous suit! You look fabulous in it, all together and in using the pieces separately. It is such a beautiful pattern and I love the red, which you look so nice in, by the way. – Amy

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 13:59

      Oh yes, red is definitely a very good colour for me. At the moment I am wearing cream and brown and camel… it is a lovely top but my husband immediately said: “I miss colour.” And he is right. Bright colours near my face are my friend. Glad you like the suit as well. I thought I would get more comments saying: “hmm, the suit is a bit too much” but no. Or everybody is just very polite.

  16. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    24 September 2018 / 02:05

    That suit is KILLER! I would wear it in a heartbeat, Greetje! It’s just…everything! Wonderful pictures, as always – I love that you just “dropped trou” and changed right there in the park. Eh, whatever, arms, wrinkles. Give less f**ks, Greetje! ;-P

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 14:04

      Oh yes, I could see you wearing it indeed. You never mind what other people think and you love unique pieces. Dropping my trousers is something so easy when you just do it. The more you are afraid of doing it/being seen, the more obvious you get. And you are right, I should give less f**cks. I am getting older, hurray. Better than dying.

  17. 24 September 2018 / 03:20

    You are switching it up all over the place here, Greetje, and so perfectly – heels, pattern, solid, bags, dogs, sitting, standing. Fantastic photos that look like you and Kitty were having fun. You are a fierce team. Meow!! Your voice is still the Greetje voice I know and love! Arms, schmarms. I like your ‘tude, dealing with it! Thanks for the smiles again. A Chloe bag – wow. Show me details.

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 14:15

      We did the whole shoot in an hour, including cycling there and back. Of course Kitty spent time on preparing the pictures to send to me as well. Still… smoothly.
      I think my voice will never change. It will always be loud and present haha. And realistic. Like dealing with the arms. The smiles are on me…

  18. 24 September 2018 / 04:16

    That suit is SO cool and you look fabulous in it (all 3 ways). It’s very Greetje!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 14:16

      It is indeed very Greetje isn’t it? Just cannot say what “Greetje style” is. Apart from jeans, jacket, heels.

  19. Marilee J. Gramith
    24 September 2018 / 07:38

    That red print is truly fabulous on you Greeje! This is the kind of print that takes some real fashion flare and attitude to wear. I also think it’s the kind of suit that makes people wonder about the stylish woman wearing it.

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 14:18

      Haha, the attitude I do have. The “not care what you think of it, because I like it”. No idea what people will think when they see me in the suit. I know there will be people who will hate it. But they will have to respect me for daring.

  20. 24 September 2018 / 09:18

    I love suits and this one is perfect for you! I think it looks extremely good on you!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2018 / 14:20

      It is probably such a nice suit for me because both the colour and the fit are so good. It is as if the makers had me and my body in mind (they didn’t, I am sure). Thank you for the compliments.

  21. Karen
    24 September 2018 / 15:31

    Hi Greetje, you had me laughing with the expression ….getting older is better than dying !!! how true and as my dad used to say ‘never worry as there is always someone about older than you’
    Honestly, you look brilliant in those photos there are many woman half your age couldn’t pull that look off – the way Kitty has taken some of those shots you can feel your personality coming through.
    I love the way you styled the patterned jacket with the jeans and also liked the outfit you were wearing when you were sitting on your car….said a million times how fantastic you look in jeans !

    • Greetje
      25 September 2018 / 17:57

      And I don’t mind if you say it a million times more. Each time I am glowing. Because it is always nice to receive compliments.
      There was a Dutch singasong writer who wrote: “if you fear tomorrow, you’d better hang today”.
      I am very, very pleased the way these photos turned out. As I said, ideal circumstances.

  22. 24 September 2018 / 16:44

    What an utterly fabulous suit, Greetje! You carry it so well too! Beautiful! And I love that you have to stop and pet all the dogs that you see. I am the same (provided they look friendly lol!)
    Suzy xx

    • Greetje
      25 September 2018 / 17:58

      Thanks Suzy. Most dogs do look friendly, don’t you think? Glad you like the suit. I do too. Very much so.

  23. 24 September 2018 / 19:28

    I will admit to not being a big fan of matching two piece outfits (suits, etc) but I really like this suit. The black and grey tiger print on a red background is wonderful, and it fits you nicely all over. I have the same issue with having no bum, but a larger waist so I tend to wear things that cover my butt. I think the stylist was right to suggest a shorter sweater with the pants, and your butt looks good in the photo.

    Your neighbour did a smashing job taking those photos! You need to put her on the list of blog photographers as it’s always nice to have a back up if Ron isn’t around.

    I always stop and talk to any dog that I see when I’m out and about too.

    • Greetje
      25 September 2018 / 18:03

      Sometimes clothes look dreadful on me when I show my bum. But Richard was right, these trousers are fine on me. A miracle I would call it. My neighbour Kitty is most certainly on my list, together with Loes (and perhaps even one more person, for back-up occasions). Ron doesn’t take my photos anymore. He hates it too much.
      And I am with you that I usually do not like a suit with print. But this one is the exception to the rule.

  24. 25 September 2018 / 16:24

    Excellent photos so your new photographer is very talented! I always love reading your posts because you make me feel like I am there exploring your town and getting to know your neighbors and colleagues. I need to visit here more often!

    • Greetje
      25 September 2018 / 19:10

      Thanks Julia. And I know your “predicament”. I also want to visit so many more blogs and never have the time.

  25. 26 September 2018 / 08:09

    I love seeing you with your jeans, you already know! And I really like your red jacket, it’s a very attractive casual look. But, when I see you with your jacket and pants suit, I hallucinate, because I think it’s wonderful and why you look, too, wonderful! It is, perhaps, a rare proposal in you, those flowers, the suit … but today you have decided and the brave bet works perfectly. Elegance, candy, informality, modernity … A few words that fit your proposal. With the black shirt also looks good, but without a doubt I bet on the combination with white. Congratulations, you look beautiful!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2018 / 17:56

      Well… Josep-Marie.. your words are music to my ears. I thought you might like the suit. At first I thought it would be a bit (too) much, but when I tried the trousers on, I loved it. And tigers on my suit? I don’t mind it at all. I also like it best as a suit. Even more than with jeans. Now there is a strange thing.

  26. 29 September 2018 / 01:45

    I never thought I would love a print suit before, especially in such a vibrant color. This is smashing on you however, and the two pieces together is my favorite look.
    I hear you about comfortable shoes and so agree.
    It is good to be both privileged and humble, as you are.
    Hope to see more of that beautiful bag.

    • Greetje
      30 September 2018 / 14:17

      Like you, I am not much of a fan of a print suit. And again, like you, I fell for it completely. The bag is still in the styling stage although I am already wearing it. Waiting for an outfit to really let it shine.

      • 13 October 2018 / 22:49

        still waiting , lol.
        You KNOW I am a handbag nut…
        and yes… you do sort of look like a pit babe.. never heard that expression, but it is a good one!
        xoxo, Elle

        • Greetje
          14 October 2018 / 13:20

          Pit babe migh be a literal translation of a Dutch expression.
          The handbag is coming soon: next week or the week after.

  27. Selina
    29 September 2018 / 18:04

    That is one stunning suit and I love it worn matchy matchy. That’s the kind of statement people like to notice. The only matching jacket and trousers I have is in black and white polka dot and even then the dots aren’t quite matching. I need something more fun like this

    • Greetje
      30 September 2018 / 14:18

      I never thought I would like it until I put the trousers on. Really wasn’t my intention to buy the whole suit. Now it is my favourite. Wore it to a big birthday party last night. It did well haha. Met a woman (nice one) who said: ooohh, narrow escape, I was thinking of wearing that same suit tonight.

  28. Karen Persson
    30 September 2018 / 12:08

    Love the looks and the handbag! Red is a great color for you and jeans always look great on you!

    • Greetje
      30 September 2018 / 14:19

      Those jeans are getting a bit ridiculous really. When you think of me, you see jeans… haha

  29. 30 September 2018 / 22:46

    I read this (gorgeous) post on my phone, but forgot to log in to my laptop to comment… I hate commenting on phones, it is too fiddly.

    OOHHHHHHHHH GREETJE!!!! That is all I can say, so overwhelmed am I with love for this suit on you. It is so you. Furthermore, it is so me. We must wear our red cat trouser suits when we see each other again. I love it as separates, and I adore it together. I’d buy this same suit in a nanosecond. Did I mention I love it?

    • Greetje
      1 October 2018 / 21:54

      As soon as I saw your red leopard suit I knew you would like mine as well. Just as much as I liked yours.
      Wouldn’t that be a hoot, us both wearing our suits haha. That would make people stop.
      However I don’t think we would shine as we would not compliment each other. Knee is still very slowly improving. So perhaps spring? Keep your fingers crossed.

  30. Canada
    2 October 2018 / 22:50

    Oh that jacket!! You look great in it. I liky best with off white top. And jeans. Any chance the jacket can be ordered online; I’m in USA.

    • Greetje
      3 October 2018 / 07:26

      I don’t know whether they ship to the USA but I think so. With their store locator I saw that they were in the USA as well, but I couldn’t figure out how that worked. They sell online, but on their site it says they only have size S and XS left.

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